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ShemarooMe Box Office turns up the fear quotient with their next release – X Zone

Have you ever seen a scary movie that truly left you trembling? A tale so evil, it is sure to give you nightmares? ShemarooMe Box Office brings one such horror extravaganza to your homes, this September. The OTT service has never shied away from exploring diverse types of content and this time round, it plans to push the envelope further with X Zone, an eerie supernatural thriller that happens to be their upcoming release.

Touted to frighten the living daylights out of viewers, the film allegedly faced a bumpy road at the censor board. Now, with ShemarooMe Box Office as its knight in shining armor, the scare-fest comes to the streaming world in all its creepy glory with an Adults Only certificate. Shemaroo Entertainment is known to encourage creative freedom, and by backing a niche project like X Zone, the brand puts its money where its mouth is.

The story follows a group of six friends who decide to unwind with some sinful fun and frolic at a deserted farmhouse, but with a wicked twist of fate, the mansion turns out to be haunted. Things go horribly awry as people start getting brutally murdered. Is this a demon? Is it a ghost? Who dies next? The proceedings get darker and scarier as a sinister game of death begins.

It’s not just the spooky factor that is generating a lot of buzz, the music of X Zone is of chartbusting quality too with singing sensations like Sunidhi Chauhan and Aditi Singh Sharma crooning tracks for the film. Not to mention, it is said to boast of a nerve-wracking climax that will leave viewers at the edge of their seats till the final moment.

The 80’s saw campy horror movies rule the roost in Bollywood, many of those gems gaining a cult following among movie buffs as time passed. Looks like ShemarooMe Box Office is going to recreate that ghostly era for fans with their latest release. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, switch off the lights and tune on to ShemarooMe Box Office to catch X Zone. Viewers can book their tickets on the ShemarooMe website as well as BookMyShow.

X Zone, starring Hrishitaa Bhatt, Diandra Soares and Ganesh Yadav among others is directed by Faisal Kapadi and releases on ShemarooMe Box Office on the 25th of September 2020.

Prashantt Guptha broke down during this climax scene

While filming for Regards and Peace, actor Prashantt Guptha put his heart and soul into filming the climax of the movie where he has to bid goodbye to his on-screen mother.

The scene played very strongly on the actor’s mind who drew inferences for the emotions for the scene by channeling the emotions he felt when his real life mother-in-law passed away 7 years ago.

Prashantt says, “This scene played very strongly on my mind because I lost my mother in law to cancer 7 years ago. I arrived about 10 minutes too late to see my mother-in-law. I was told she was fighting for air and when I did this scene for Regards and Peace with my screen mom, the flow of tears just went loose.”

The actor recounts how touched everyone in the room was with this projection of emotions from the actor. He divulges that the entire shooting scene of the hospital room as well as the cameraman was in tears because of what he put into the scene.

About the film: “Regards & Peace” is an irresistible cocktail of suspense, lust and spirituality. The film is refreshingly different from the “run of the mill” thrillers that Bollywood is known for. It promises to not compromise on intelligence and deliver an “out of the box” yet enjoyable experience. Shot in the sparkling green hills of Bhaderwah, the streaming platform’s new film tells the story of J, a brooding photographer who gets entrapped by a dark spiral when he spends a night of passion with a seductive married woman, but in a shocking turn of events ends up killing the lady. On wanting to surrender, none of the evidence suggests that he has done the horrific deed he confesses to! The film then unravels a fascinating riddle as it reaches an astonishing climax.

ShemarooMe Box Office to release “Regards & Peace”, a riveting murder mystery

What maketh a deranged murderer? ShemarooMe Box Office explores this interesting notion with its fifth direct to digital Bollywood release, “Regards & Peace”. An irresistible cocktail of suspense, lust and spirituality, the film is refreshingly different from “run of the mill” thrillers that Bollywood is known for. It promises to not compromise on intelligence and deliver an “out of the box” yet enjoyable experience.

Shot in the sparkling green hills of Bhaderwah, the streaming platform’s new film tells the story of J, a brooding photographer who gets entrapped by a dark spiral when he spends a night of passion with a seductive married woman, but in a shocking turn of events ends up killing the lady. On wanting to surrender, none of the evidence suggests that he has done the horrific deed he confesses to! The film then unravels a fascinating riddle as it reaches an astonishing climax.

“What an absolute delight it is to enact an unpredictable personality whose mind is an intriguing playground. The plot is filled with unexpected turns that keep gripping the audience further and further”, says Prashantt Guptha, playing the lead role of J. “I never imagined that my film will premiere on one of India’s most loved streaming platforms, the name Shemaroo has been synonymous with quality and I am glad that “Regards & Peace” will release on ShemarooMe Box Office”, he concludes.

Flora Saini, essaying an attractive painter with a past, says, “The best roles are ones where an actor gets to explore different shades, while I come off as a tantalizing beauty in the beginning, as the story progresses one discovers she is not just a pretty face. So many secrets begin to spill out”. The Inside Edge star also adds, “The 11th of September will have a special place in my heart, thanks to ShemarooMe Box Office for premiering our film on that date.”

Veteran actress Sadhna Singh of Mukkabaaz and Super 30 fame, portraying brilliant police officer Parvati Kumar, shares, “What pulled me towards my character is the calm and composed nature she exudes while a storm brews inside her head. Nothing escapes Parvati’s sharp eyes and she is determined to crack any case no matter how muddled”. About her film premiering on ShemarooMe Box Office, she says, “Shemaroo Entertainment has been around since time immemorial, always showcasing the best of cinema, it’s elating to know that ShemarooMe Box Office will now take this mantle to the digital space. I’m very excited to watch the film on 11th September”.

Director Sanjay Amar says, “I’ve always been a fan of fierce and intense novels where nobody knows what lies ahead. I wanted to bring that crazy page turning vibe to the silver screen and that is how we ended up making this movie, a tale that captures the essence of mysteries and also reinvents the genre.” He goes on to elaborate, “The fact that “Regards & Peace” will directly land at the viewer’s doorstep thanks to ShemarooMe Box Office is an added bonus. It is great that Indian audiences  now have the freedom of choice with the “pay per view” option on ShemarooMe Box Office. One only pays for the film they view, fabulous!”.

Talking about changing times and his association with ShemarooMe Box Office, producer Hari Mehrotra asserts, “The audience today is unforgiving, we need to understand they want to enjoy top class content that offers something never seen before. “Regards & Peace” is one such Bollywood movie that is an edge of the seat brain teaser. It will leave you hunting for answers till the final moment. ShemarooMe Box Office is the perfect platform for us to open our innings as its audience truly appreciates good stories. Netizens are in for a real treat on the 11th of September”.

Watch Trailer : https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwJXfppvNPGVcklwgQsfwqsvwXs?projector=1

Having previously secured five back to back successful releases, ShemarooMe Box Office is soaring high on massive buzz, and by the looks of it, “Regards & Peace” is another film all set to rock on the OTT platform.

“Regards & Peace”, starring Prashantt Guptha, Sadhna Singh, Flora Saini, Bhakti Kubavat, Arav Chowdharry and Sheena Shahabadi is directed by Sanjay Amar and produced by Hari Mehrotra. It releases on Friday, 11th of September 2020 on ShemarooMe Box Office.

“The Hidden Strike” packs a patriotic punch, arrives on ShemarooMe Box Office this Independence Day

After tasting sweet success on their first two releases, ShemarooMe Box Office plans to strike a hat trick with “The Hidden Strike”, the next feature to stream on their platform on the 14th August.

The verdict is out! ShemarooMe Box Office is the nation’s hot favourite. The streaming giant’s diverse content has been lapped up by audiences all over and their upcoming Independence Day release pays a soulful tribute to our unsung heroes in uniform. “The Hidden Strike” is an action thriller inspired by the courage, gut and valour of the Indian armed forces. 

A fictional tale based around recent events where India struck hard and hit back at the border, the film’s trailer manages to rouse a sense of glory, honour and passion as we witness the triumphant endeavours of the army. Putting their lives in unforeseen yet calculated danger, our warriors in green cross enemy lines to weed out the villains that threaten our country. The film is proudly feminist too, depicting a fierce and courageous woman fighting besides her male counterparts. 

Trailer Link :- https://youtu.be/xu9Or-iYPKg

“One should never forget the innumerable sacrifices made at the line of control so that we can breathe easy”, says director Suzad Iqbal Khan. He adds, “My intention behind “The Hidden Strike” was to not only salute the people who keep us safe, but also create a war film with action sequences of international standard. We have ensured that the movie stands toe to toe with any of the titles that Hollywood boasts of.” On collaborating with ShemarooMe, he shares, “The lockdown has made it implausible for our film to reach the big screen but I heaved a huge sigh of relief on knowing we’ll be coming to ShemarooMe Box Office, which assures that a record number of audiences get to view it”.

On the opportunity to play a tough as nails army man, Singham Returns star Deepraj Rana shares, “Who wouldn’t want to essay such a powerful character with a no-nonsense attitude? As the release date nears, I am filled with nervous excitement. My performance is dedicated to the thousands who protect us day and night, hope the whole country watches our film on ShemarooMe Box Office, and treasures their selfless efforts”.

Elated that his film is releasing on such an important day, producer Vijay Valbhani shares, “Very few producers get to create not just a great film, but one that contains a pivotal message of ‘Nation first’. The fact that we arrive on Independence Day is just perfect. Our film reiterates that India won’t back down anymore; we welcome peace but don’t entertain miscreants that cause us harm. The Hidden Strike is for all those champions in olive green who tirelessly preserve the integrity of Atulya Bharat.”. 

Teaser Link :- https://youtu.be/PqQpN8PwbIs

Vedita Pratap Singh, playing a headstrong and fearless female officer shares, “My role is of a lady who is ambitious, determined and loyal to the country, these are qualities I personally identify with as well, so it was almost destined for me to portray this character”. She continues, “The Hidden Strike streaming on ShemarooMe Box Office makes the already significant occasion of Independence Day even more special”

While being an ambitious war drama, “The Hidden Strike” is complemented by a soothing yet exhilarating soundtrack too. After winning over listeners with his melodious voice in Super 30 and Angrezi Medium, Divya Kumar lends his stirring baritone to “Ek Do Ek”, a song sure to motivate every countryman. Manmarziyaan fame musical heartthrob Shahid Mallya croons another captivating tune for the film in “Khoon Mera Kholey”.

ShemarooMe Box Office has consistently delivered premium entertainment to all its fans, as My Client’s Wife and Scotland found millions of admirers online. With “The Hidden Strike”, Box Office brings Indians the perfect way to celebrate 14th of August with the family, so don’t forget to grab your tickets on the BookMyShow or Shemaroo Me website/app. 

A Crystal Movies production, “The Hidden Strike ”, starring Deepraj Rana, Jimmy Sharma,  Mir Sarwar and Vedita Pratap Singh among others, produced by Vijay Valbhani and Sonu Jain is written by Abhinash Singh Chib and  Sagar Jha. The movie releases on ShemarooMe Box Office on 14th of August 2020.