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Nikhil Chavan is in love with DARLING

Slowly and steadily, the whole world is gradually coming back to normalcy and also the film industry is agog with excitement and all set to come up with new film after film for exhibition. The audience is also thrilled that after the long inordinate wait for over seven months, theatres all over Maharashtra are opening up to screen films for Diwali. Marathi film industry as well as Marathi film lovers are also happy that all the fans now can see their favorite actors in new avatars in new films. Right now Nikhil Chavan is in love with ‘Darling’.

Nikhil is all set to be seen in a new avatar in 7 Horse Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., V. Patke Films and Kathakar Motion Pictures new film ‘Darling’. Produced by Amit Dhupe, Ajay Thakur, V.J. Shalakha and Nikhil Khajindar, the film has been directed by Sameer Asha Patil. Having seen all his earlier films, we are confident that there is absolutely no doubt at all that Sameer Asha Patil will come up with something which is extremely novel in ‘Darling’.

A versatile all round actor like Nikhil , we are sure, will be able to make the hearts of all his female fans flutter with an important film like ‘Darling’ in his kitty. Till date, Nikhil has done proper justice to turn each and every project with which he has been involved in into gold and in fact that is the main reason why Nikhil is popular in each and every household today. There is absolutely no doubt at all that Nikhil, will also be immensely benefited by ‘Darling’ on that account after the release of the film.

In the film ‘Darling’, Ritika Shrotri is the darling of Nikhil. At least that is what the prevalent notion is, at least till the film is released, in the minds of the spectators. Besides, the unbridled enthusiasm of all the fans is increasing since Prathamesh Parab is also acting in a pivotal lead role in the film. It is expected that the presence of three main stars of the Marathi film industry will definitely add to the overall excitement in the film.Besides the fact that the leading star pair of Prathamesh Parab and Ritika Shrotri will be seen in the film Darling, excitement is also mounting as to what kind of a role is Nikhil exactly playing in the film ‘Darling’ which is scheduled to release all over Maharashtra on January 7, 2021.

Prathamesh Parab’s DARLING look

The entire world has been reeling under the severe impact of the dreaded novel corona virus for the past eight months. And no wonder the world of entertainment also is any exception to the rule. While the impact of the disease is now slowly and steadily reducing, the uncontrolled enthusiasm of the audiences to watch new films after being deprived of films for the last seven months, is also on the increase, especially with the good and sweet news by the Government of Maharashtra that theatres will be allowed to open from November 6 onwards this year. Yes. The good news is that those who are fed up of sitting at home having been deprived of the opportunity to see new films are going to see Prathamesh Parab of ‘Time Pass’ and ‘Takatak’ fame in the forthcoming film ‘Darling’ which is slated for release on January 7th, 2021.

Prathamesh Parab will be seen in a brand new different avtar in the film ‘Darling’. Prathamesh who is right  now riding on a wave of popularity after impressing all of his fans with his role as Dagdu in the film ‘Time Pass’ and Thokya in the film ‘Takatak’ is going to unfurl yet another different dimension of his as an actor with ‘Darling’.

Produced by Amit Dhupe, Ajay Thakur, V.J. Shalaka and Nikhil Khajindar’s banner 7 Horse Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., V. Patke Films and Kathakar Motion Picture’s ‘Darling’ directed by Sameer Asha Patil, in which Prathamesh Parab and Ritika Shrotri will be seen in the romantic leads once again after ‘Takatak’. Now that it has been revealed who the lead players of the ‘Darling’ are going to be after the unveiling of the Motion Picture Poster as well as Ritika Shrotri’s new looks in the film, the controversies surrounding who the star cast has slowly died down. In ‘Darling’, the audience will be in for a grand treat with the ‘Takatak’ star pair once again. Though it is a top State secret as to which roles will the star pair be seen in the film ‘Darling’, it is not a secret that the star pair will fascinate the audiences in the film once again all over. Prathamesh Parab has given proper justice to each and every role that he has played till date right from his debut film, whether in Marathi or Hindi films till date and the audiences are going to go bonkers over each and every performance of his as well as his co-star Ritika Shrotri and hence the expectations of the audiences have risen manifold as far as the film ‘Darling’ is concerned.

Sameer Asha Patil who had directed films like ‘Chourya’, ‘Yantam’ and ‘Wagherya’ is sure now to hold the audience’s engrossed with his new film ‘Darling’ too. The out and out entertaining film boasts of intriguing screenplay, excellent music and rich production values and the producers who have a brilliant technical crew to support them are sure they will be able to prove winners at the box office once again after ‘Takatak’ that is.

Team TAKATAK celebrates success of the film jubilantly

If you look at it objectively, the Marathi film industry has gone through a severe drought in the first six months of the year and only around three films have succeeded at the box office out of 73 films. In such a period, a film like Takatak was released in the last week of June which was away from the usual stereotyped beaten track and also out of the box. The film took over the box office in frenzy. Takatak directed by Milind Kavde has done an amazing business of 14.27 cr just in 3 weeks all over the country and is now running in its fourth week.

To celebrate the success of the film made under the banner of Purple Bull Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., V. Patke Films and Gaonwala Creations, actors Prathamesh Parab, Ritika Shrotri who play the lead in the film along with Pranali Bhalerao and Abhijeet Aamkar celebrated its success with a grand party. Prathamesh is happy that he has successfully shed the name Dagadu with which he has been associated till now and after Takatak is known by the name Thokya.  “I am very happy that Takatak has emerged as a big blockbuster hit besides affording me an opportunity to display my acting prowess in a different and daring role”, says Prathamesh.

It was big risk to make a sex comedy but the audiences have received the film overwhelmingly at the box office, says Milind Kavde, who adds that he is greatly indebted to the audiences. “I have always tried to make something different and out of the box away from the beaten track and Takatak is not at all an exception to the rule. It was risky to present a sex comedy but then one does not taste success without risks. Takatak has proved this and hence the success of my film isn’t only ours but that of the entire film industry”, he quips.

According to Milind Kavde, to a large extent, the success of the film belongs to Om Prakash Bhatt, Sujay Shankarwar, Ravi Bahry, Inderjeet Singh, Ajay Thakur, Dhananjay Singh Masoom and Ravindra Chaubey as they did not at all interfere with him and lent him a free hand to direct the film though they are the producers. The producers express their happiness at having catered to, all sections of the audiences with their film and assert that the success of the film has inspired them to make more and more films with a lot of strength and confidence in future. Distributors like Sameer Dixit and Hrishikesh Bhirangi have also played a very vital role in distributing the film reach the maximum number of the audiences.

Prathamesh-Ritika, Abhijeet Aamkar and Pranali along with Bharat Ganeshpure, Pradeep Patwardhan, Ananda Karekar who also are jubilant about the film’s success, partied with vengeance.The song Aapla Haath Jagannath sung by Adarsh Shinde and the Jay Atre written romantic track Ye Chandrala Ya crooned by Shruti Rane have also emerged big hits. Varun Likhate has composed the music. Milind Kavde has written the humorous story and screenplay in tandem with Ajay Thakur while Sanjay Navgire has penned the meaningful dialogues and Hazraat Shaikh has cranked the camera with a lot of zest.