Yuvika Chaudhary goes international

Yuvika Chaudhary was recently approached by an international filmmaker Mitesh Kumar Patel for his upcoming project. A source close to Yuvika said, “Mitesh had met her during his last visit to India and discussed further details about the script and wanted her to play the lead role in his next thriller movie.”

Yuvika loved the script and is quite excited about acting in it. The movie should go on floor later this year. Yuvika was taken aback with the script and had goosebumps just listening to the script and is quite enthusiastic about doing this movie. The movie will be shot in Chicago, New Orleans and Los Angeles for the scenes that include a big city backdrop. It’s going to be a bilingual project and the male star cast will be soon finalized.

Mitesh Patel, an Indian-American filmmaker who visited India last year with Miss Australia Liana Warner Gray to promote his movie ‘Man in the Maze’, is back with another movie which should go on the floor soon. He also operates his own production, distribution and VFX Company called Applied Art Productions. Applied Art Productions was created in 1997 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. It was conceived with the intention of celebrating the art of cinema from all corners of the world. Its mission is to create & distribute ‘quality’ entertainment that appeals to a global audience. Patel wants to produce films and television programming that inspires people to make a positive impact on the world. AAP also manages its own VFX Company called Phantom-FX. Applied Art specializes in theatrical releases and distribution through all media platforms. Through these endeavors, AAP hopes to bring to people everywhere joy, knowledge, and a better understanding of this most essential form of art.