Working out is not about any particular exercise : Raj Dev Gour

Raj Dev Gour who was seen in Crime Alert, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, 24 Season 2 is fitness frick guy. He has started working as Fitness Ttrainer at the age of 19. The actor shares his exercise schedule and diet.

— Vipul K. Shah

GG) Fitness trainer at 19?
RG) In my childhood I was very thin. So I started working out at age of 16. After working out for few years I get to know that I am very good at it and very passionate about body building. Just because of that passion I did fitness trainer certification course and started as fitness trainer.

GG) What is your fitness regime?
RG) I keep changing my workout routine and my diet. But mostly I do weight training and High-intensity interval training. I am very particular about my diet and always try to keep the diet balance. I eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and protein-rich food.

GG) How important is it to have a trainer?
RG) A trainer can really guide you about right and wrong, what is good for body and what is the right approach to gain maximum results in minimum time. A trainer keeps you motivated for further progress.

GG) What is your diet?
RG) Usually, I start my day with 3 whole eggs, oats and any fruit. Then after 3 hours I have fruits with a protein shake. In lunch I prefer brown rice and veg salad. Then in mid-evening nuts and a protein shake. My dinner is generally same as my lunch. And one hour before bed I take 300 ml milk with nuts.

GG) On your cheat days, what do you like to eat?
RG) (hahaha) On my cheat days, I really don’t cheat myself. I try to keep it very healthy always. Usually I prefer some salad with tasty dressing.

GG) When on travel or shoot how do you manage schedule?
RG) When on shoot I eat very little. I prefer more fruits and vegetables. That keep me very light and energetic.

GG) What mistake generally people do during work out?
RG) I always tell people that working out is not about any particular exercise or weights or repeatation. It’s not about what are you doing, it’s about how are you doing it. Our motive is to make muscles to work properly and force them to give maximum output. So do right exercise with correct postures.

GG) Who are your fitness inspiration?
RG) I get inspired by myself. Every day the first thing I do after waking up is to see myself in the mirror to check how can I get better and better. And the same ritual before the bed.

GG) What tips will you give to readers?
RG) I would say do at least 3 days workout or any other physical activity like playing football, tennis, cricket. Keep an eye on what you eat because we become what we eat.