When Mafias become film producers…DHAMA CHAUKADI is a laughter riot

Mafia Dons are very cruel, very selfish but they are also helpless in front of destiny. Very comic situations are created when these dons are helpless and forced to beg on roads.

Producer Virendra Ramlal Jain and Akshay Yadav’s feature film DHAMA CHAUKADI is based on a story line on similar type of Mafia Dons. The film is being made under the banner of B. R. Godaulia Film Production, presented by Aakanksha Arts and directed by Arhan Akhtar.

DHAMA CHAUKADI is story of four different dons from various states of India, Mani Aiyyer (Mukesh Tiwari) from South, Pappu Yadav (Akshay Yadav) from Bihar, Lallan Pyare (Deepak Chauhan) from Uttar Pradesh and Sanjay Apte (Yaduveer Yadav) from Maharashtra. All four hate each other but circumstances bring them closer and now they are very close friend rather being enemy. Police Commissioner (Deep Raj Rana) wants to finish their empire.

Finally irritated with Police Commissioner these four Dons change their profession and plunges in film production, for which they select Sanjay Mishra as director. Police Commissioner gets this information and reaches on shooting location and ‘Dhama Chaukadi’ the laughter riots start.

The film is written by Bholu Khan, music by Sahil Rayan, lyrics by Arafat Mehmood and publicity by K M Srivastava and Samarjeet. The film also stars Jubed Khan, Rozlyn Khan and Sonal Singh.

DHAMA CHAUKADI is slated to release on 24 Aug 2012 all over.