Vijayaa Shankar releases maiden Pop Album ‘Teri Meri Raah’

Melody Queen Vijayaa Shankar releases maiden Pop Album ‘Teri Meri Raah’ In Mumbai after rave reviews and fans galore. The album has won her critical acclaim as well as popular mass appeal.

In ‘Teri Meri Raah’, vivacious Vijayaa has sung nine memorable songs while the inimitable Leslie Lewis of ‘Colonial Cousins’ fame has composed music and produced the album, Lyrics are written by Rajesh Johri of ‘Sa Ni Dha Pa’ & ‘Pari Hu Main’ fame and promising lyricist Ravi Basnet. The uniqueness of the album is its sound completely acoustic giving importance to the vocalists’ voice texture and melody. ‘Teri Meri Raah’ is a classical rock fusion that appeals to high-energy youngsters dancing with abandon.

‘Do Anjane’ is a romantic melody that will have young couples going all mushy-mushy. ‘Tu na jaane’ is sung in a unique Bosanova style. ‘Tere Bina’ is a soothing ballad that will remain etched in memory for a long long time. ‘Tu hi Tu hi’ based on Egyptian rhythm n style has a strange mystical influence that usually pervades trance music in the discs. ‘Aona Aona’ is a peppy dance track getting you all groovy. ‘Dekho main chal padi’ is all funk that is yuppie and peppy. ‘Jahan Main’ is another peppy no. The ‘Teri Meri’ unplugged version is also quite interesting and will have you humming away to glory.

In the video ‘Teri Meri Raah’ is about a girl’s journey in love and how two strangers get attracted to each other, but both take a while to express. It deals with their meeting and separation. Finally, the girl going ahead and expresses her love for the boy.

The album is already creating a rage in Bangalore.  The Title Track is fast catching up on the You Tube and Facebook and receiving rave reviews as of now available in Reliance time out in Specific Cities soon to be available in all leading Music Stores. Also it is available in I Tunes in Amazon and other Sites.