& TV’s latest offering Yeshu is an untold and unheard story of a benevolent young boy a first for Hindi GEC. The show’s star cast has been making waves already with names such as Vivaan Shah (Yeshu), Sonali Nikam (Mary), Aarya Dharamchand (Joseph), Rudra Soni (Herod Antipas) and Darpan Srivastava (King Herod). Now we hear, Ankit Arora, a well-known name in the industry, will portray the notorious Shaitan character. Shaitan is a dark and intense persona who easily influences people. Shaitan is a forceful personality who does not like to lose, the puppeteer pulling strings on the cunning King Herod, driving him against little Yeshu and putting his life in danger. Ankit Arora tells us more about Shaitan, “I play a negative role, who tempts people to commit sins. The true definition of a troublemaker. I am excited to see how this pans out as my strong suit has been in positive and do-good roles. I hope the fans continue to shower me with their love and support and truly enjoy the story of Yeshu.”

‘Yeshu’ is a story of an exceptionally benevolent child who only wants to do good and spread happiness all around him. His love and compassion for all is a stark contrast to the dark, evil forces prevalent during his birth and childhood. Witnessing the various atrocities on his family and in society has a deep impact on him. His attempt to help others and ease their pain often leads to situations where he inevitably ends up being hurt and condemned by the oppressors and the people at large. But even that does not stop Yeshu from continuing his path. It is not only the most iconic story of good versus evil, but it also captures the beautiful relationship between Yeshu and his support and guide – his mother.

Tune in to Yeshu at 8:00 pm, every Monday-Friday only on &TV!

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