Mahasaptah to begin on Star Bharat’s leading show RadhaKrishn – Krishn Arjun Gatha

Star Bharat’s famous mythological show RadhaKrishn Krishn – Arjun Gatha is all geared and set to enthrall its viewers with its upcoming track. The show that begun its second chapter amidst the on-going unlock phase will soon witness a major chapter from the lives of Krishn, Arjun and Draupadi. With fresh episodes back on air, the makers introduce a Mahasaptah where viewers will see Draupadi’s Swayamvar and unknown facets / facts about this sequence. As per tales and scriptures, Draupadi chose Arjun as her life – partner at the Swayamvar but not many know that it was at this same occasion where Krishn chose Arjun to be his Saarthi as well.

Yes, you heard it right! Star Bharat in this exciting Mahasaptah week is going to bring forth an untold story on television – a story on friendship and brotherhood being an eternal bond through the divine eyes of Krishn and his relation with Arjun thereon to depicting how Krishn Arjuns’ journey ultimately resonates to him being a mentor to Arjun and how he guides him through wisdom and teach him , lessons.

When spoken to the talented Sumedh Mudgalkar who is seen essaying the role of Krishn in the show he said, “We all were excited to start Krishns’ new chapter – Krishn Arjun Gatha. This chapter is close to my heart since I believe Krishn and Arjun are two inspirational characters. Shooting with Kinshuk is equally more exciting and the love of the fans that we are getting feels good. The upcoming track of the show embarks the beginning of Krishn and Arjuns’ journey and we truely hope the audiences appreciate our work and continue to shower their love and support to us”

When spoken to Kinshuk Vaidya who is seen portraying the role of Arjun in the show he added, “It’s been a great experience all together shooting for the Krishn-Arjun Gatha. Working alongside Sumedh is also a pleasure as we both have an understanding when it comes to the art of portraying a mythological character. We have had goosebumps while shooting for the track as we all know how important the bond of Krishn and Arjun is in the mythology scriptures. The upcoming track will be the start of a beautiful journey of Krishn and Arjun and we hope the viewers take this journey with us and support us as they always have.”

Come witness the unknown facet of Mahabharata in the Mahasaptah of RadhaKrishn – Krishn Arjun Gatha starting 27th to 31st July at 9pm only on Star Bharat

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