Zara (Eisha Singh) is really hurt as she and her father were insulted by the guests in the inauguration in front of Kabeer (Adnan Khan). She is lost and hurt and is walking like a zombie on a railway track and a running train is about to hit her when suddenly kabeer saves her and slaps her and she realizes what was about to happen. Kabeer apologizes to her and admits his mistake.

Zara asks Kabeer to apologies to her father. Kabeer agrees and they go to Qazi House and he apologises. Zara announces a plan where all the men of the family have to gift something to their wives and everyone agrees to the plan including Shahbaaz. Zee TV “Ishq Subhan Allah”, telecast at 10 pm – Monday to Friday is produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochar, Sunil Gupta of Creative Eye Ltd.

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