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Sonu Nigam confessed he is most scared of Cockroaches on India’s most loved digital game show ‘Viral Vith Vipul’

Actor-producer Vipul Roy’s chat show ‘Viral vith Vipul’ has garnered a huge response in the past few months. The show had guests from all feilds- Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi, Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee, Kiku Sharda, Terence Lewis,Tushar Kapoor and Director Farhad Samjh and many more had viewers rolling in laughter. The show has finally wrapped up and in its finale episode had musician and singer Sonu Nigam along with Sanjay Chitale as guests on the show.

Ask Vipul if he called Sonu due to the ongoing controversy on music mafia in showbiz and he said, “No, I don’t feel my show’s concept was about digging controversial answers. It is a fun show and relevant during these times when people are at home and need to entertain themselves. Sonuji has a perfect sense of humour and a great comic timing too. Everyone knows how he entertains crowds during his concerts. In fact, the most funny thing that came out from the show, was his fear of Cockroaches. Sonu confessed how he is most scared of Cockroaches. This was funny and such other interesting trivia set the ball rolling for the entire episode.”

Vipul plans to come back with the second season soon. For now, check out the finale episode and enjoy yourself watching those witty oneliners and humour in ‘Viral with Vipul’.

I intend to be my own wedding planner, says Vipul Roy

Based on the premises of tough Indian weddings, &TV soon to be launched brand new show Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape will have popular television actor Vipul Roy who will be once again venturing into the genre of comedy. He will be essaying the role of the charming Bunty – a nasty, cocky, suave and shrewd of a street-smart guy with the gift of gab and swagger of a seasoned charlatan.

There is no doubt that Vipul has been ecstatic and top of the moon. The actor who recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Melis Atici revealed that he is all set to tie the knot soon and portraying the role of a wedding planner, in a way, is prepping him to plan his own wedding!  Says the actor, “Amongst the several characters that I have played, the role of a wedding planner has been the most exceptional. The work of a planner has always intrigued me, and I always wanted to know what all goes behind planning a big fat wedding. Through Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape, I have not only got a chance to play a flamboyant character but also get to know a lot about wedding planning. I am surely going to be using this knowledge and experience for planning my own wedding someday, which shouldn’t be too far. Hopefully, I can pull it off like a pro (laughs)!”

Showcasing different types of tough weddings along with the uncommon hidden challenges wedding planners go through, &TV’s upcoming new show ‘Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape’ is a light-hearted and rib-tickling dramedy based on the premises of impossible Indian weddings with a hysterical twist. The show will feature Shahbaz Khan portraying the role of Mubarak Khan, who with a wounded past takes upon himself to mend the hearts of lovelorn couples by forming a wedding troupe in consort with Vipul Roy portraying the role of Bunty and Neha Bagga as Babli.

Naye Shaadi Ki Siyaape coming soon on &TV!

“Someday, I would like to be a wedding planner,” says Shahbaz Khan

&TV’s ‘Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape’s is all set to bring forth a fun trio of wedding planners who clearly believe in the thought that ‘nothing is impossible’. With a mission to make every impossible wedding possible, the three planners, Bunty (Vipul Roy), Babli (Neha Bagga) and Mubarak Khan (Shahbaz Khan) are all set to fly high in their quirky and heroine style wagon ‘Shehnai’ as they smoothly drive through all the confusion, chaos and Siyapas that come their way.

All things wedding, this show features Shahbaz Khan as an endearing wedding planner who is on a mission to mend the hearts of varied lovelorn couples. While the actor might be ecstatic about playing his first comical role, the thought of playing the character of a wedding planner is just like a cherry on the cake for him. Talking about his interest in the character, Shahbaz said, “Wedding planning back in the day wasn’t such a big business. However, it is a booming business today and has caught the interests of many, including mine. I developed a fascination for this business ever since I started working in Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape.  I now know the efforts it takes to have the perfect wedding, but I can only imagine what it must be for wedding planners who strive every day to make it ‘the day’ of a couple’s life. Nevertheless, I am quite fascinated with this business and you never know I might become a part of it someday!”

Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape is a light-hearted and rib-tickling dramedy showcasing different types of difficult weddings and the uncommon hidden challenges wedding planners must go through in making these impossible weddings possible. The show will take the viewers on the roller coaster laughter riot with the ‘Siyapas’ Shahbaz Khan a.k.a Mubarak Khan, Neha Bagga aka Babli and Vipul Roy aka Bunty will go through while planning the most celebrated occasion of one’s life – “Shaadi”. And each of these shaadis will be challenging and come with their own Siyapas.

Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape coming soon on &TV!

Vipul Roy overwhelmed with the response on BOOO Sabki Phategi

Actor Vipul Roy is on cloud nine. The actor who has been part of many comedy shows and films, is all set to be part of a rib-tickling web series, BOOO Sabki Phategi which has Bollywood stars in it. Vipul will have an interesting role in the series and along with him Tusshar Kapoor, Krushna Abhishek, Mallika Sherawat and Kiku Sharda will also feature in the series.

The first look of the series has created quite a great response among crowds. The audiences are curious and feel this should be a great entertainer and like other shows it will be something that will take Vipul much higher.

He says, “When there is an ensemble cast of talented actors, it will be a riot. The series is a mix of thrill and comedy and I am happy that I got a pivotal role in it. Acting is no longer restricted to just television and films. The web has given a new lease of life to many actors and we get to explore our talent like never before.”

What’s keeping Vipul Roy busy these days?

The young and talented actor Vipul Roy who was last seen in Partners, is keeping away from the small screen. Well, all fans should not worry! Vipul hasn’t quit television but the cool and dashing dude who recently got engaged is all set to embark on a US and Canada music tour with none other than Bollywood’s brightest musician Sonu Nigam. Neha Kakkar will be another singer from Bollywood who will accompany the musician on the tour. Vipul has been chosen to anchor the concerts held in US and Canada.

Meanwhile, it will be a work cum pleasure trip for Vipul as his fiancée Melis Atici, who he got engaged to a few months back in Istanbul, is a US resident and lives in San Francisco. The duo plan to enjoy some quality time together after Vipul hosts the concert in SF as well.

Vipul Roy in dilemma to turn Vegan after being persuaded by Mallika Sherawat

Says Vipul, “Melis and I got engaged and so we find time to meet each other at different locations around the world. Since she is from SF, it is a long distance relationship till we get married. So, while I am totally excited to be part of Sonu Nigam’s concert because there is no one like him, I am also looking forward to spending some time alone with Melis in San Francisco. Also, this is my first international tour. Melis and I were not supposed to meet till July because of work commitments but we are meeting now.”

Vipul Roy debuts in a web-series ‘Booo…Sabki Phategi’ with ALTBalaji

Vipul Roy in dilemma to turn Vegan after being persuaded by Mallika Sherawat

In his upcoming web-series ‘Booo…Sabki Phategi’ with ALTBalaji Vipul Roy shares few moments that he spent with Mallika Sherawat on the sets.

For Vipul Roy it was an exciting journey as he worked with some great names in the industry like Mallika Sherawat and Tushaar Kapoor, and the star director Farad Samji.

Vipul Roy loved spending time and interacting with his co-star and one such moment was with Mallika Sherawat because of whom he has to make a very big decision.

Vipul Roy is a hard core Punjabi whose day starts with a glass of milk and eggs, he describes butter chicken as his comfort food. He is a total foodie by heart that loves butter in almost everything but talking to Mallika Sherawat it opened him to possibility of turning Vegan.

He mentions,” Mallika and I spoke on all sorts of topics, from India’s achievements, to her shift of work to India again and one thing caught me off guard was facts of her being a Vegan. She rightfully mentioned about ‘you become what you eat’. Vegan is woke of healthy lifestyle and eating. I am going to try to move towards a healthier lifestyle this year.” He also adds that, “Sure it’s going to take me a while and dedication to take up this new lifestyle ….

Will Vipul Roy turn into a Vegan? Is Mallika successful in persuading the hard core Punjabi? I Just edited a few lines

Vipul Roy debuts in a web-series ‘Booo…Sabki Phategi’ with ALTBalaji

Vipul Roy who is famously known to be Bhola Pandit in ‘FIR’ and as Senior Inspector Aditya Dev in ‘Partners trouble ho gayi double’ has bagged a comedy-horror web-series with ALTBalaji, Booo…Sabki Phategi.

He is all ready to scare the wits out of people as a Zombie in this comedy-horror web-series alongside with some big names like Mallika Sherawat, Tushaar Kapoor and Sanjay Mishra.

Vipul plans a trip to Tushaar’s resort along his wife and friends to celebrate his honeymoon. On their arrival they notice the place is completely empty and only existence is of a spooky looking blind caretaker played by Sanjay Mishra. Ignoring all the facts of paranormal activities and not being careful the members of group fall in trouble one after the other, when Haseena the ghost played by Mallika Sherawat haunts them for life.

The web-series will be directed by Farhad Samji who has written the Golmaal films and is the director of Houseful 4 and Entertainment.

In a conversation with Vipul he mentions,” What a great way to debut in a web-series where I am working alongside with some great actors and director like Farhad sir. This will be the first time I will doing a role that is not ordinary. When it comes taking up this role it has a sense of versatility and will show my audience a new version of me. I am quite excited of taking this avatar of Zombie and make my viewers laugh out of their guts.”

Vipul Roy injures his leg during the dahi handi sequence in Partners – Trouble Ho Gayi Double

Vipul Roy recently went under a leg injury during a ‘Dahi Handi’ sequence that they were shooting for the upcoming episode on Partners – Trouble Ho Gayi Double.

Vipul was performing the stunt with a professional team for the dahi handi sequence. During the shoot the group lost their balance and Vipul who was attempting to climb fell down from the top and badly injured his ankle. He was immediately attended by the medical team who were present in case if there were any casualty during the scene.

Vipul shares his experience; he mentions,” This was the first time ever I have performed a stunt without any safety. I realised the number of people who risk their life and get injured are a lot  and I just want to convey that, be careful and use safety measures because risking your life is not worth it.”