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Creative Eye wins best serial Award at Zee Rishte Awards for Ishq Subhanallah

Creative Eye Limited’s ISHQ SUBHANALLAH, produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochhar and Sunil Gupta bagged the best serial Award on a glittering function of Zee Rishte Awards at Filmcity, Goregaon East. Besides winning the best serial Award: “ISHQ SUBHANALLAH” bagged awards at Zee Rishtey in the following category:

Favourite Jodi                   – Kabeer and Zara

Favourite Bujurg              – Qazi Irfan Siddiqui

Favourite Social Swagger – Zara Siddiqui

Favourite Judge Panel      – Zara Siddiqui.

Mr. Punit Mishra, the group CEO of Zee Network while giving the Awards commented “Ishq Subhanallah” is a path breaking serial for the channel and it has set a milestone in popularity across viewers of this nation.

Dheeraj Kumar while appreciating and acknowledging the appreciation of Mr. Punit Mishra humbly acknowledged its team effort and any visual creation is the result of entire team. The writer, Director, D.O.P, Art Director, Production team even smallest workers’ contribute their best to create a magnificent product. “Further adding Zuby Kochhar truly acknowledged the immense support of Zee Team while creating the show”.

Sunil Gupta had high praise for the entire unit and Zee Team. He emphasized, goal can not be achieved without support of team members.

Dheeraj Kumar, on a concluding note thanked Danish Javed (Writer and concept Developer) Vikram Ghai (Director), Ashish Batra (Creative Director), Sandhya Riaz (Ideation Head), Dinesh Singh (DOP), Ajju Ali (Project Head), Dharmesh Patel (Editor) and the entire team of Ishq Subhanallah for putting their best while contributing their skills.

To further add Dheeraj Kumar on behalf of Creative Eye Limited thanked Ms. Aparna Bhosle, Yubraj Bhattacharya, Charu, Bhakti, Geetika from Zee Team for providing immense support to the production house.

Ishq Subhanallah is maintaining its position in Top-5 programmes across all general entertainment channels with formidable ratings.

Creative Eye team feels, the Award has put more responsibility on the entire team to work harder than before to achieve better position across all general entertainment channels in terms of popularity and ratings.

Kabeer (Adnan Khan) and Miraj (Gautam Vij) had a huge fight in Ishq Shubhan Allah

As Kabeer couldn’t help Miraj (Gautam Vij) to become a member in Sharia Board, Miraj expresses his anger towards Kabeer (Adnan Khan) by using very harsh words which hurts kabeer. Kabeer gets to know that Miraj isn’t what he pretends to be.

The next day, Kabeer spots Miraj cornering Zara (Eisha Singh) and trying on her which she is opposing and immediately Kabeer bounces on Miraj and hits him punches and throws him down the Balcony. Miraj falls on the car and the security guys tie him to the driving seat with a rope. Kabeer sits in the car and asks him to drive off.

They go to their project site where they have a huge fight. Both are injured badly. And finally Miraj manages to run away and Kabeer returns home with wound all over his body. Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah, telecast at 10 pm – Monday to Friday is produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochar and Sunil Gupta of Creative Eye Ltd.

Zara is really hurt as she and her father were insulted by the guest

Zara (Eisha Singh) is really hurt as she and her father were insulted by the guests in the inauguration in front of Kabeer (Adnan Khan). She is lost and hurt and is walking like a zombie on a railway track and a running train is about to hit her when suddenly kabeer saves her and slaps her and she realizes what was about to happen. Kabeer apologizes to her and admits his mistake.

Zara asks Kabeer to apologies to her father. Kabeer agrees and they go to Qazi House and he apologises. Zara announces a plan where all the men of the family have to gift something to their wives and everyone agrees to the plan including Shahbaaz. Zee TV “Ishq Subhan Allah”, telecast at 10 pm – Monday to Friday is produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochar, Sunil Gupta of Creative Eye Ltd.

Cast&Crew of Ishq Subhan Allah wish Eid greetings to India

Kabeer (Adnan Abbas Khan), Zara (Eisha Singh), Zeenat (Monica Khanna), Aisha (Pankaj Kansra), Salma (Shalini Arora), Qazi Irfan Siddique (Suneel Pushkarna), Aleena (Anjita Poonia); the cast of serial Ishq Subhan Allah, along with Producers Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochar, Sunil Gupta of Creative Eye Ltd, wished greetings of Eid to the entire nation and people around the world.

The T.V. Show is path breaking. Producer Dheeraj Kumar said, “Eid is a festival to spread Happiness, Love, Affection between the communities. Eid brings people closer to each other and bonds them together in unison.”

On this auspicious Eid, Zee Team and the members of Creative Eye Ltd., distributed sweets to one and all and enjoy delicious Biryani along with Sheer Khurma. The celebration on the sets went for few hours in a friendly and cheerful manner.

The T.V. Show is maintaining 2.6 TRP rating in Hindi speaking market across all channels and maintaining its strong position as ever.

Haldi celebration in Zee TV’s “Ishq Subhan Allah”

Ishq Subhan Allah is one of the most watched and engrossing shows on TV right now. Adnan Khan, Eisha Singh, Shipsy Rana, Vishesh Sharma and other cast shoots haldi sequence in Zee TV’s “Ishq Subhan Allah”, telecast at 10 pm -Monday to Friday.

Creative Eye Limited show is produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochhar, Sunil Gupta.