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SHUBH LAGNA SAVDHAN trailer launch

Producer Pallavi Joshi, director Sameer Ramesh Surve’s SHUBH LAGNA SAVDHAN trailer was launched in presence of cast and crew. Abhay Shevde is executive producer.

The film stars Subodh Bhave, Shruti Marathe, Dr. Girish Oak, Nirmeeti Sawant, Vidyadhar Joshi, Kishori Aambiye, Kishor Pradhan, Pratik Deshmukh, Revati Limaye, Satish Salagare and Prachi Neel.

The film is co-produced by Arundhati Daate, Shrinivas Jambhekar, Vidya Sandeep Tungare and Tushar Karnik.

SHUBH LAGNA SAVDHAN will release on 12 October 2018.

SHUBH LAGNA SAVDHAN poster unveiled

Frames In Motion Production’s, Sameer Ramesh Surve directed SHUBH LAGNA SAVDHAN’s poster was launched on social networking sites recently. The poster shows the chemistry between Subodh Bhave and Shruti Marathe.

Produced by Pallavi Vinay Joshi, the film also stars Dr. Girish Oak, Nirmitee Sawant, Vidyadhar Joshi and Kishori Aambiye.

SHUBH LAGNA SAVDHAN will release on 12 October 2018.

R.D. Films Production’s HADAL muhurt held

Marathi Cinema comes up always with different issue based themes of various hues. As the number of such films is very small in comparison with entertaining and commercial mainstream films, the cinegoers often await eagerly for the release of such films. Not only in India, but also all over the world there is a large audience who wait for the release of these different films and hence not only in Hollywood and Bollywood but also Marathi film industry has started producing such different films which set out to focus of different healthy contents. Now a film called ‘Hadal’ is all set to be made in Marathi.

Though it may see, like a horror film because of its title ‘Hadal’, it is a film which will build up your expectations and deal with understanding as well as misunderstanding in society in general. ‘Hadal’ is all set to be produced under the banner of R.D Films Production by producers Rajesh-Dinesh. It is their debut film as producers. While the story, screenplay and the dialogues have been penned by Rakesh Baban Duryodhan, the film is being directed by Rakesh Bharadwaj. The film was launched with a grand muhurt at the Status Hotel, Matunga, Mumbai in the presence of the famous writer Arvind Jagtap, Actress Smita Tambe and the cast and the crew of the film and also several from the Marathi as well as Hindi film fraternity.

The backdrop of the subject of the film is the beautiful as well as exotic locales of Konkan. The film consists of all the ingredients loved by the audiences. Besides the film also has a power-packed subject coupled with melodious music. Producers Rajesh-Dinesh and the director Rakesh Bharadwaj aver that since the film also has entertainment in heavy doses. it will definitely appeal to the viewers of all age groups and prove to be a well made entertaining package.

Milind Shinde, Sanjay Khapre, Vidyadhar Joshi, Varsha Dandhle, Ashok Kulkarni, Abhishekh Bhamare etc play the key roles in the film. Nazir Khan is the D.O.P of the film. Savta Gawli has penned the lyrics while Sandeep Dange will compose the music. Kumar Neeraj is the Editor while Sameer Shinde is the Executive Producer of the film. Devendra Tawade has designed the production of the film while Meraj Shaikh is the Production Manager. Make up is by Vijay Pandit, Hair Dressing is by Aparna Jadhav and Atul Merchande is the Production Controller of the film ‘Hadal’.