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Anusha Mani is back again with her new soulful single ‘Nafarmani’

Anusha Mani is one of the most celebrated playback singers of Bollywood. She has given her fans some back to back chartbuster hits and music videos. Mani carved a niche for herself right from her first song ‘Dhoka’ from film ‘Johnny Gaddaar’ and continued with a string of super-hit numbers in Bollywood such as ‘Gulaabo’ (Shaandaar), ‘Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na’ (Chennai Express), ‘Lehrein’ (Aisha), ‘Lazy Lamhe’ (Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic), ‘Zara Dil ko Thaam Lo’ (Don 2) and ‘Dil Me Jaagi’ (Dev D).

Recently, she launched her new song ‘Nafarmani’ with TM Music. The video entails a story of an inscrutable heart and its desires. Way more than just a music video that depicts the enigma of the heart, the narrative tells us how we have, for as long as we can remember, have no conscious influence over its impulses.

The tale of love is quite effortless and governed by the heart’s desires so, whether the heart controls us, or we control it, is still up for debates. And ‘Nafarmani’ here, is an epitome of disobedience by the heart. A subtle take on a heart that is unconsciously taming you to its whims. All these emotions are beautifully illustrated throughout the lyrics and encapsulate the theme of the song. So, as cliché as the saying may sound, the heart truly wants what it wants, and ‘Nafarmani’ here is the perfect embodiment of it.

Talking about the track the singer shared her excitement, “Nafarmani is extremely special to me, through this song I have tried to show that how we have little to no control and become a slave of our heart. ‘Nafarmani’ means disobedience and when you are in love you know nothing, you don’t see anything, you only see what the heart wants you to see.”

Collaborating with Goldie Sohel has been a wonderful experience. His career is flourishing & he has a beautiful musical journey that awaits him. Manoj Yadav is one of most talented writers of our times and having worked on songs before and ‘Savera’ my precious single, I have a certain faith in his work that makes me assured of the content he writes. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with for this song.”

Talking about the track Tarsame Mittal shared ‘We could not be more excited about this partnership. It is always exciting to work with like-minded individuals and people who share the same passion as you. As a part of the industry, we’re always looking to enhance the experience and entertainment quotient of our audience. Anusha has done a fabulous job with Nafarmani and I am sure the audience will love and appreciate this song.”

The song released on the 13th, and is already getting a lot of love from the audience.

YouTube star Avish Sharma’s debut original track “Phir Dikhi Tu” receives whooping response

Avish Sharma’s debut with an original song has taken a while but now “Phir Dikhi Tu” heralds the arrival of this prodigious talent. Released on the TM Music label, the song embraces the modern electronic genre, backed by a minimalistic video. The video has been beautifully shot in a basement, with trained contemporary dancers Jai Nair & Kirti which gives this song a very international look.

Interestingly, Avish Sharma’s Phir Dikhi Tu was heard for the first time at TM Talent Management’s in-house IP All About Music.  All About Music Conference addresses the real challenges and growth opportunities charted in the industry by inviting national and international speakers for panel discussions, keynotes, workshop, masterclasses, connect corners, networking opportunities and more! It is a great platform for artists to come together and share their insights. The song has released on the 29th of September.

After moving to New Zealand from India at the age of nine, Avish’s inclination towards music grew stronger, helped undoubtedly by his dad’s background in event production. Through his teenage years he built a fan following on YouTube that resulted in millions of views for his Hindi song covers.

In his early 20s, he began exploring different genres of music which led to the realization that there’s more to this art form than just becoming a “playback singer”. The idea of being able to express himself by creating his own music appealed to him and from there began his journey of composing and writing his own songs.

“Phir Dikhi Tu” is his first original single. It’s a song that speaks about unattainable closure, a deeply personal take on being stuck in a loop of trying to get over someone.

He says, “writing this song helped me get through a tough phase a couple of years ago. I was struggling to move on from a relationship I’d just gotten out of and even though it feels a bit of a cliché to say this – it made a world of difference to put my thoughts down on paper, and into music. I feel this particular mood is universal, almost every person who’s ever loved has gone through something like this, and I hope it brings someone solace, in the way it did for me.”

The song has been produced by Mayank Choudhary and lyrics co-written by Pooja Sharma.

Gaurav Dutta’s debut single ‘Jammu Sheharan’ strikes the right chord

Gaurav Dutta, in his first release on TM Music, hits a strong emotion with his single ‘Jammu Sheharan’. The song is about a boy’s longing to revisit his hometown and meet his mother.

The artiste says, “‘Jammu Sheharan’ is the kind of song which can’t be heard casually; to truly understand the song you have to let it flow through you and feel it. More than a song, it’s an emotion. More like a conversation between me and my mother. The song would not have been possible without the effort of the great musicians and the whole team behind it. I know that people in and from Jammu are going to relate to this song instantly but it’s not just about Jammu and its people, it’s about everything in its true sense giving meaning to our lives on a day-to-day basis. These feelings come to every individual at some point in their life. I hope this song gives strength and perspective to those who are trying to decode a complexity of similar thoughts, like those in this song, and it inspires them.”

Gaurav is a multi-faceted musician and a winner of the reality show – Jammu and Kashmir Idol 2012. His accolades also include three wins for The Golden Guitar Festival and one for Pandit Uma Dutt Sangeet Mahotsav, along with many others. Gaurav’s connection with the song ‘Jammu Sheharan’ comes naturally from his being born in the Jammu district. When asked about what inspired him to write this song, he said, “I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular or any idea when I was creating the composition. This song is a perfect amalgamation of my thoughts and music which happened to flow through me at that time. I was in a state of bliss when I was creating this track.” The multi-talented artiste has written, sung and composed the song so beautifully that it automatically tugs at the heart strings.

 When asked about his collaboration with TM Music, Gaurav said, “Tarsame Sir has done a great job in taking this concept forward and in making me a part of such an amazing team. More than a collaboration it’s a bond of trust and love. Even Sunny M.R. Sir has done a great job in giving purpose to the song musically. I’m touched and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who’s been part of the project. The song has been a roller coaster with its challenges that eventually made us reach a beautiful place.”

The video for the song has been shot in the northern plains of Jammu. The serene ariel views of the place are magnificent. From lush green farmlands to old brick houses, from children playing on the streets to the mother – son interaction, the video captures every nuanced emotion of the song.

The song released on 8th of September, 2020.