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Singer Nikk’s Chaar Chudiyaan music video set for a grand release

The wait is over! Singer, lyricist, composer Nikk, who created ripples with his last number Badaami Rang, is all set to present his latest music video Chaar Chudiyaan. The song that was released in March 2020 became a chartbuster in no time. Fans have been waiting for the music video ever since, and going by the poster that was released yesterday, it’s surely going to be worth the wait.

In the poster, Nikk sports a charming look against a palatial backdrop. The song is shot in the picturesque location of Bikaner, Rajasthan. Nikk plays a small town boy who is traditional, yet naughty and fun-loving.

Sharing his experience of shooting this music video, Nikk says, “I was most excited for shooting Chaar Chudiyaan music video as it was my first trip to Rajasthan. I wanted this song to be my first project of 2021 and it couldn’t have been better than this. The locations are so beautiful and grand, it will be a visual treat for all those who received the song with so much love and adulation. After wrapping up the shoot, we also had such a great time exploring the locales of Bikaner and the rest of Rajasthan. We can’t wait to bring this music video to our fans.”

Produced by Bang Music, Chaar Chudiyaan is a peppy number with relatable lyrics. Just like Nikk’s previous renditions, like Yaari, Teri Naar, Nakhre Tere, Badaami Rang and Hosh, Chaar Chudiyaan has a totally different concept with soulful music and eye-catchy visuals.

Nikk reunite for a single Badaami Rang with Actress Avneet Kaur

Singer, lyricist and composer Nikk, who had recently launched a single Hosh with actress Mahira Sharma, is all set to now release another single. This time actress Avneet Kaur will feature in the single. The single is titled Badaami Rang and it’s a romantic song shot in the green and beautiful locations of Goa.

Nikk & Avneet said, “Music videos are fun and a learning experience. Earlier, too, we have done a single Teri Naar together and it was a huge hit and it crossed 110 million views. Yaari, which we did together, also crossed 247 million views. We loved shooting for Badaami Rang, because it is something different and unique, there is an amazing chemistry between us.”

Nikk and Avneet

Nikk is very excited about this new single. Previously, he played a romantic guy, but in this single, he teases the girls in the single. His handsome looks and dashing personality makes girls go mad over him in the song. He said, “Avneet is a talented and glamorous actress. Badaami Rang is about a romantic couple and how they enjoy time in Goa. Romance is one of the few things that people love to watch during the time of pandemic. It will be refreshing for viewers to enjoy a song shot in Goa. The song is supposed to give a European and countryside feel to the viewers with its locations.”

The song will be released under Bang Music Label on October 11. Earlier, too Nikk’s singles have crossed millions views and his music has found a connect with masses.

Nikk: I am overwhelmed with the response I got for my single Hosh

Singer, lyricist and composer Nikk, who had recently launched a single Hosh with actress Mahira Sharma is a happy man right now. The singer received a huge response from viewers and the single has already crossed millions of views

Nikk said, “My song portrayed true emotions of a guy, who has been through seperation in love. I feel the emotions of the song touched people’s hearts and that’s why I am happy to receive such an overwhelming response.”

The singer added how inspite of facing many difficulties in shooting the song during the lockdown, they continued with the shoot and released the single. He said, “The song was shot on Chandigarh and we faced a lot of problems finding the right spot, as due to lockdown we had to shift every time and find a new spot. Thankfully, the entire team got its well-deserved reward.”

While Nikk is an accomplished singer, his acting skills and performance in the single has been appreciated a lot. He said, “The song depicts the journey of a man who goes through several ups and downs in his life. I had to prep and enact real emotions, which would convince the masses of the kind of journey the man goes through in his life. I am not a trained actor, but I received huge response for my performance in Hosh.”

Earlier, too Nikk’s singles have crossed 227 million views and his music has found a connect with masses.

Singer Nikk’s single Hosh with Mahira Sharma gets a huge response

Singer and composer Nikk’s single ‘Hosh’ shot with actress Mahira Sharma lately got launched and it received an overwhelming response. The single has crossed 7.5 million views already in a very short time and Nikk is glad that viewers have enjoyed the song. He said, “My hard work and efforts have brought results. The song is melodious and touches people’s hearts. It revolves around the separation of a relationship in love. I am so happy that masses could relate to the song.”

Sharing his experience on shooting for the single, Nikk said, “Initially, when we composed the single and started hunting for locations in Chandigarh, things really turned tough. Since we shot for the song during the lockdown, most of the locations were not available for shooting the single. Every time we chose a location, it was communicated that due to the lockdown, we won’t be able to shoot further. Finally, we shot the single in the beautiful locales of Mohali and Chandigarh during the time when they allowed us to shoot. It was a tough experience but now when I see the results, it is worth it.”

After the huge success of his earlier singles like Yaari, Relation and Teri Naar, it comes as no surprise that this single has become a hit. The song is produced by Bang music.

When reel turned real for Nikk and Mahira…

Whilst shooting for a rain sequence in their new single Hosh, Nikk and Mahira actually enjoyed the rains in Mohali

Singer, lyricist and composer Nikk, who is all set to launch his next single Hosh, shares his experience shooting for the single in Chandigarh and Mohali. The song features Nikk and actress Mahira Sharma getting drenched in the rains amidst the beautiful locales of Mohali. Nikk is romancing Mahira in the song. But, it so happened that the reel sequence became real for the artists in the song.

Nikk said, “We were shooting Hosh in the beautiful town of Mohali and it was a rain sequence. While we had created artificial rain initially, it started raining in real, and being in love with rains, we all decided to stop shooting and actually got wet and in the rains. Mohali is a beautiful place and the magic of the song comes alive because of its locales and music. It was a beautiful sight to see raindrops falling on us and the entire team enjoying the rains instead of running away from it.”

After the huge success of his earlier singles like Yaari, Relation and Teri Naar, it comes as no surprise that this single will entertain viewers with soulful music. The single is being produced by Bang music.

Singer Nikk Romance Mahira Sharma in his upcoming single ‘Hosh’ : Teaser poster out

Singer, lyricist, composer and actor Nikk is all set to launch his next single ‘Hosh’. After the huge success of his earlier singles like Yaari, Relation, Teri Naar and others, it comes as no surprise that this one is also conceptualised to entertain viewers with soulful music and hear touching emotions. The single is being produced by Bang music.

Nikk will unite with the beautiful and talented actress Mahira Sharma in the single. The single has been shot in Chandigarh and Mohali and so it promises to be a treat for viewers.

While his earlier single Yaari garnered 220 million views, Nikk feels this song will also connect well. He said, “I always try do something different from my previous single’s. Also, Hosh is inspired from a real life love story, which showcases various emotions a person goes through in a relationship. And I have worked extremely hard during the quarantine period on bringing out these expressions; the song is shot in the beautiful locations of Mohali and Chandigarh. I am sure the song with touch the hearts of everyone with its entertaining music along with relatable lyrics.”

Nikk’s other songs like Nakhre Tere, Chaar Chudiyaan, Yaari and many others have also become chartbusters and a hit with masses.