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After 20 years, Bhaskar to meet his mother on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama

Tenali Rama, the historical fiction show of Sony SAB will soon be witnessing the reunion of Bhaskar (Krishna Bharadwaj) with his mother, Sharda (Aasiya Kazi), after 20 years of being apart. The show continues to garner immense love and support for its revamped look and Bhaskar’s exciting journey to bring his family together has enthralled the audiences even more.

Vijayanagar is in chaos with the disappearance of the diamond studded mor pankh during Janmashtami. Kaikala (Vishwajeet Pradhan) is furious with the theft as he promised to gift his daughter – Amrapali (Manul Chudasama), this exquisite object. The evil Kaikala acting upon his hatred for Bhaskar, blames him for the theft and tortures him to confess to the crime. Later, it is uncovered that the dacoit queen, Mushak aka Sharda had stolen the mor pankh. After learning the truth, Bhaskar assures Kaikala to help him get back the mor pankh.

In his quest to recover this prized item, Bhaskar assures Nakush (Pradeep Kabra), that he should be the one around the dacoits when they resurface in Vijayanagar market to search something more to steal, where Bhaskar with his remarkable wit and intelligence would outsmart them and recover the mor pankh. The situation takes a shocking turn when Bhaskar almost comes face – to – face with his mother, Sharda, the dacoit queen, while waiting for the dacoits to make an appearance and sees the same tattoo he saw on Sharda’s arm while growing up.

Bhaskar will embark on his journey to find his mother by passing through the Jadui Gufa, the place from where no one comes back alive and make his way to her Kabila where all the dacoits reside.

How will Sharda react after seeing her son after 20 years?

Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the role of Bhaskar said, “Bhaskar is on one mission, to find his parents and get his family back together. The upcoming episodes are exciting and yet emotional and the viewers will feel the beautiful bond between a mother and her son. As an artists it was really emotional for me while shooting for the episodes and I felt the happiness when Bhaskar finally reunited with Sharda and the episodes further will document his challenging journey while looking for her.”

Aasiya Kazi, playing the role of Sharda aka Mushak said, “Sharda has kept herself hidden and safe for years now and fate has brought her son, Bhaskar to her after 20 long years. The episodes further in the week will show Sharda’s struggles and Bhaskar’s effort to find his mother. It has been a phenomenal experience so far. My character is edgy and really different of what I have done so far. I look forward to our viewers’ responses to this anticipated reunion.”

Watch Bhaskar unite with his mother only on Tenali Rama every Monday – Friday at 7:30 pm on Sony SAB

“Transitioning to Bhaskar has been a milestone in my life”, says Krishna Bharadwaj

Artists undergo several changes to attain the look and the essence of a character. One such phenomenal transition have been witnessed in Krishna Bharadwaj who shaved his head regularly to perfect the legendary titular character of Pandit Rama Krishna with grace on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama. This talented artist, with the season refresh – Tenali Rama: Bhaskar Adhyay, is now essaying a double role in the show as Bhaskar, Rama’s son and the transition has been nothing but extraordinary and life changing for Krishna.

Sharing his thoughts about the transition in the show, Krishna Bharadwaj said,“I feel authenticity is the key. I was nervous before but I decided to shave my head for my role previously to bring the essence of the character to life. Now that I have received the opportunity to portray Bhaskar, I have started growing my hair back to stay true to my role. The changes have been drastic and I thrive under such challenges.”

Bhaskar’s look has been curated keeping in mind the 25 year leap in the show. He belongs to the next generation who is young and full of life and the outfit resonates with it. The color palette and the detailing in Bhaskar’s outfit are vibrant which gives him youthful and fresh energy. The draping style used on Bhaskhar is quite modern and unique. It has been chosen keeping in mind a young man’s lifestyle and hence Bhaskar’s draping is done over the shoulders to keep his hands free for movements. The jewellery is chunky which gives depth and edge to the outfit.

Immensely talented designer Nidhi Yasha, who is known for her phenomenal work for creating costumes for several popular shows on Indian Television so far, is the creative mind behind curating the costumes for Sony SAB’s historical fiction, Tenali Rama. Nidhi, sharing her experience while designing Bhaskar’s look, said “The biggest challenge was to make the same artist look different. So we had to include several elements to make him stand out. We wanted to play with classic and comfort. The inspiration has been drawn from Southern India and we incorporated Kalamkari designs in his outfit to add prints and the youthful funk to the character. We integrated the colors of spice to make him look vibrant. Even the treatment of the fabric used has been kept really authentic which adds the real flavours of Southern India, where the story was born.”

Talking about Bhaskar’s look and how he long it takes to achieve it, Krishna said, “I enjoy this look and the energy it brings to the character. The makeup is fairly simple and I’m relieved that getting into the complete look doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. The tika that Bhaskar wears is really simple. Right now, I have to wear a wig but I’m eagerly waiting for the time when I’ll be sporting my own hair for the character.”

To witness Bhaskar in his true element, keep watching Tenali Rama every Monday- Friday at 7:30pm only on Sony SAB