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Namita Lal grabs Best Actress Award in Boston Film Festival, USA

The lead protagonist of Shoib Nikash Shah’s film Oxygen won the most prestigious award of Kaleidoscope 2019. We are talking about actress Namita Lal, who won the Best Actress Award at the Indian Film Festival in Boston this year.

No denying the fact, it was the first-ever world screening of the film which went houseful and its Q&A session also went for more than an hour. As per the close friends and family of the team who attended the world premiere at Boston, the audience liked the theme and the overall performance. They enthusiastically participated in the discussion post screening.

Actress Namita Lal was very pleased and honoured to receive this huge title. She is currently busy in lot of other projects so could not attend the screening and award ceremony. She was in Singapore when she received the news. Expressing her excitement, she says, “I had absolutely no idea that I could win this Award since we sent the film to Boston at the last minute.”

While talking about the film, she says, “The film was shot in a rare location, which was the forest area of J&K near the Line of Control (LoC) and being the only woman in the unit and also, a non-localite of the place, nevertheless it was challenging to put up in that area as the film had a lot of local people and children, who were familiar to the region, but I am very thankful to the director and the team, who made me comfortable to the environment. It was an amazing experience to shoot with the locals and the passion & hard work with which the team shot is now paying off.”

Throwing light on her role in the film, actress Namita Lal says, “I feel honoured and blessed to be recognized by one of America’s biggest and the most prestigious film festivals. This is my debut film in the lead role, which was a difficult one since it was a bit controversial as I challenge the main protagonist on his claim to integrity and honesty and persuade him to think otherwise. I did not imagine I would be appreciated and awarded for it. It was indeed beyond my expectations.”

The film festival was attended by Namita Lal’s close friends Pradeep Mansukhani and Rashmi Mansukhani, on her behalf. Talking about the Q&A discussion, they said, “We thank for the privilege Namita Lal gave us to represent her and team Oxygen at the World Premiere. The film succeeded in conveying to its audience the dilemma faced by millions of people across the world, that is, the issue of the environment that will affect future generations versus the plight of the present generation.” They added, “The Amazon fire, the Indonesian fire and other deforestation methods were discussed by the audience in the light of what was ‘really’ depicted in the film and on top of that, Namita Lal’s acting was the icing on the cake!”

When asked about the actress’ feedback on this, she says, “I was overwhelmed with the wishes of near and dear ones as soon as the award title was announced. People showered love from all corners of the world and I was touched to know that people were moved by the emotional moments in the film. I was also pleased to hear when someone remarked, that I’m ‘uncognizable’ on screen.” She added that someone close to her said, that “You dwell in the character so well that it’s hard to recognize you on screen and obviously, you turn into a person you are not in real life”. The actress thanked the eminent jury and the film fraternity for choosing her for this Award.

Rahat Kazmi’s Country Of Blind set in Indian Himaliyas

The one of its kind Ind0-Hollywood film is being directed by the Indian international filmmaker, Rahat Kazmi, who earned fame worldwide by launching his upcoming film ‘Lihaaf’ in Cannes 2018 in collaboration with Cory Tucek of Turn Key Films (USA).

The film stars lead pair television actress Hina Khan and actor director Shoib Nikash Shah along with Airlift and Filmistaan fame Inaamul Haq as main antagonist and Tere Bin Laden fame Pradhuman Singh in important role. Jhansi Ki Rani fame Indian Television actress Anushka Sen is in one of the lead characters. Singapore based actor producer Namita Lal, who won best actress award at Indian film festival of Boston last week, plays a very strong woman in the film along with a British-Indian actor Jitendra Rai who plays an important role. Zahid Qureshi and Rahat Himself are in guest appearances.

Let’s call it International Indo-Hollywood film which would re-create history and who knows, as Slumdog Millionaire did.  Bollywood will open its doors for international audience before hitting Indian theatres as the film shall be theatrically released in America first.

Based on a book by H. G. Wells, the film is named Country of Blind! The filmmaker has definitely taken an inspiration from the book but let me add, many unique elements have been added to take the audience back to that era.

As goes the name, it is about a country of people who are blind but better than normal people,  so be ready to come across unique costumes, which would surprise you even more to realize they are hand-made and that too, by a bunch of young aspiring fashion designers.

Not only this, since the film is releasing in United States, the director is shooting the film in both the languages, taking Hindi and English shots side by side, instead of dubbing. You will find ancient Hindi and English words which will give music to ears and with that, you would magically travel to the era in which the film has been written.

The plot is interesting with a dramatic twist. The film has a blend of comedy, action, drama, romance along with beautiful songs. It also portrays a powerful message which would leave the audience in a frenzy.

After their presence at Cannes film festival Rahat Kazmi, Hina Khan and their group achieved a big milestone by getting a Hollywood deal done during the festival. American Production and Distribution company Turn Key Films joined Rahat Kazmi Films, Tariq Khan productions and their group for feature film co-production based on father of Science fiction H. G. Wells famous story Country of Blind.

Shot in the beautiful Himalayas, the movie would release in USA initially,and then be surfaced worldwide, including India. The film would also be screened in a number of International Film Festivals before releasing elsewhere.

The film is produced by Rahat Kazmi Films, Tariq Khan Productions, Zeba Sajid Films, Nutzaboutme Cinema (Singapore), Co-Production of Hiro’s Faar Better Films & Turn Key Films (USA) in association with Riaan Rai Motion Pictures (UK), Assad Motion Pictures and Seven Two Creation. The film is expected to release worldwide next year.

Mohit Chauhan to recreate ‘Bulla Ki Jaana’ for the upcoming movie ‘Football’

Bollywood’s talented musician and singer Mohit Chauhan will recreate Rabbi Shergill’s Bulla Ki Jaana song for Shoib Nikash Shah’s upcoming film ‘Football’. The song which has beautiful lyrics will be an integral part of the film.

The film is written and directed by Shoib and it revolves around Goli (Gulshan) a poor boy in a Jammu village, who dreams of becoming a football player. Circumstances, however lead him to take up his father’s profession of painting statues. After he grows up, he bumps into Rekha played by Namita Lal, a woman who wanted to be a football player but who has been married off at a young age. She however continues to play street football with village children, coaching and encouraging them to play the sport. Goli joins her team and starts living his dreams again.

One of the popular dialogues written for the film, “You can either be a football or get kicked around by others all your life, or kick the ball yourself…choice is yours,” says Rekha to Goli in film. This dialogue neatly sums up the beautiful message of the film

Shoib says, “The film delves with the emotions of the youth of villages of Jammu & Kashmir. The youth are so talented but there is no guidance or the upliftment from society and government, so talent gets wasted.”

The film is produced by Namita Lal, Rahat Kazmi Films and Shoib Shah Films.