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Sushant’s journey from background dancer to a Star made Shiamak Davar proud!

Not everyone knows that Sushant Singh Rajput too was a background dancer with choreographer Shiamak Davar before he became an actor. Sushant used to dance as part of Shiamak Davar’s dance company just like Shahid Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and a few others in the industry today. Sushant in fact has even performed as a background dancer with Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta etc in his dancing days.

From being an engineering student from Delhi, to dancing as a background dancer for Shiamak and now being the star who is being choreographed by Shiamak is a huge achievement of Sushant. Shiamak Davar is extremely proud of where Sushant had reached.

Sushant had surely struggled a lot and shown the world that even common people with big dreams can achieve those dreams if they work hard and are passionate enough.

Expressing his pride, Shiamak said, “When Sushant wanted to take up engineering, I told him, why don’t you take up acting? You’re fun; you have a good understanding of the craft. I felt there was something special about him back then. He said I don’t know… education is important for me. I said just try, if you fail its okay but at least try. He listened to me and then he got a television role in Pavitra Rishta and then he went on to doing films. In Kai Po Che, he was outstanding and in Dhoni he was fabulous, beyond words. 

The thing is that he was a very natural actor and that’s what I liked about him. I knew somewhere that this boy had something, and he is a good dancer and it’s so important in the industry now a days. I am very proud of him, extremely proud of him. I am so proud of where he had reached.”

Further adds, “More so I am proud of him, as he hadn’t forgotten the faith I had in him. He has always, in every way, always spoken about me as a teacher. It just showed the kind of person he was.”

Raahul Jatin makes his debut with a melodious single- Aankhon Ke Ishaare

Veteran Music composer, Jatin Pandit’s (Jatin- Latin) son Raahul Jatin marks his debut in the music industry with a groovy yet melodious single ‘Aankhon Ke Ishaare’. Composed and sung by Raahul Jatin, Aankhon ke Ishaare gets you to tap your feet instantaneously while the sublime melody of Raahul’s voice rings in your ears even when the song is over.

The freshly brewed number is padded up with a refreshing video featuring Raahul and Simone in an intimate dance choreographed by Shazia and Piyush. The vivacious energy and grace which the young performers bring on screen are a visual treat. The song is beautifully penned by Kumaar, mixed & mastered by Eric Pillai and the groovy music composed and sung by Raahul will make you hit the replay button.

Raahul has been training in classical music under his father’s (Jatin Pandit) strict tutelage from a tender age of 5 and credits his sound foundation to him. Apart from training in music he has taken up formal training in Bollywood freestyle dance from Shiamak Davar and acting from Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles.

He views himself as a performer. While music remains the spinal cord of his offerings he aspires to bring much more to the table. Talking about his debut Raahul Jatin said, “The melody took about 4 days to compose and after that I roped in few of my American friends who are music producers and we punched in the groove. The video was a true learning experience, we shot it whole in one day. Tiring but genuinely exciting. I have done back flips, and cart wheel in the song. Digital music is just not listening to a song- its seeing as well. You have to be more than just a singer for the audience to connect with you. The song is also very different from the trending ones”.

Talking about his son’s debut veteran Music Composer, Jatin Pandit stated, “Raahul has been a very dedicated pupil from childhood. We never pushed him to take up music. It came to him as a calling. Once he decided, we ensured he observed discipline to cultivate a good voice quality. In this generation, music is served with a lot of frills but if a singer’s voice quality is compromised then the very foundation becomes weak. I was careful that Raahul should not get swayed by the distraction of glamour. The rest is totally his doing. There is a lot of competition out there and it is a tough profession that he has chosen. His talent and dedication will determine his future from here on”.

Raahul’s smooth & soulful vocals allow him to blend into different genres of music – from light classical to western music, from Bollywood songs to Pop music. He plays the piano and guitar, as well as produces the music for all his compositions. His training in dance, acting & fitness (Taekwondo and Gymnastics) makes him adept as a wholesome performer. Raahul’s stage presence in live shows is worth a watch.

Aankhon Ke Ishaare is presented by Zee Music Company, the song releases on the 18th of April 2019.