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Actress Sharmila Rajaram plays newS reader

The web series “No Breaking News” has started on Virus Marathi, which is a comedy of various genres of news reporter, and a satire on the news channel. Actress Sharmila Rajaram Shinde is playing the role of a news reader in the new show.

Sharmila Rajaram did the job of cleaning the rice while giving the news as she was fed up with the method of presentation and the precision in it. The series humorously comments on all the news topics in the Marathi and news world. Due to its unique style of statement and presentation, the series is getting good response from the youth.

Sharmila had earlier worked with Virus Marathi for the series ‘Shock Story’ directed by Santosh Kolhe, which was also a huge hit.

This Virus Marathi web show is written by Yugandhar Deshpande and directed by Santosh Kolhe. So far 2 episodes of “No Breaking News” have been screened in and the third episode is streaming now.

Actor-Director Sameer Patil in web series TarTiTo

Director Sameer Patil who has given films Vikun Taak, Shentimental and Poshter Girl, is now a day seen in Virus Marathi’s web series TarTiTo.

It is a story of a family living in Thane. This web series shows the audience exactly what happens when a father also carries responsibility as mother and takes care of his children and takes care of the whole house.

The web series is directed by Santosh Kolhe, stars Sameer Patil, Ankita Desai and Srujan Deshpande. It is written by Manali Kale and Chaitanya Sardeshpande.