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Tia Bajpayi thrives with her new music single

Tia Bajpai, known for her performances in movies like Haunted, 1920: Evil Returns, Hate Story 4 has come out with a new music single “Mai Gair Hui” under the banner Almighty Studios. The music video was launched on 19th January 2019 at Trumpet Sky Lounge where a lot of TV stars and celebs from the music industry gathered to show their support.

This music venture is ‘Ghar ki Laxmi Betiyann’ star’s third music single after Haunted’s ‘Sau Baras’ and Lanka’s ‘Sheet Lehar’. She received an award for ‘Upcoming Female Vocalist of the Year’ in Mirchi Music awards for her song ‘Sheet Lehar’. Tia will be seen featuring in the music video with Gaurav Bajaj.

The song is written by A.M. Turaz who has previously written songs for hit movies like Bajirao Mastani, Padmavat and many more and is composed by Babli Haque and Meera. The music video is directed by Vikram Singh and produced by Hitesh Rupareliya, Santosh Gupta, Siraj Gill & Rajesh Banga.

The music video has already crossed the 1M mark and has received a lot of appraisals and is being loved by the fans.

G77 Club & Kitchen launch with celebrities galore

GoldFinch Hotel located at Andheri East, Mumbai launched a new club G 77 Club & Kitchen. It featured TV actor Ali Merchant as the DJ for the night. With its quirky interiors, the lounge is a visual retreat.

Present at the event were celebrities like Shafaq Naaz, Shardul Pandit, Tanya Abrol, Jyotsna Chandola, Krip Suri, Akash Choudhary, Alok Narula, Mukul Harish, Soni Singh, etc.

The event was managed by Milagro, the company that manages various pubs and lounges across the city, started by Producer and Celebrity Manager, Santosh Gupta of Pinnacle Celebrity Management with partners Ali Merchant and Sakshi Jhala.

MTV’s Date to Remember gets complicated as the results near

MTV’s popular show ‘Date to Remember’ is nearing the end of the season and is witnessing complications and is getting intense. There are fights, new love stories, and grouping of the contestants. It all started with the nail-biting suspense of elimination in the last episode, this week we will only see it going a step further.

Some contestants are in the danger zone already including Aqib and Rahul Yadav, they will have to face challenges in the next task as per the format of the show. The famous Rubdeet Singh and his friends popularly known as Rubdeet’s trio are in the safe zone. Who will get eliminated in this episode is a mystery that viewers will be keen to watch.

This week’s episode will also have an interesting task in the form of bursting balloons tied to the backs present and ex-girlfriend of the contestants. What makes this task interesting is that the contestants will not be able to use their hands, and it is only through good communication skills that they would be able to complete the task. The winner will be of course the one who bursts the maximum number of balloons. The winners will be announced at the end of the episode. Also, who gets to spend time on a lavish date is to be seen.

Producer of the show Santosh Gupta, Managing Director, Pinnacle Entertainment said, “Date to Remember as a show tests couples through various tasks; which are ultimately based on parameters like trust, communications, etc.” Co-producer Sarabjeet Anand of Promon.in said; “The show is a test of love, and true love has to face obstacles. The obstacles coming in the form of past lovers is what the show is about.” Captain of the show Manu Punjabi said, “Time only would be able to tell how the new relationships shape up.”