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Sagarika Music presents new version of SHRAVANMASI HARSHMANSI

Everybody had heard Tryambak Bapuji Thombare aka Balkavi’s poetry of nature ‘SHRAVANMASI HARSHMANSI’ since childhood. As Shravan month has started this year, Sagarika Music has brought the new version of the poetry rendered by Swapnil Bandodkar. Recently video is released on social media.

Nilesh Mohrir has composed the music of new version and chorus given by child artists of Kalangan.

Sagarika Music has launched Swapnil’s album ‘Ti’ which is 5th album. Two songs Kasa Chandra and Sauri are already popular receiving more than 5 lac hits. Before ‘Ti’ Sagarika Music has given Swapnil’s four album Bedhoond, Tu Maza Kinara, Tula Pahile Re.

Sagarika Music’s Retro V album’s first song ‘Suvasini’ launched

On the occasion of 22nd anniversary Sagarika Music launched the song ‘Suvasini’ from Retro V album. The ong is sung by Vaishali Samant. The original idea of the song and presentation is by Sagarika Das of Sagaria Music.

Sagarika Das said, “Suvasini song you can say marriage song of 1950s. The music is composed by Nilesh Moharir and lyrics by Shripad Joshi. The promos are picturised on Sayali Salunkhe.”

Vaishali Samant  and Sagarika Music’s relation started when Vaishali sung the song ‘Aaika Dajiba’ and continued with popular songs Mast Chalyay Amche, Mera Dadla, Ghotala, Angani Mazya Manacha and many more. Now Retro V album has 8 retro style songs.