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Kumar Raj’s feature film Tara is now streaming on MX Player

“Tara -The journey of love and passion” has received so much love from all over the world. The film stars International Award Winning actress Rekha Rana, Rohan Shroff & Ashish Saleem and is Produced & Directed by world famous & very talented Kumar Raj.

Tara feature film is now available on MX Player which is India’s most premium OTT platform.

The feature film Tara was also selected for Oscars from West Africa in the Best film foreign language category. Till date the film “Tara” has been officially selected in 296 International film festivals and has received  over 199 International awards worldwide.

When asked Kumar Raj about the movie receiving so much of love all over the world he said ” I really feel blessed when my movie is appreciated by the audience all over, people from all over the world have loved my movie and now we are very proud  that my film is now streaming on MX player in India along with Amazon prime in US and UK , I and my entire team have put so much of efforts into this film. It’s a blessing when your efforts are being appreciated & applauded by the audience world wide “

Kumar Raj’s next venture titled “Yahan Ameena Bikti Hai” will soon be released.

actress Rekha Rana has pledged her support to peta

Actress Rekha Rana has pledged her support to PETA in the wake of rising cruelty towards animals in our country and has vowed to create awareness about the same with various campaigns, projects etc. Now Rekha is also part of multiple social service organizations which aims at focusing and helping people during this pandemic situation.

Rekha Rana has always been very vocal on her social media platforms about her thoughts & opinions through her amazing  inspirational videos and quotes, she recently announced that she has pledged to save the environment and animals by being the part of PETA group.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) main motive is to show that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way. PETA India primarily focuses on areas in which the highest numbers of animals suffer the most: in laboratories, in the food industry, in leather trade, and in the entertainment business.

When asked Rekha about being a part of PETA campaign she said, “Going vegetarian is the single best thing you can do for animals, for your own health and the health of the planet. I am very happy and delighted to support such a great cause & be a part of PETA. I feel very disheartened whenever I hear of animals being treated with cruelty and I wanted to make sure that I can avail my platform to create awareness about this issue.”

She further  added “That if you love animals, the best thing you can do for them is to stop eating them.”

Tara’s international journey continues

Kumar Raj’s ‘Tara the journey of love and passion’ which has been receiving a lot of praises both internationally and nationally has currently added more laurels to its name. The film has currently been selected in not one but five prestigious international film festivals in Nov 2019.

The film will be screened in five film festivals in the month of November 2019. The film will be screened at Rome Film Awards 2019 in Rome and USA, International Du Cannes Film DE Cannes 2019 in Cannes, USA. Atlanta Award Qualifying film Festival 2019 in New York, USA .Reykjavik Visions Film Festival 2019 in Reykjavik, Iceland and Global Entertainment Market Film Festival 2019 in Los Angeles, USA.

When Kumar Raj was asked about the movie ,he said, “I feel blessed still after so many years, still my movie Tara is being praised and recognised by many people all around the world , I really thank God and all the cast of the movie for their outstanding performance’s.

The film is produced and directed by Kumar Raj under the banner of Kumar Raj Productions and the cast includes actress Rekha Rana.

Actress Rekha Rana herself has received over 35 international awards for her acting in the film.

The team of the film has been invited & will be present at the festivals in Nov 2019 to speak about their experience of making the film, the appreciation they have been receiving & to receive more Awards.

Tara the feature film has officially being selected 257 times and has won around 157 international awards worldwide.

Rekha Rana inaugurates Jia diamonds at Elixir Prime jewellery exhibition Goa

International award winning Actress Rekha Rana was recently spotted inaugurating Jia Diamonds at Elixir prime jewellery exhibition Goa, Panaji. On the inauguration the gorgeous actress wore an absolutely stunning white skirt with golden tinsel top of iti red pencil heels.

The owner of Jia diamonds Huke Goyal who already has his brand setup in some of the leading cities in India i.e.; Chandigargh-Mumbai-Delhi-Jaipur organized a grand opening with Rekha Rana of their stall on 12th October 2019.

During the visit to Goa the actress Rekha had an amazing time. When asked her about the inauguration of Jia diamonds she said, “Well, diamonds are girl’s best friend as they are bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style. Jia diamonds are truly beautiful and unique. I’m thankful to Huke Goyal for giving me the honor to inaugurate Jia diamonds.”

On the work front the actress is currently working on her upcoming film “Yaha Ameena Bikhti Hai” and is gearing up for a music video in collaboration with T-series, the details about the project will be announced soon.

Actress Rekha Rana praises Palash Dutta for his short film ‘Silent Ties’.

Bollywood actress Rekha Rana was recently spotted supporting her dear friend Palash Dutta and Renuka Shahane at the screening of their short film “Silent Ties” The actress was seen along with various other directors, producers and television actors for the screening.

When asked Rekha Rana about the short film she stated, “Silent Ties is a beautiful film portrayed via the message of Raksha Bandhan. The film spreads the message of love and equality. It conveys us to support every kind of relationship that the humankind builds. I’m very happy for my friend Palash and Renuka as it needs lots of courage for carrying out such a unique character. I wish them all the very best for all their future projects.”

Rekha Rana who is a recipient of 35 international and national awards for the movie “Tara: The Journey of Love and Passion”. She has also recently made her directorial debut with the music video ‘Jogiya’ which was recently released under the banner of T-Series.

Rekha Rana turns Director for ‘Jogiya’

Often we hear about actors who turn directors with the creative knowledge they’ve gained over years of work. Rekha Rana who’s acclaimed for her work in ‘Tara: Journey of Love and Passion’ is the most recent of these actors to turn a director. Rekha Rana has made her directorial debut with the music video ‘Jogiya’ which is a romantic track to be reminiscence for ages.

The music video features a fresh and soulful song written and composed by Sufi Khan and voiced by Aasa Singh. Sujeet Sharma has given the music to the track and the video is made under the banner of Christ Productions and presented by T-Series.

Rekha is the creator of the project and will be directing a music video for the first time regarding which she stated, “I’m very excited for people to listen and watch ‘Jogiya’ as it is my directorial debut. Being an actor one is mostly concerned about their performance on the screen but when you’re in the shoes of a director, you’re responsible for the whole outcome. Although a little tense but it was a great experience and I’m really happy with the outcome and hope the audience will shower their love on it like they’ve done on my previous works.”

The music video is shot in Los Angeles and features Rekha Rana along with Jay Harrison Crawford. It’s an emotional love track portraying the grief of a girl and her nostalgia of a broken relationship.

‘Jogiya’ has the fans heartbeat racing on social media and with the kind of names involved, it gives us hope of it surely living up to our and audiences expectations.

Saiyaan’ is a tribute to the Indian Army says Rekha Rana

Often the heroics of our army and the sacrifices their family make are overshadowed by the campaigning done by the political parties in India. International awards winning actress Rekha Rana has graced the screen for a T-series music video ‘Saiyaan’ putting light on the difficulties of our soldiers and difficulties faced by the Families.

Rekha Rana, a recipient of 35 international awards for the worldwide critically acclaimed movie ‘Tara: A Journey of Love and Passion’.

‘Saiyaan’ features Rekha as a soldier’s wife and depicts their separation in a never seen before storyline where Sameer Arora portrays her spouse. The music video is directed by Ravender Singh Bhadauria and Abhishek Mantri and produced by Ajay Singh. The song is written by Sufi Khan and Yash Wadali has given the music to it. Shaheen Khan has given her voice to the song and has surely made her crooning soulful and mesmerising.

Rekha Rana recently attended the 91st Academy Awards and graced the red carpet of the Vanity Fair. She shot for a Hollywood music video during under the banner of Christ Productions.

Rekha will be next seen in the movie ‘Yahan Ameena Bikti hai’ which is directed by Kumar Raj. She is also working in a film as lead which is expected to deem for the Guinness book of records.

The music video is released on 5th April on T-series and already heaping a lot of praise and love from fans nationwide.

Rekha Rana glamourises the Vanity Fair of the 2019 Oscars

Cinema fans around the globe were plunged to their television screens for the 91st Academy Awards where controversy erupted on Twitter as Peter Farrelly’s Green Book won the award for the best movie. However, the after party of the gala, The Vanity Fair had all the stars and celebs rejoicing the night with utmost glee and jubilation under one roof.

Rekha Rana of critically acclaimed ‘Tara: The Journey of Love & Passion’ was amongst the few Indians that graced the Vanity Fair. Rekha recently took up on social media to post a picture from the after party of the Oscars with some of the finest writer and VFX specialists Peter Plantec and Danielle Plantec.

When asked about her experience Rekha exclaimed, “It was such an extravagant affair with almost all the Hollywood stars around me. I was swayed when Lady Gaga brushes past me as she’s one of my favourite and she looked absolutely stunning that night.”

Rekha Rana is also the brand ambassador of the Heart For India Foundation conceived and formulated by Princess Francoise Sturdza. Rekha graced the Vanity Fair in a stunning blue dress styled by Elizabeth S.

Jason Momoa, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski, Chris B. Jordan, Chadwick Boseman, Natalie Portman, Sophie Turner along with other big names from the Hollywood industry up scaled the after party with their presence making the night a big starry affair.

Rekha Rana enjoys a small break at Virginia Beach

Rekha Rana who made her debut in Bollywood with ‘Tara: The Journey of Love and Passion’ was recently spotted holidaying at Virginia Beach.

“I have been to United States of America a lot, I like exploring new places and Virginia is somewhere I always wanted to go because I had heard a lot about it. It was one of the places from my bucket list and let’s just say, Virginia was worth the wait,” Says Tara actress Rekha Rana.

“Once I reached the beach, I knew I had to do a Photoshoot there because of the phenomenal picturesque. I did not want the shoot to be exactly in a western look, so we ended up experimenting a lot if you see the pictures, they are a mix of both Indian and western.”

If you see the pictures, they are clearly a fusion of Indian as well as the Western culture and clothing. “I did wear certain clothing and accessories that would make the look more Indo-western and after looking at the final pictures I can finally say that the blending of the two surely did work.”

Rekha will next be seen in ‘Yahan Ameena Bikti Hai’ directed by Kumar Raj which is an international project and also ‘Black September’ directed by Hemant Nilim Das which she has recently completed. Few other projects are in its initial stages of production and she will announce soon about all.

Rekha Rana gifts herself a brand-new BMW

International award winning actress Rekha Rana who has represented India on many national and international platforms like Cannes, Cameroons and Braintree film festival has recently gifted herself a brand-new BMW. Rekha Rana was a part of movies like ‘Ab Hoga Dharna Unlimited’ ‘Tara: The journey of love and passion’ etc.

She is also the world ambassador to the Heart for India movement and has worked closely with Princess Francoise Sturdza on various social projects to educate and empower women.

‘‘I have been involved a lot with cars and their promotions, I did a few shoots with BMW Infinity cars this year and also I did a shoot for Audi cars in New York recently.

When asked her about her new car she said, “I have always loved cars and I personally keep an eye on all the new models in the market and when I got to know about this model I knew I had to buy it. Buying this car was on my bucket list and I am happy that I got to check one more thing out of my list.”

Rekha will next be seen in ‘Yahan Ameena Bikti Hai’ directed by Kumar Raj which is an international project and also ‘Black September’ directed by Hemant Nilim Das which she has recently completed. She is also the signed for Cora Windows as Brand Ambassador and she will be shooting 12 advertisements for them this month. Few other projects are in its initial stages of production and she will announce soon about all.