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Meghna Malik playing a tough police officer in ‘Moksh To Maya’

Meghna Malik, popularly known as ‘Amma Ji’ from Na Aana Iss desh Lado, is coming back to the big screen post ‘Zubaan’ (2015) with Antaraa creations (LLP) upcoming movie ‘Moksh To Maya’ Directed by Manoj Singh, written by Kapil Kaustabh and produced by Neeraj Bharaddwaj and Sweta Thakor.

Meghna Malik will be playing the character of a Police officer. Moksh To Maya is the story represents the life of the character ‘Maya’ who is on a quest to live the best of the life with her lover and is on a continuous hunt to make her ends meet wherein Meghna Malik will play the female inspector alongside the other cast like Ehsaan Khan, Raj Premi, Neeraj Bharadwaj, Muni Jha & Sweta Thakore.

“A few years ago, I had a beautiful experience when I was invited at the opening of the All women Police station in Haryana and I got to interact with all the officers around. Then as an actor, One looks for cues in the script to build upon the emotional journey of the character. And interestingly enough The shooting took place in Rajasthan, we were at a real police station. I had the privilege to interact with the officers who were present at the location and the set became more of a learning ground for me. I interacted with multiple officers, had tea with them and understood a little more about their work which helped me in my character as well. I enjoyed every moment of being in the uniform,” says the versatile actress Meghna Malik about the preparation of her character from Moksh To Maya.

Pradeep Pandey Chintu and Nidhi Jha pairs for YAA ALI BAJARANG BALI

Pradeep Pandey Chintu and Nidhi Jha paired up once again for M & K Production’s YAA ALI BAJARANG BALI and started the shoot. The pair was seen in ‘Truck Driver 2’ before.

The film is produced by Dilip Jaiswal, presented by Neelkumar Mishra, directed by Rafiq Lateef Shekh, lyrics by Azad Singh, music by Madhukar Anand, choreography by Kanu Mukherji and Rikki Gupta, editing by Jeetu Singh, VFX by Abhishek Shrivastav, stunts by Mallesh, cinematography by Razak and Asif.

YAA ALI BAJARANG BALI stars Pradeep Pandey Chintu, Nidhi Jha, Kajal Yadav, Manoj Tiger, Raj Premi, Sushil Singh, Prakash Jais, Shakeela Majid, Shikha Batra, Ayushi Tiwari, Zafat Khan, Hiten Maheta, Rutu Pandey, Kamlakant Mishra, Karan Pandey, Rajesh Tomar, Priya Pandey, Soniya Mishra, Chandani Chopra, Mantu Lal with Shubhi Sinh and Mani Bhattacharya in guest appearance.

Rajesh Singh is executive producer, production designer Anwar Virani and promotions by Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.