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Trailer Of Mrinal Kulkarni’s Rom-Com ‘Ti And Ti’ Released

After the motion poster release of Mrinal Kulkarni directed ‘Ti And Ti’ audiences were eager to see a glimpse of this film. The audience’s level of excitement due to motion poster release was evident in the response received on the social media. And hence the trailer of this film was recently released just for our audiences.

Featuring Pushkar Jog, Prarthana Behere and Sonalee Kulkarni in leading roles, ‘Ti And Ti’ is an urban romantic comedy film shot in London. Who is ‘Ti’ (she)? And who gets ‘Ti’? Are some of the questions whose answers audience can find in the trailer. Each man has a ‘Ti’ in his life, who he can neither get nor forget. Same is the story with Anay (Pushkar Jog) who has two girls in his life – Sai and Priyanka. As one can get the hint of the roles Prarthana Behere and Sonalee Kulkarni will play, it will be more exciting to see what would be the next step in their love triangle. This trailer gave a surprise to the audience by revealing that Siddharth Chandekar is also playing a small role in the film.

This film once again highlights the directorial skill of Mrinal Kulkarni. Filmography of the film is vivid and picturesque enough to make the audience fall in love with the film. All credit goes to Mrinal Kulkarni. Background score and songs are also increasing our excitement. This light-hearted romantic comedy written by Virajas Kulkarni, can connect well with the new generation and is evident from this interesting trailer.

Anand Pandit Motion Pictures Presents this film in association with Goosebumps and Hyperbeas. Pushkar Jog, Vaishal Shah, Mohan Nadaar are the producers and the Mohit Chhabra is the co-producer of the film. Rahul Haksar is the distributor of the film while Rajat Enterprises is handling the nationwide release.

The audience can get their hands on this awesome love story ‘Ti And Ti’ on 1st March 2019.

‘Love You Zindagi’ Teaser Launched

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Sachin Pilgaonkar starring ‘Love You Zindagi’ has recently launched its official teaser on social media. Love You Zindagi is a story of a common man named Aniruddha Date who desires to live young life again, and this kind of loving, entertaining story will be definitely a treat for the audience.

Although love is for life, the definition of love is different for every age group and that’s what has shown in the teaser. In this teaser, the audience will get to witness a glimpse of Sachin Pilgaonkar, Prarthana Behere, Kavita Lad and some of their interesting scenes.

After watching the teaser of this film, most of the people must have understood that Aniruddha Date has his unique opinion for his age. Like, instead of accepting his current age, he is more focused on how to live a young life forever. So, this is a story of loving, joyful, entertaining Aniruddha Date which will entertain the audience to the fullest for sure. Love You Zindagi’s story is engaging, enthralling and exciting too.

Through this film Director and filmmakers are trying to tell us that there is no age limit to love your life, it just needs an exciting, loving mind and courage to fulfill what you have imagined loving life.

S.P. Productions and Sachin Bamgude produced this film and the story is written and directed by Manoj Sawant. Family entertainer, humorous and emotional ‘Love You Zindagi’ film is releasing all over Maharashtra on 14th December.

Sachin Pilgaonkar & Prarthana Behere Together For The First Time in ‘Love You Zindagi’

A light-hearted and loving upcoming Marathi film ‘Love you Zindagi’ is coming soon which will be loved by an audience of all generation and will teach the audience to love the life from a different and new perspective. This film is produced by S.P. Productions and Directed by Manoj Sawant.

The lead actor of this film is Sachin Pilgaonkar is playing the character of Aniruddha Balkrushna Daate who is a very common man. This film’s poster is recently launched on Social Media. Though he is of old age, he likes to live his life to the fullest is how the Aniruddh Daate all about. He believes that the true meaning of happiness is being young at heart. So, the film Love You Zindagi is about the story of his journey of life, how he tries to go back to his young age and enjoys being young again. All audiences must be excited to know who will be other actors with Sachin Pilgaonkar.

So, the actress who wins the hearts of everyone with her smiling and acting skill, Prarthana Behere will be seen in an important role in ‘Love You Zindagi’. In this film, we can see she looks attractive and stylish. It will be interesting to see her in a new role and new look.  Prarthana has impressed fans with her performances in many films and now she is gearing up for this film. Prarthana Behere and Sachin Pilgaonkar are working together for the first time on the occasion of ‘Love You Zindagi’, so now it is quite clear and interesting that audience will definitely get to see something new, exciting and fans and movie buffs would be excited about it.

Along with the direction, Manoj Sawant has taken the responsibility of story writing of this film, produced by Sachin Bamgude. Now this year, be ready to love your life by watching ‘Love You Zindagi’ which is all set to release on 14th December 2018.

Mrunal Kulkarni’s son Virajas Kulkarni to debut with Hostel Days

Actress Mrinal Kulkarni’s son Virajas Kulkarni has grown up around films. Being star son, the young boy remembers being surrounded with actors since childhood. So taking up a career in films was an obvious for this theatre and film graduate Virajas who is making his Marathi debut in director Ajay Naik s HOSTEL DAYS with Prarthana Behere, Aroh Welankar, Akshay Tanksale and Sanjay Jadhav.

22 year old Virajas Kulkarni has even assisted mother Mrinal in her directorial debut Rama Madhav. The proud mother (Mrinal Kulkarni) shared, “Technically, my son became an independent director before me. Much before I made Rama Madhav, he had already directed and acted in his first play Anathema. I am glad that he made this career choice and am looking forward to see him succeed in many projects.”

Having learned script writing and screen writing Virajas is careful about the projects he picks. “Director Ajay Naik’s approach to films is what made him to choose it as his debut film. Ajay is the musician at heart so his treatment to a film intriguing. He approaches a film like a song, creates a base and then adds layers. I found that process pretty interesting,” says Virajas.

When asked does he discuss about work with Mother, Virajas said, “After accepting the film, I discussed it with her and she helped me with few insider tips. With the help of her experience and cinematic knowledge I am sure I can’t go wrong.”