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Priyanka Negi in search of her secret Padosi post her Valentine day surprise

How would you react if you woke up to a gift every day at your doorstep that too during Valentines week? Surprised and excited right? That is what singer Priyanka Negi from Titri fame has been feeling for the past one week.

Singer Priyanka Negi was taken aback this valentine week when she began receiving presents from an unknown person referring to himself as her ‘Secret Padosi’.

The surprises began on the first day of the Valentines week when she woke up to a bouquet of roses outside her door and this did not stop here, the gifts continued coming in throughout the week. “It was kind of creepy at the start when the gifts started coming in but later when I began reading the notes that came along with the gifts, I understood that this person was sweet and was trying to tell me something.”

These gifts went on coming in for the entire week wherein she kept on receiving cute gifts like bags, chocolates, coffee mugs, teddies etc. Priyanka was all excited to meet her secret padosi on the Final day but however the person had some other plans.

“I received a note on Valentine’s day which had an address of a café where I was supposed to meet this secret padosi of mine But the padosi had some other ideas in mind, he did not show up but made sure to ask the waiter at the café to serve me with a cappuccino when I get there”

This whole hide and seek game just did not end here, the Titri singer received a final note at the café wherein the secret padosi spoke his heart out and confessed his unconditional love but at the same time he did not expect anything in return.

“I was touched by the person’s actions and his selfless nature towards me but yes, I wish I could have met the person and thanked him personally for all his gifts and kind words he had said for me,” explained Priyanka Negi.

Priyanka Negi was one of the finalists in Indian Idol 4 and she has recently recorded songs with singers like Kunal Ganjawala and Mohit Chouhan for movies like 72 hours Martyr who never died, Phamous, Khamiyaza etc.

Priyanka Negi was seen singing for ‘Say No to Drugs’

Priyanka Negi is known for her beautiful voice and likewise for voicing out in support. Recently we learned about the success of ‘Titri’ from ‘Phamous’ which got Priyanka quite a lot of appreciation, motivating her for her future projects as well. As per the news, Priyanka Negi was recently seen performing in an event which had a theme of ‘Say No to Drugs’ and as the theme justifies, it was an initiative to spread awareness about not using any substance.

The event began with a marathon, followed by the concert of Priyanka Negi in Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad which had over 5000+ audience. Apart from having a soulful and mesmerizing voice, Priyanka Negi had been evidently talking about living healthy and staying away from any chemicals or substances as such.

“I am beyond happy to have been a part of such a thoughtfully placed theme for an event. It is us who has to voice out the issues to make sure that we reach out to the audience who are misguided or haven’t been informed about what is right for them and what isn’t. Being substance free and saying ‘NO’ to drugs is a message I want to voice out to as many people as possible and this event was one such medium and I’m honored to have sung for this event,” says the talented singer, Priyanka Negi.

Singer Priyanka Negi seeks inspiration from folk singers for song ‘Titri’ from ‘Phamous’

Being the title holder of the ‘Best Live Performer’ at the Spotlight awards, Singer Priyanka Negi has been charming the audience with her voice, personality & talent. She has always believed in creating her own style by being inspired by many singers in the industry. Being a huge fan of evergreen songs herself, she has been a constant follower of Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhosle and makes sure to sing their evergreen hit ‘Lag jaa gale’ & ‘Jawani Jaaneman’ when performing live.

Priyanka Negi’s desi fun & frolic number ‘Titri’ from the movie ‘Phamous’ has already been released by T-series and has been receiving an amazing response from the audience. She was told that the requirement of this song was to have a ‘folk’ style, for which she looked up for talented singers like Rekha Bharadwaj, Sapna Awasthi, Ila Arun and many more, to feel the essence they’ve had which helped her preparing for ‘Titri’.

Priyanka Negi has grown up to watching Sunidhi Chauhan’s songs & her stage performances which helped her become more confident and the most in-demand live wire singer/performer across the nation.

“The most important thing about Bollywood music industry as per me is that one should have a very different voice texture & style. The voice that stands out. And I feel humbled and elated to receive such good appreciation for my latest playback “Titri”. I’ve been getting compliments for my singing & tonal quality, and how it differentiates me from other singers. I hope to get opportunities where I can sing for more genres because I don’t want to limit myself to one genre,” says Priyanka Negi.