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Film LAW OF LOVE arriving very soon…

The Teaser and Motion Posters for the film LAW OF LOVE released ONLINE recently had an effect of completely refreshing the mood of the audiences. This had created a huge curiosity for the official poster of the film among them. The same has now been released through the Social Media. The film world is being joined by two fresh faces appearing on the Poster of this film. LAW OF LOVE which defines love in a new form is now ready to hit the big screen with a bang.

For a stern warning to someone, the phrase “within the lawful limits” is one that is fistful. However there are many topics where it would be difficult to say whether there is a related law for the topic and whether the topic lies within the limits of the law. The nature which has its own set of rules as well as LOVE is similar in nature. Whether with an enormity of an ocean and stunning like the skies, we could speak of Love in a way whether the same could fall within the limits of the law? 

Film that places a meaningful glance on this aspect is arriving soon for the audiences. Love is a topic that has always been a topic of interest and when the same arrives on the big screen, it is an audio-visual treat in itself.

Produced by Vedika Films Creation the film LAW OF LOVE is now ready to hit the silver screens. The acceptance of a love without rules and bonds by the society is doubtful. Even in the modern world the journey of love is full of obstacles. A similar exclusive journey has been portrayed through LAW OF LOVE and by a fresh pair J. Uday and Shalvi Shah. Apart from them the film has an eminent star cast of Mohan Joshi, Yatin Karyekar, Anil Nagarkar and Prachi Palwe playing important characters. Mr. J. Uday has produced the film and has also written the story and screenplay for the same. The dialogues have been written by J. Uday and Makarand Lingnurkar. The film has been directed by Mr. C. S. Nikam and the music has been composed by P. Shankaram for lyrics penned by Murad Tamboli, P. Shankaram and Nilesh Kotke. The songs have been rendered by P. Shankaram, Mugdha Inamdar and Radhika Atre. These songs are the heartbeat of the film and carry you to a different level. 

A thunder of action with absolute crisp dialogues will keep you glued to your seats and entertain you to the fullest. The film has been shot at picturesque locations of Mumbai, Kudal and Kolhapur and will provide a nostalgic feel.

Manjnath Nayak has handled the Cinematography while Manish Shirke has been responsible for editing the film. Satish Bidkar has handled the art while dances have been choreographed by Taj Khan. Action sequences from Dev Raj and Sound by Dinesh Ucchil and Shantanu Aklekar (Dee Super Sound) will keep you stunned with the quality.

 Setting aside the monotony of entertainment as well as life and refreshing you with the wits, the film LAW OF LOVE is releasing all over Maharashtra very soon… 

First look of LAW OF LOVE Launched Digitally during CORONA pandemic

The ever changing figures of CORONA, the rising graphs, incidents that straightway catch hold of your heart and comforting news for a while of CORONA under control…Human minds today have to struggle with high and low of life. The stress levels are rising while we are actually sort of resting at home. The modern life has been made to surrender to digital awareness created and maintained by Online Yoga lessons, motivational lectures and others to keep stresses under control.

Entertainment has been a part of motivation and will be an important aspect of our lives in future. The entertainment brought to us through the medium on films has always been found useful as a stress buster.

 The impact of Lockdown has been equally felt and faced by the film industry on the whole. The schedules for various films and TV serials had to be abandoned suddenly. With the closure of cinema theaters, the release and promotion of new films has been adversely affected. It is within this scenario around and with a positive perspective, Producer and Screen Play writer J. Uday has used this period of lull to bring a new Marathi film “Law of Love” for connoisseur Marathi audiences. As most of the people have adjusted to the new Digital regime and have been active on this medium, the producer has unveiled First Look Poster of the film “Law of Love” through social media. The audiences have provided a huge positive response to the same.

Just as the name of the film is out of the box, there is no doubt that the story would also follow suit. This is the debut film for Mr. J. Uday, Producer and Screen Play writer. This film is going to be a truly viable option for the changed lifestyle of audiences after lockdown. The details about the cast of the film and the fresh ingredients to be brought to you are yet to be announced and hence the anxiety about this film will continue to soar till the film hits the screens.

“We have tried to place a new definition of love before the audiences. Considering the situation at hand due to the Virus projection and highly active people on social media, we unveiled First Look Poster of this film on social media as our effort to provide something new to the audiences. After the anxieties of the lockdown die down and things are normal, we aim to provide a true larger than life experience for our audiences.”  

 – Mr.  J. Uday, Producer and Screen Play writer.