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Another feather on the Cap: OIFFA Canada, selects 2 Band Radio

Come June 2019 and it’s again a proud moment for the entire team of 2 Band Radio. Surprisingly, Ottawa Indian Film Festival, a leading world platform has shown interest in the film written acted and produced by Rahat Kazmi for worldwide digital premiere. This is the North American premiere of the film, as it has previously been premiered in U.K Asian Film Festival on April 6, 2019 at Watermans Art Centre, London.

Rahat Kazmi is quite delighted and excited with the news. Expressing his emotion, he said, “It is a great news for the entire team. We are honored by the invitation. We are expecting a wider audience for this beautiful film as it will be showcased on an international level as this is a North American premiere after all.”

OIFFA is Canada’s pre-eminent festival dedicated to Indian cinema. Now in its third year, the event is dedicated to cultivating an audience for Indian cinema and culture in Ottawa. It showcases Indian films, supports Indian filmmakers and promotes the diverse perspectives of the Indian diaspora. A five-day showcase of multi-genre Indian films, the Festival hosts a number of participating filmmakers as well as a roster of events, including a panel session, a special screening and the celebrated OIFFA VIP Lounge with Indian music and dance.

The full programme, film competitions and special events has been already announced and can be found on the official website of OIFFA. Tickets and passes for the event can be purchased online at www.oiffa.com/tickets-2019/. The screening of 2 Band Radio would take place on June 13, 2019 (Thursday) at 3:30 PM on Screen A at Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne and VIP, 325 Marché Way, Unit 107 (Ottawa).

Produced in association with Tariq Khan Productions and Zeba Sajid Films, the movie-2 Band Radio is loosely based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel Quench the Spark, also translated as A Spark Neglected Burns the House.

In an era of television with a hundred music channels and internet providing live musical shows and a vast music collection, it is hard to believe what world would have been ages ago without all these facilities! This movie will take the audience back to an era into a village which saw a radio for the first time in their life. The movie showcases rivalry to acquire that radio followed by tragic incidents and sad realities.

The story is about two neighbors and their desire to acquire and show off a Radio. The satirical theme of the movie is depicted through both tragedy and comedy. It is based on a real-life incident, portraying a satire on the present generation which is running after luxuries at the cost of relationship and happiness. The cast entertains you while the plot will show you how the world is going blind due to greed and jealousy. It’s mix up of drama, comedy and action. The filmmakers have carried a very strong message throughout, same as Leo Tolstoy conveyed in his book, ‘To quench a spark before it becomes a fire.’

Jitendra Rai, an Indian actor, who has worked with many Hollywood stars, is debuting with this film in Bollywood. Other star casts include Pradhuman Singh of Tere Bin Laden fame, Zahid Qureshi, Ritu Rajput, who is from Himachal Pradesh and is also debuting with this movie, Miss India Tourism Sneha Jagiasi and Senior actress of National School of Drama Neelu Dogra in female lead. Besides, Rahat Kazmi would be seen in a negative role with Hussain Khan. Tariq Khan has also played an important role in the film.

Directed by debutant Saki Shah, the film has been written by Rahat Kazmi and Kunwar Shakti Singh, produced by Rahat Kazmi Films, Tariq Khan production and Zeba Sajid Films and co-produced by Riaan Rai Production U.K. Music in the film has been contributed by Samrat Sarkar, Assh K and Canada-based band member Assad Que, while the background music has been scored by Tuhin K Biswas.

Producers are planning to release the film in Indian and Singapore theatres in August this year.

2 band Radio opens in London with an awesome response

Rahat Kazmi has made a mark among the international audience with his films like Identity Card, Mantostaan and Lihaaf. He was recently in the news for making a movie with TV actress Hina Khan. The film titled Lines is already in the making. The movie also features Farida Jalal and is in the post-production stage.

Well, Rahat Kazmi along with Tariq and Zeba Sajid productions in association Wiyh Riaan Rai productions from UK, have made another satirical feature film titled 2 Band Radio, and has opened to a great critical acclaim at its world premiere at Watermans Art Centre Cinema under the UK Asian film festival. 2 Band Radio had been selected for the UK Asian Film Festival. The film is set in the ’70s in a Himalayan village where people have never seen a radio ever and how the first radio in the village becomes the reason for a big mess. Tere Bin Laden fame actor Pradhuman Singh will be playing the main lead in this film with NSD’s senior actress Neelu Dogra. Meanwhile, UK based actor Jitendra Rai is in parallel lead in the film. Tariq Khan, Ritu Rajput, Rahat Kazmi, Zahid Qureshi, and Hussain Khan will be seen in supporting roles. Interestingly, the movie has achieved a milestone after its premiere at the world premiere. The audiences were enjoying the film throughout and applauded the actors and makers.

Rahat said, “The film is really relevant in today’s times because it revolves around greed and how it leads to frustrations and disappointment. We are so happy that meaningful films like these are finding an audience abroad and we are getting such response and respect for it. While making the film we knew it had great potential because the script was good, but I never knew it will open to such great reviews at the world premiere. This only makes us look forward to making more such films internationally. My crew and team is also excited with the opening here in London.”

The entire team was seen celebrating the reviews and response it evoked. The film will release in India and other parts of the world soon.

Hina Khan shoots in the exotic locales of Kashmir for Bollywood debut

After playing Akshara (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai) for many years, Hina Khan is not someone to sit and enjoy her laurels. She has emerged as one of the most talented, stylish and glamorous actresses who exudes immense versatility in another show Kasauti Zindagi Kay. The actress is literally going places and now, she is all set to make her Bollywood debut. Titled Lines, Hina will play the lead in this film that is a love story and revolves around the repercussions of the Kargil war.

Lines is an international feature film; a tragic story set on life and plight of people on the border, set around the grassroots effect of Kargil war in Kashmir. The film throws light on the life of people who live close to LOC on both the sides and their suffering. The film is directed by Hussain Khan whose name recently appeared in IAS exams, he is responsible for making first intentional Kashmiri feature film in his 45 year career.

After a successful collaboration with Oscar winner Marc Baschet for their recent film Lihaaf, Rahat Kazmi Films, Tariq Khan Productions and Zeba Sajid films; the Indie group which produced many path breaking films like Mantostaan, Identity Card and Side A & Side B are now ready with the complete production of Lines.

Ask Hina about her debut and she says, “It was a wonderful experience for me, specially shooting in Kashmir. Working with Farida Ji was a delight. I am really excited about the film release and how the audiences will react to it.” The director Hussain Khan says, “We have worked very hard on the film and since this is a sensitive topic it is important to keep people’s sentiments in mind.”

Written by Kunwar Shakti Singh and Rahat Kazmi, Rahat Kazmi is the producer of the film. Aplha Productions and HIRO’S FAAR BETTER PICTURES have co-produced the film in association with Seven Two Creations and Assad Motion Pictures. The other actors in the film include Rishi Bhutani (Bolo Ram), Zahid Qureshi and Ahmer Haider.

Indian movie 2 Band Radio’s world Premiere at UK Asian Film Festival

Rahat Kazami Films which is known to make movies that are unique, and which brings interesting topics into limelight is all set to showcase their film 2 Band Radio at UK Asian Film Festival on Saturday, 6th April 2019 at Watermans Arts Center and a special screening at Birmingham City University on 13th April.

Rahat Kazami and his group has gained recognition and respect amongst the niche International audience with their films like Identity Card, Mantostaan and Lihaaf that talks about the issues which is unheard or not frequently spoken about. Along with 2 Band Radio, Himad directed by Aijaz Khan one of the most acclaimed movies that created a lot buzz in the industry will have a world premiere in UK. Both the movies have captured the emotions of common people and the use of technology that has affected lives.

This satirical film 2 Band Radio is produced by Rahat Kazami Films, Tariq Productions and Zeba Sajid Films and co-producing UK based company Riaan Ria Motion Pictures. It is written by none other than Rahat Kazami and Kunwar Shakti Singh and directed by debutante Saki Shah.

The film is set in the 70s when radio required license and Rahat Kazami has brought the past in life in a very interesting manner. 2 Band Radio is a film about how a radio changed people’s life in a Himalayan village, where people have never seen a radio and how the journey of the first radio in the village becomes the reason for chaos and the resultant comic situations. It involves two neighbours and their desire to purchase a radio to show their status in the society.

In movie you see pure talent of acting by Pradhuman Singh of Tere Bin Laden fame in the lead role alongside Neelu Dogra National School of Drama’s Senior actress, debutante actress Sneha Jagiasi who is also a Miss India Tourism-Supermodel as another female lead with Jitendra Rai a UK based actor, who has starred in many Hollywood movies.

“The film revisits the life of the Himalayan village in the 70s when none of them had seen radio before. Radio license which is now a collectible value contains stories of so many lives and their journey. Owning a radio at that time was a luxury and brought status in the society. I wanted to bring this into life and created this story with my friend Kunwar Shakti Singh.”

He adds,” I am over the moon that this film has got selected by UK Asian Film Festival, it is a privilege that this film that has changed our perspective of a mere radio to something that gave people a sense of importance in society in the earlier days.”

The most interesting part is that Rahat Kazami will also features in the movie. We hope the appreciated by all in the festival and brings us a lot of pride that an Indian film will have a world premiere.