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Film maker Karan Kashyap and illustrious artists of our film and television industry have dedicated the song “Bhagwan Zameen Par Hai” to the corona warriors. Karan Kashyap, an intense and passionate person with principles, said that when he heard about the attacks on Doctors in Indore, the gruesome incident of the hand of the police officer in Punjab, the badly bruised doctor in UP and many such mindless and insensitive  barbaric acts, he felt aggrieved and wrote this song.

He shared it with Keshav Kumar who gave it music and a voice. He shared it with likeminded artists like Lalit Parimo, Deepali Pansare, Samarth Chaturvedi, Director Dharmendra Sharma, Director Manish Khandelwal, reporter Kevin Malki from Shilong, Guneet Kaur, Shirish Soni and Amit Kasera. They wanted to be the messengers of the nobility of our warriors and decided to shoot the songs in their respective lockdown locations.

It is being presented by Aura Open Mic poetry channel, Aura Mx Entertainment and Karan Kashyap Films.

According to this team, this is a salutation to the police, doctors , farmers, all safai karmcharis, reporters, scientists and each one, who is at the forefront of this fight, for all of us. We must acknowledge that in this fight against Corona, they have actually put their own lives at risk and are valiantly performing their duties for the rest of us, to keep us safe and let us survive. 

They deserve much more and this is the least what we can do – Acknowledge what they deserve – our whole hearted respect and highest regard.

Lalit Parimo said he is ready any time for any such noble cause and there is no second thought about the sentiment. The same was echoed by all the collaborating artists like Deepali and Manish kahndelwal.

We truly hope that the sound of our salutation reaches them. Do share with the ones around you. That will be your contribution.

Bagpat Ka Dulha trailer launched

Under the banner of the Fame Factory, Bagpat Ka Dulha is a comedy film in which the audience will see romance and drama together with Western Uttar Pradesh’s language and local art. The films’ trailer had been launched in the Mumbai.

On this occasion, the lead cast of the film Jae Singh, Ruchi Singh, Amita Nagiya, Lalit Parimoo, Puneet Vashistha, Producer Krishan Kumar Bhoot, Raksha Baria, director Karan Kashyap were present. The film is written and directed by Karan Kashyap. Suhas Singh and Kanupriya are the co-writers.  Under the banner of Raksha Baria is the producer of the film.

The main star cast are Jae Singh, Ruchi Singh, Lokesh Malik, Jiya Chauhan, Raza Murad, Lalit Parimoo, Ravi Jhankal, Amita Nagia, Puneet Vasishtha, Sheetal Dimri .

Bagpat Ka Dulha is a comedy film. This is the debut film for actor Jai Singh. Amita Nagiya, Lalit Premu, Raza Murad, Puneet Vasudha will also be seen in the main cast. The story of Bagpat Ka Dulha is very entertaining and it is going to give a lot of attention to comedy events. In the film the marriage of Shiva Shukla and Anjali is decided but the most important thing is that no one wants them to get married, even Shiva and Anjali do not even want to get married. This romantic comedy has a lot of confusion. Will they two get married even without their consent. This will be quite interesting to watch after all the confusion and comedy what happened to Shiva and Anjali’s marriage. The film has been shot at Meerut and Mumbai and will hit the theatre in November 2019.

On this occasion, the director Karan Kashyap quoted, “I was in search of comedy script and Bagpat Ka Dulha has all the flavor of humor. The film has ordinary Hindi language along with the local language of Bagpat and Haryana. The touch of local language of Bagpat is the main attraction of the film.”

On the trailer launch of the film, the producer Krishan Kumar Bhoot, quoted, “I am very much into film seminar, film festival and making. When Karan came up with the story of the film, I liked the story as it has essence of humor and the selection of Jai Singh as dulha is very much appropriate that I decided to produce the film. I believe Bagpat Ka Dulha will be successful in giving the enough dose of humor to audience. Bagpat Ka Dulha is all set to hit cinema on 15th Nov 2019.

Vishnu Vikram, Vikas Dave and Karan Kashyap have given the lyrics and music by Chand Saxena. Devang Pardesi and Bharat Chavan are the choreographer and Sajid Sheikh is the cinematographer in the film. The action is given by Heera Master and the background score is given by Chandan Saxena and Karan Kashyap.