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Divay Dhamija celebrates his birthday with co-actors and friends

Divay Dhamija who is currently seen as Mr. Dutta in ‘Guddan Tumse Nah Ho Payega’ recently celebrated his birthday on 24th November at his residence in Andheri, the party was a close affair with only his friends and the cast of ‘Agnifera’ and ‘Guddan Tumse Nah Ho Payega’.

The guest list included actors like Pooja Bisht, Malhar Pandey, Yukti Kapoor, Amita Chowksi, Kanika Mann, Rehaan Roy, Seyrish Ali, Sweta Mahadik, Anuj Kohli & Rashmi Gupta.

Divay Dhamija is well known for his prominent role in ‘Agnifera’ and now with his new entry in ‘Guddan’ his fans are more excited about his role.

Rehaan Roy injured while shooting for Zee TV’s Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Paega

Inspector Parv aka Rehaan Roy from Zee TV’s Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paega has been stealing hearts with his flawless portrayal of the antagonist in the show. Currently, the cast has been busy shooting a special Diwali sequence involving a major showdown and confrontational scene between the protagonist, Guddan, portrayed by Kanika Mann and the antagonist, Inspector Parv which led to an unexpected injury to the actor.

The scene in question had inspector Parv visiting the Jindal house to meet Guddan to fabricate a lie about his physical relationship with her sister thereby infuriating Guddan and causing a major unrest and showdown between the two. Provoked by this disclosure, Guddan, in a fit of rage throws the burning clay lamp (Diya) at Parv.

The sequence being a Diwali special, instead of using the electric lamp, Rehaan insisted on a real clay lamp for a more authentic feel and spirit. But little did he realize that throwing a lit diya could backfire and possibly cause a bigger crisis than he had foreseen? But thankfully the crew had everything in control and averted any major mishap. Talking about this incident, Rehaan said “As an actor one has to take the risk for a good shot. I insisted my director and the team to use a real diya to get the right kind of a shot. I love to perform scenes in the most real manner, by obviously keeping the safety in mind. I did injure myself during this particular scene, but for the shot to look that good, I think a bit of pain was completely worth it.”

All’s well that ends well. Don’t miss out all the action and drama in store this special Diwali week!

Tune in to Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Paega only on Zee TV every Monday to Friday at 8 PM!

Zee TV’s next fiction offering, Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paega

In life, we often encounter unsupportive people who put a wet blanket on our aspirations and make us question ourselves and our ability to do anything. ‘Tumse Na Ho Paega’ is their typical quip to hold us off from racing towards our dreams and achieving the impossible. Encouraging viewers to brush aside these naysayers and cultivate a “Yes I can do that!” attitude is Zee TV’s next fiction offering, Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paega. Produced by Shoonya Square, the show tells the light-hearted story of a 20-year old girl, Guddan, who having bumbled and fumbled through most of her life and being told by her own family that she can barely get one thing right, finds herself becoming India’s youngest mother-in-law to three older daughters-in-law by a quirk of circumstances. For the first time on television, we will witness a role reversal to the typical saas-bahu relationship as three daughters-in-law set out in search of a suitable bride for their 40-year old father-in-law Akshat and each, for their own vested interests, get him married to 20-year old Guddan. Being a new saas in a household where the older bahus have ruled the roost for the longest time, Guddan is the quintessential inexperienced outsider faced with resistance, challenges and is time and again stripped powerless by the phrase- Tumse Na Ho Paega. Will Guddan tide over self-doubt and brave all the daily challenges thrown her way to shut down her critics and cynics once and for all by proving Guddan Se Ho Paega? The show is, will premiere on 3rd September and will air Monday to Friday at 8pm on Zee TV.

Zee TV Business Head Aparna Bhosle said, “Zee TV has been at the forefront of presenting stories that not only resonate with the great Indian middle class but also motivate them to believe in themselves, act on their strengths proactively in order to reach out to an extraordinary future. In keeping with our philosophy Aaj Likhenge Kal, our next show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paega aims at addressing the myths surrounding self-doubt and capability. It prods viewers to not be bogged down by others’ estimations of what you can or cannot do, cast aside your insecurities, believe in your abilities and you might just surprise yourself by achieving more than what you ever imagined. It also carries the beautiful subtext that you needn’t be perfect in order to lead a perfect life. With its quirky narrative, this ‘dramedy’ will have audiences rooting for Guddan at the 8.30 pm slot, further strengthening our fiction line-up. With the introduction of Guddan Tujhse Na Ho Payega and Tujhse Hai Raabta on the same day, we only intend to bolster our overall position.”

Producer Ved Raj from Shoonya Square said, “There are many in life who are quick to point out our weaknesses and curb our confidence by saying Tumse Na Ho Paega’. Guddan’s feel-good story will make you realize that you needn’t be all perfect in order to make things work … it’s okay to have your flaws, who doesn’t? And more importantly, you can move mountains if only you learn to ignore these kill-joys who try and dissuade you from achieving what you set your mind to. The story will follow the journey of a girl who has been doubted her entire life but hasn’t lost her optimism. Through her innocent, earnest attempts, she displays a never-say-die spirit that is truly endearing. The story is entertaining and motivating all at once. We are proud to partner with Zee TV, India’s leading broadcaster in bringing the show to our viewers. We have a stellar cast on board and hope to put a big smile on everyone’s faces with the show!”

Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paega will feature actors Nishant Singh Malkani as Akshat, the immensely mature perfectionist sasur of three bahus and Kanika Mann as the flamboyant, carefree and ever-ready to take risks Guddan. As Guddan and Akshat’s contrasting worlds collide, it leads to a lot of drama, some lighter moments and the eternal quest for Guddan to prove that she can take on any challenge and nail it, no matter what her detractors say.

Talking about her character, Kanika Mann said, “Guddan and I have a lot in common. I can closely relate to the various situations she faces on a daily basis. Be it school, college, workplace or any other social encounters, we meet people who are constantly finding ways to tear us down. But we must not let them affect us or lose our strength due to their judgements. Guddan’s determination to achieve the extraordinary is what makes her so unique and charming.  This is my first show as a lead and I could not have asked for anything better than a show like Guddan to kick-start my career with. I hope the audience love me in this new role and shower me with their blessings.”

Talking about his character, Nishant Singh Malkani said,“Akshat is a perfectionist and a responsible family man. As a head of the family, he makes sure that all the needs and wishes of his sons and daughters-in-law are met. But in doing so, he forgets to live his own life until his daughters-in-law get him remarried to Guddan and his life takes an interesting turn thereon. I decided to take up this role because it allows me to explore so many facets of my personality and pushes my limits as an actor. The show’s concept is very novel and will make you laugh on one hand while you will feel compelled to pause and reflect at the same time.  I’m really looking forward to this new journey and hope the audiences support me in this endeavour.”

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paega will also see actors like Shweta Mahadik, Daljeet Soundh, Sehrish Ali, Mayank Verma, Rehan Roy and others in pivotal roles.

GuddanTumse Na Ho Paega will premiere on 3rd September and air Monday to Friday at 8pm on Zee TV