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Pankaj Dheer nearly got killed during the shoot of the Kurukshetra War

The epic show Mahabharat produced and directed by late filmmaker B.R. Chopra along with his son Ravi Chopra was the most loved TV show back in the day and has returned during the lockdown and is now seen on Star Bharat.

Amongst the elaborate star-cast, Mahabharat fame, Pankaj Dheer is highly appreciated for his role as the character Karna. Interestingly, not many know about the amount of hard work the artist had to put in the trying times he faced.

There was one incident where while the team was shooting in the scorching heat of Rajasthan, Pankaj was in a shot where he was in a chariot which broke mid-way and the horses went haywire and the prompt artist spontaneously jumped out. It is said that the artist was seriously injured near his eye during the mishap and later had a surgery for the same.

Well, but all is well that ends well and we are happy that the actor recovered from the unfortunate incident

 To watch more of Pankaj Dheer, tune in to watch ‘Mahabharat’ from Monday to Friday at 8pm only on Star Bharat

‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Lockdown Special’ is the most relatable mini-series during lockdown

ZEE5, the largest video streaming platform in the country has announced the release of a special edition of Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Lockdown Special, but with a TWIST! Zain Imam will be making his digital debut with the show and will feature Anya Singh in a pivotal role. ZEE5 just announced the Trailer and the fans are already going lovestruck over Zain and Anya’s chemistry.

Check It Out Now: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBf9nEPF9kp/

Season one had garnered immense love and appreciation from the fans and everyone was waiting for its next chapter to be unveiled.

The trailer itself starts with a relatable shot for everyone who has been working and connecting through video-calls from home. The context is set in the trailer with Tanie and Sumer’s break-up news reaching her family and also her social media fans. However, the narrative revolves around Tanie  reconnecting with her first love aka ‘first cheek kiss’, as described by Zayed in the Trailer. But how long can they actually fake their relationship? And will the buried emotions bloom again or no? The answers will be given on 18th June 2020 exclusively on ZEE5.

ZEE5 dropped the poster as well, Check It Out Now:

“During the lockdown, I am sure many of us had the thought and even connected with our long lost friends and exes! The story of Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Special is synonymous to the current situation and I am definite that the youth will relate to the show. It’s a bitter sweet story of Tanie and Zayed and how they fake an online relationship together. It is a light-hearted show with a lots of drama and romance. Moreover, we have shot the scenes at the safety and comfort of our homes so this is the most real quarantine love story, its as real as it gets. I am very excited for my fans to witness this lockdown special and I hope during this lockdown, we can send some love their way with ZEE5’s Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Lockdown Special,” Zain Imam who will be making his OTT debut with ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend: Lockdown Special’ expressed on the trailer release.

The lockdown special of Never Kiss Your Best Friend stars Anya Singh as Tanie, Zain Imam as Zayed, her first love and also Niki Wali & Javed Jaffrey in the pivotal roles. Can you fall in love, all over again, with the first guy you ever kissed? Especially when you’ve decided to stay away from love after a kiss with a best friend ruined your idea of love, in the first place? Well, watch this special for all the answers to your questions!

This ZEE5 lockdown special is all set to release on 18th June 2020 exclusively on ZEE5, written by Sumrit Shahi and produced by Sarita A. Tanwar and Niraj Kothari.

ZEE5’s MAFIA, a one of a kind mystery drama thriller, Premieres 10th July 2020

ZEE5 has earned the reputation of presenting some of the best thrillers in the web space. Making waves in the news recently with Kaali 2, Lalbazaar and Naxal, ZEE5 now exclusively brings you a mystery drama thriller ‘MAFIA’ on 10th July which is centered around the popular household game mafia.

MAFIA will feature six former college friends that will come together after an unprecedented halt of 5 years in their friendship. It is set in the backdrop of quaint dark jungles of Jharkhand with its centre story revolving around a reunion party that is brewing with fun, intimacy, hatred and past betrayal. MAFIA will toggle viewers with the actual game’s narrative and tactic on to the lives of six friends (players) turning this mystery drama into a faint psychological thriller. Will they have to confront and pay for their lies? Or will the players catch the mafia?

Directed by Birsa Dasgupta and Produced by Eskay Movies and created by Rohan Ghose and Aritra Sen, the show will feature Namit Das as Nitin, Tanmay Dhanania as Rishi, Isha M Saha as Ananya, Anindita Bose as Neha and Madhurima Roy as Tanya in pivotal roles.

Will this iconic party turn into their worst nightmare?

The date for the game is set for 10th July only on ZEE5.

Karan Aanand: Corona is visible but depression is still suffering

When the epidemic named Corona entered the world, the whole world was shocked. Due to which lockdown was announced in many countries. But as time passed, this fear started to settle in our minds. We started getting worried about the time to come. The worry of the time that came along with the fear of sickness that started haunting us. Later everyone including the common man has started becoming a victim of depression. This is a kind of mental state that can have harsh consequences. If told, there is such a brainstorm that even the person suffering from it does not know. And this disease is treated with love care and affection. 

Bollywood actor Karan Aanand also shared his thoughts about this mental state and said, “Right now there are two types of problems going on in the whole world including our India, which is Corona, and that is visible. But the mental problems going on inside us is not visible and know as depression. The amazing thing is that one who is going through depression; he does not even know that he is mentally ill. But yes, if only his close, relatives and friends take notice of this, then they can understand that something is wrong. Because the changes that occur in depression start to appear, it seems to run the farthest. In present times, it is physically in isolation. But Mentally also goes into isolation.” 

He said, “We have to understand this. Some people delay saying that it is not right to speak in someone’s personal case. But friends, this is not the right time to think about it. You can talk to them without any reason,  just take a call once a day and talk. Do not leave them alone. Follow the duty of your friendship. I will do the same from here onwards and will call my friends unnecessarily and ask them, ‘Are you alright or not, how are you?’ Talk to each other because talking is very important.” 

On the work front, His first Bollywood the movie was ‘Gunday’, followed by ‘Kick’, where his action scenes were much appreciated, but he truly received recognition for his spy-act in ‘Baby’. Recently, he had a cameo in Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Calendar Girls’.

Vikrant Singh: Viewers enjoyed my comic timing in ‘Vidya’

Bhojpuri star Vikrant Singh, who was last seen in the TV show ‘Vidya’ has received huge response from viewers for his comic timing. The actor made his fiction TV debut with ‘Vidya’ and he played a wrestler and a MLA in the show. While the story revolved around education for women in the rural areas of India, Vikrant played the role of Avataar, who protects his sister Vidya (Meera Deosthale) in the show.

Later the show introduced a romantic angle and Mansi Srivastava played Avataar’s love interest in the show. Vikrant had to portray many comic scenes with her and show power-packed fight scenes in the TV show. His funny banter with Mansi in the show made people laugh. He said, “An actor has to portray many shades in a TV show. It is not about just acting like a MLA or the brother. As the story progresses, the makers introduce newer angles. So, when Mansi’s character was introduced, we had many funny scenes together. I am happy that viewers enjoyed those comedy scenes. Viewers also got entertained in the way I bashed up the anti-social elements in the TV show.”

He also added, “I was hoping that the show will continue but due to Corona, it had to be pulled off air. In future, I want to be known for not just action or intense scenes but also my comic scenes.”

Besides, TV Vikrant is a popular Bhojpuri actor and has around 35 films to his credit. He is one of the biggest stars of Bhojpuri industry.

ZOLLYWOOD bagged special jury award at IFT held in France

Debutant director Trushant Ingle’s film ZOLLYWOOD bagged special jury award at the festival of Indian Cinema of Toulouse held in France. This is 8th edition of festival which provides the opportunity to showcase Indian film to French public.

ZOLLYWOOD is based on ‘Zadipatti’ type of play which is immensely popular in Vidarbh region of Maharashtra. Priyanka Agarwal, Anshulika Dubey and Shashwat Singh of Wishberry Films have produced the film presented by Deux Farming Films and Amit Masurkar. Amit who has directed films like Newton, Sulemani Keeda is creative producer of this film.

Director Trushant has worked in Zadipatti plays as child artist. At the age of 16, he came to Mumbai to pursue his dream career in film industry. Then he worked as writer and casting director and now donned the director’s hat with ZOLLYWOOD.

On getting award for the film Trushant said, “ZOLLYWOOD is my debut film. So definitely I am on cloud nine as my first film received award and appreciation. Zadipatti subject is close to my heart. I am satisfied that I did justice to this subject. The film will be release once the corona virus situation becomes normal.”

Sushant Singh Rajput read it up

Not many know that Sushant Singh Rajput was a voracious reader. The actor was seen with a book very often.

Let’s just say that the actor was addicted to reading. Whenever, between shots for brand shoots or magazine shoots or any other photo shoot, he was free even for some time, he always picked up his book and continued to read.

The actor had a flair towards all genres be it fiction or nonfiction. He use to keep maintaining and upgrading his mini library and picks up a new book as soon as he was done with the present one.

Infact even when the actor was traveling for work, he always carried a couple of books to read as and when he found time. Sushant loved reading and he made the most of it as and when he could. 

Sushant Singh Rajput visited flood affected areas of Nagaland

In September 2018, Sushant Singh Rajput met up with Niephiu Rio, the Chief Minister of Nagaland, to discuss the current situation and the steps that can be taken to mitigate the damage caused by the recent flooding in the state. While the floods in Kerala had witnessed an outpour of support, the same can’t be said for Nagaland. The flooding has affected 50,000 people in the state, which has compelled the CM to plead for help on social media.

The actor immediately cancelled his appointments once his Innsaei team informed him about the situation and quickly fixed a meeting with the CM to discuss further on the condition. Sushant donated Rs. 1 crore on behalf of an Instagram fan to aid the relief efforts in Kerala, and also sent a team to take care of on-ground relief. He donated Rs. 1.25 crores to Nagaland’s relief fund as an immediate call to action and help the flood-affected people. Nagaland CM, Niephiu Rio, thanked Sushant for joining the cause and becoming the voice of the state and its people and as a token of appreciation, he presented Sushant with a friendship Gong.

In the meeting with the Nagaland CM, Sushant expressed his concern and said, “The events in Nagaland deeply sadden me, and I am disturbed by the fact that this disaster is not receiving the attention it deserves. Every person, every state, and every problem should be treated equally, and I believe that it is the responsibility of the nation as a whole to stand with the people of Nagaland during this tough time. I urge people to come forward and help people of Nagaland in mobilising and bring their lives back on track.”

The lack of attention to this disaster is a grim reminder that the majority of the population has ignored events in the North-East. Through his humanitarian efforts, Sushant aimed to put Nagaland in the limelight and drive attention towards the plight of the state’s people. Sushant Singh Rajput is the only Bollywood actor who had provided help to the people of Nagaland, serving as an inspiration for the entire country to step up for this noble cause.

Sushant’s journey from background dancer to a Star made Shiamak Davar proud!

Not everyone knows that Sushant Singh Rajput too was a background dancer with choreographer Shiamak Davar before he became an actor. Sushant used to dance as part of Shiamak Davar’s dance company just like Shahid Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and a few others in the industry today. Sushant in fact has even performed as a background dancer with Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta etc in his dancing days.

From being an engineering student from Delhi, to dancing as a background dancer for Shiamak and now being the star who is being choreographed by Shiamak is a huge achievement of Sushant. Shiamak Davar is extremely proud of where Sushant had reached.

Sushant had surely struggled a lot and shown the world that even common people with big dreams can achieve those dreams if they work hard and are passionate enough.

Expressing his pride, Shiamak said, “When Sushant wanted to take up engineering, I told him, why don’t you take up acting? You’re fun; you have a good understanding of the craft. I felt there was something special about him back then. He said I don’t know… education is important for me. I said just try, if you fail its okay but at least try. He listened to me and then he got a television role in Pavitra Rishta and then he went on to doing films. In Kai Po Che, he was outstanding and in Dhoni he was fabulous, beyond words. 

The thing is that he was a very natural actor and that’s what I liked about him. I knew somewhere that this boy had something, and he is a good dancer and it’s so important in the industry now a days. I am very proud of him, extremely proud of him. I am so proud of where he had reached.”

Further adds, “More so I am proud of him, as he hadn’t forgotten the faith I had in him. He has always, in every way, always spoken about me as a teacher. It just showed the kind of person he was.”

NASA Technical team all praise for Sushant Singh Rajput !

Sushant Singh Rajput was at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2017 as part of his prep for Viki Rajani’s Chanda Mama Door Ke, India’s first space odyssey, directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. The film based on a team of astronauts whose mission brings the country together, unfortunately never took off.

Sushant had started training at the center in July 2017, part of which included experiencing zero gravity, docking the shuttle to the ISS, flying a space shuttle simulator and training in other simulations programmes at NASA.

Sushant Singh Rajput, an Indian film and television actor, participates in astronaut training to prepare for an upcoming role in the training facility at U.S. Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center Friday, July 21, 2017 in Huntsville, Ala. (Eric Schultz / Rocket City Photo)

The actor had been going all out to get under the skin of his character and had impressed the NASA technical team with his dedication and enthusiasm.

Rajput also visited the U. S. Space & Rocket Center. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama is a museum operated by the government of Alabama, showcasing rockets, achievements, and artifacts of the U.S. space program.