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Rahul Gupta: Living my dream life in the city of dreams

Rahul Gupta, a rising and exceptionally talented director hails from one of the famous cities of India, Kanpur. He came to Mumbai, the city of dreams, in the year 2017 and started his journey of struggle with the aspiration of achieving big in the field of direction. In the initial days, Rahul approached various production houses, but couldn’t get an opportunity to showcase his skills.

After seeing his passion for cinema, one of the renowned directors from industry, Vishal Chaturvedi, approached him to work in Laughing Colours, the biggest entertainment page of Asia on Facebook. He started working in Laughing Colours with complete dedication and created numerous video content that became viral. Rahul’s commendable work at Laughing Colours were- Smoker’s Diary, Gaali, Beti Kyon Bachao are one of the major hits of the page.

After completing a year at Laughing Colours, Rahul Gupta decided to quit his job and started striving for better opportunities. He started approaching producers to invest money in one of his web series. In a month Rahul met Ankur Tiwari, owner of Brotherhood Motion Pictures and brother of one of the renowned singers of India Ankit Tiwari. Ankur was already aware of Rahul’s impeccable achievement and agreed to work with him on a project named Beer Boys Vodka Girls. He directed the web series and it is now available on the newly launched OTT Primeflix. Beer Boys Vodka Girls is the most viewed and appreciated content on the OTT platform till date.

On the work front, Rahul is all set to direct his new web series with a popular OTT platform – ULLU.

Prime flix OTT platform App launched with a bang

Prime flix OTT platform launched its App on 7th October in presence of cast, crew and guests. Prime flix logo was unveiled by the Company Managing Director Rakesh Bhosle followed by the glimpses of web series going to be streaming on the OTT platform. The poster & trailer of following web series like Junoon E Isshq, Tharkistan, Beer Boys Vodka Girls, Mrs. Savita, Isholholic, Ghostleela, Bhadkhau was shown.

Rakesh Bhosle Managing Director – Prime flix said, “Prime flix has been launched and designed in interest of Indians residing across globe.  Prime flix has been developed in consideration with the change in preference in content industry. Audience has now started viewing content more digitally on smart phones than on LCD screens. Prime flix allows its subscribers to watch a wide variety of movies, reality shows, sitcoms, short films, travel shows, food shows and standup comedy of different genres.”

Company Director Kiran Borkar would be handling the films & financial part for the company and have also produced a new Marathi web series ‘Bhadkau’ for Marathi audience specially which is going to get streamed on prime flix OTT platform for subscribers.

Company Director Sushil Deshpande whose is the pillar of Prime flix aims to build an empire of creative content for Prime Flix & reach out to masses of Indian audience by keeping economical packages for subscribes  so that more and more audience can take the opportunity of viewing the content as per there choices.