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Abraam Pandey shoots for a music video

Actor Abraam Pandey (currently seen in Khichadi returns) recently shot for a music video and says that he loved the experience. The actor says that the concept of the video was totally different and it took him some time to settle into his character. “It was an awesome experience and totally different to anything that I have done before. Initially, I was a bit conscious of the romantic and lovemaking scenes because I have always been part of comedy. People say comedy is tough, but I am quite comfortable with that. I find romantic and sad scenes difficult to shoot,” he says.

Talking about the video, he says, “It’s totally a cute and romantic love story. It talks about how you love your soulmate are beyond the physical limitations. We shot in Mumbai and on the outskirts.”

The actor has done theaters as well and says that all three mediums – theater, TV and the web are completely different. “For an actor, acting is important not the medium. But yes, I agree that TV is a bit different than theater and music videos because in theater there are no retakes because you have to perform in front of people. One mistake and you are out of the league. But in TV and music videos, you can take retake and replace the act which you don’t want. But in theater, you are being judged by everyone and you have that pressure to perform well,” he says.

Abraam Pandey to play Judge to Hansa in upcoming episode of ‘Khichadi Returns’

Actor Abraam Pandey’s fans are in for a treat. The actor who is seen in the comedy show ‘Khichadi Returns’ is getting good reviews. The actor will be essaying the role of a judge and will be evaluating Hansa’s culinary skills in an upcoming episode.

“I was so excited to be part of the show. ‘Khichadi Returns’ is amazing and I often watch it. I feel great to now be part of it. My character is also meaty and integral to the story,” he says.

Comedy is a tough genre, says Abraam. “I feel comedy is the toughest genre as you need to make people laugh. You have to accurate with your body language as well as comic timing, otherwise, the scene can go horribly wrong. I am so happy that I got to learn so much from the cast of Khichadi Returns as well,” he says. He further adds, “I am looking for more acting assignments. Acting like oxygen to me.”

It is rightly said that dog is human’s best friend : Abraam Pandey

When the whole world specially the social networking platforms, were buzzing with love posts and pictures, actor Abraam Pandey was celebrating Valentine’s day with his pet dog Max.

When asked Abraam says, “I have Max in my life for the last one year and he is a bundle of joy to me. Right now am single and I do focus in my work a lot. I see a lot of love posts and pictures on social networking platforms but am not sure how many of them will be together next year. People are more involved in posting their romantic selfies. I feel they should focus more on the time they are spending together.”

“In today’s time we all lead a very stressful life and one should take out time for their near and dear ones. To me my valentine day was fulfilled as Max my dog was with me the whole day. An actor’s life is not easy. Either we are shooting or we are discussing our next project, going to gym and meeting people. So whenever I get some time off I give my time to Max and he also gives me unconditional love. It is rightly said that dog is human’s best friend,” adds the actor.

I consider myself lucky to be part of Khichadi Returns: Abraam Pandey

Abraam Pandey, who will soon be seen in Khichadi Returns, is on cloud nine. The actor says that he has always been a fan of the show and is thrilled to be part of this season. “Khichadi was one of the best shows on TV till date and working with the Khichadi cast is like finding diamonds in the sand. When you are not from any filmy background and are doing ads, cameo roles, etc. and all of a sudden you get a chance to work with big actors, it really feels like you are on the top of the world. It’s a very big thing for me and I consider myself lucky,” he says.

The actor adds that he is on the lookout for other interesting work as well. “I am on the lookout for different type of characters. I want to explore my abilities as an actor and try to do something very challenging,” he says.

Abraam has been seen in a lot of comedy roles in shows such as Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot and says that he is scared of being typecast. “I am scared of getting the same kind of roles again and again. I want to play characters with grey shades. I love comedy but would love to experiment more as an actor. I have been doing comedy shows since some time now and I want to try my hand at something new,” he says.

Modern Naarad made me who I am today: Abraam Pandey

While actor Abraam Pandey has been part of multiple shows, he says that his last show Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot was the turning point in his career. The actor adds that his character of modern Naarad made him quite popular. “This character made me who I am. People started knowing me, started loving the character. This character proved me as an actor in the industry. Also, I was offered Naarad’s role many times after this. But I refused as I did not want to play the same part again. I want to experiment more as an actor. It’s really hard to do mythological shows but playing modern Naarad was a fun and I loved it. Modern Naarad established me as a versatile actor,” he says.

Ask him if he is at all like Naarad, Abraam says, “I am a very straight forward guy. I am blunt. I can say whatever I feel about the person, on his face even if it’s hurting him. I am not like Naarad at all.”

He has a lot of sweet memories of the show. “Whenever a new show is on-air, we would all sit together and watch the first episode. You can say it is the tradition of the production house. One more memory is that on the first day, the second scene was mine and everybody were saying that ‘Yeh Naarad bahot cute hain’ so that was also a compliment for me. J. D. Majethia sir and Aatish Kapadia sir were 100% confident that I will do justice to the role. And also people said that we have never seen a Naarad like you, with a fit body and six pack abs. Earlier whoever played a Naarad were a bit ‘Gol Matol’,” he says.

Talking about his association with the producers J. D. Majethia and Aatish Kapadia, Abraam says, “I am like a kid for both. Majethia sir and Aatish Kapadia sir treat me like a kid. They have taught me many things and are still teaching me. They support me a lot. My association with them is like family. They must be legendary or big for many but for me, they are my family.”