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Actor Anshuman Jha travels 30 hours to get engaged in the US

102 Days in self-quarantine at home from March 17th to June 29th – Anshuman Jha had taken to reading the Vedas, Cooking extensively and his latest web show ‘Mastram’ crossed 400Million views to become the biggest web series In the History of Indian OTT.

But the actor, who lost his mother this January, was finding it hard at home alone. So on June 30th, he took a Vande Bharat to the USA to be with this girlfriend & the two have exchanged rings now. She had been in India for 3 months earlier this year when he lost his mother. The actor, who has always been very quiet about his personal life, has been posting cryptic images with his partner for the past year. And the most recent read ‘Gone Boy’ with an image of their hands with the rings.

The Actor was in his PPE kit for 30 hours straight, didn’t use any public loo’s nor did he eat anything other than dry fruits from home for the duration of the journey. He had responsibly self quarantined at home for two weeks in North Carolina before they ventured out to the Mountains for a trek on July 15th. And seems to have found happiness in these otherwise gloomy times.

Anshuman said, “I am just grateful I could get here and be with her. The travel was an adventure, JFK felt like the location of a sci-fi film – completely empty. The travel felt a little like a ‘tapasya’. If she ever asks me how much I love her, I show her this image in the PPE suit.”

Anshuman further added, “I met Sierra in Dharamshala while I was there to get Tibetan Medication for my mother ailing from Cancer. It’s been over a year now. She is a Triathlon Athlete & a Food Major at Duke University. She was in India last year from December to March to be by my side & to see my mom.

Love does make the world go round! The actor’s next ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’ with Zareeen Khan is scheduled to get an OTT release soon & he will be back in August.

Chunky Pandey coming with new SHORT FILM DHONU

One of the top heroes of ’80s and ’90s, Chunky Pandey has entertained us with his epic comic timing in the past and is back with great films like ‘Saaho‘, ‘Housefull franchise’ in different kinds of roles recently. After the success of ‘Tap Tap’, Chunky Pandey is gearing up for his next short film called ‘DHONU’ by the budding producer-director Deepak Ranjan Panda, on a digital platform.

The short film ‘Dhonu’ is a story about believing in dreams and to keep on struggling in the dream city Mumbai to make your dream come true.

Chunky PandeyTalking about his film, producer-director Deepak Ranjan Panda shares, “I’m very excited about my upcoming film and we have roped in Chunky Pandey as a protagonist. I had been working on the script of Dhonu for a very long time and written the script by imagining him as ‘Dhonu’. It wasn’t easy for a fresh director to convince the versatile actor to believe in his vision, but after quite a few narrations, I convinced him to be a part of it. I had to convince him as I knew if he wouldn’t have agreed to do the film, I wouldn’t have made Dhonu with any other actor since the character demanded Chunky Pandey the most”.

Chunky Pandey added, “This is my first collaboration with Deepak. When he discussed this project with me, I took time and realized after a few narrations that I had to be a part of it. This film is a rare gem and this kind of cinema comes far in-between so you can’t let go of such an opportunity. I’m very sure that this film will leave an impression.”

The film will have a social message with a pinch of comedy. Chunky Pandey is playing the role of a rhymester as a protagonist. This film boasts of the stellar cast such as Meiyang Chang, Anshuman Jha, laughter challenge finalist Jay Vijay Sachan, Supriya Roy & Kurush Deboo.

The releasing date of the film will be announced soon. In the pipeline, after this short film, Deepak Ranjan Panda will be directing his dream project which will be a feature film.

No Fathers in Kashmir trailer launched by Mahesh Bhatt

Everyone thinks they know Kashmir. Two teenagers are about to change all, that is what the trailer introduces us to in its gripping visuals. No Fathers in Kashmir is a that is a unique mix of the fight for truth and compassion while being tender, heart-warming and about universal human emotions directed by Oscar® nominated filmmakers and two-time national award winning writer & director, Ashvin Kumar. Even till today, the certificate is yet to be granted by CBFC and is still pending ‘approval’ despite the FCAT granting the order to pass the UA certificate to the film which is due for release on 5th April.

Present at the launch gracing his presence was one of our sharpest, most outspoken directors, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt who said, “A staggering, heart wrenching film. Ashvin has the guts to embrace all that darkness and then having done that bring us so much ‘light.’ In these dark times of hate, here’s a love story from the blood soaked valley of Kashmir which has the audacity to hope”

The film tells the tale of Noor and Majid played by newcomers Zara Webb and Shivam Raina respectively. The two are on a journey to find their respective fathers who have gone missing in the valley. The film raises several imperative questions, about compassion and empathy of those in the valley and its many realities.

Director Ashvin Kumar’s No Fathers in Kashmir gets hard fought for UA certificate

Lead star of the film, Soni Razdan said, “I have a personal liking towards Kashmir because I’m a half Kashmiri. When I read this script and Ashvin first sent me the script I found it very interesting because here was a film that showed the reality. There have been many films on Kashmir but this one isn’t peppered by drama, love stories and other things. It’s what truly is representative of how the situation is in the valley. And that’s what drew me to the film”.

The film marks the acting debut of the filmmaker Ashvin Kumar along with other actors Anshuman Jha, Soni Razdan and Kulbhushan Kharbanda. Ashvin has also written and produced the film, along with executive Producer Varoon Vesuna.

Director Ashvin Kumar’s No Fathers in Kashmir gets hard fought for UA certificate

Almost over a month ago, director Ashvin Kumar had to screen his film No Fathers in Kashmir for the second time to find the right justice for his film’s certification for FCAT, the APEX body which governs the final matters of certification of films in India. What started as a regular filing for a censor, in July 2018 has been a long 8 months, 6 screenings and 7 hearings long process for the makers and its actors to wait for their film to find justice. Something that rarely happens was subjected to this film where delay upon delay were given for the certification and eventually leading to a ban on the film. After challenging the CBFC decision to give the film A, which the makers found unjustified basis the content of their movie, they moved to FCAT first in November with a hearing in December and later in January.

FCAT has now after a month of its second screening given its final order on the film asking for a few changes including some cuts and disclaimers. However most importantly the FCAT has vindicated the filmmakers stands that this is a U/A film by giving it a U/A certification order. However the decision currently remains upon the submission to CBFC to give the final certificate to the makers which they’re positive the board will willingly pass and share. The root cause of the issue was the delay the film got which was against the very rules of the CBFC who refused to see the film and upon seeing the film delayed the verdict until giving it an A certification in October despite the film not promoting nudity, hatred, violence, gore or similar A worthy subjects.

The film stars Soni Razdan, Anshuman Jha and Kulbushan Kharbanda and traces the love story of two young 16 year olds who are in search for their fathers who have gone missing in the valley.