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MY character is diametrically opposite to my earlier characters: Jayati Bhatia

Star Plus’ newly launched show ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’ to bring to its viewers the enduring chemistry of two lovebirds who are completely different from each other. Produced by renowned TV producer Rashmi Sharma, the show features popular actors Mohit Malik (Dhruv) and Sana Sayyad (Sonam) in lead roles. Viewers will soon witness many twists and turns as an extensive star cast will take over. One of many characters will be essayed by versatile actress Jayati Bhatia who needs no introduction and has been in the industry for many years. 

Being part of the industry for more than a decade now, Jayati Bhatia has outshined in the various roles she portrayed till date. She once dawned white patches of hair in her previous roles and now will bring alive the character of Nutan Jaiswal (Dhruv’s mother in the show) a role of her age. 

Commenting on her role, Jayati Bhatia says “Nutan Jaiswal is a character that I have never attempted to the essay before. My earlier characters have been traditional yet progressive but this is the first time I am living the character of an orthodox Indian woman. Nutan Jaiswal is closest to my own age, we are very similar in nature. I am very thankful to Star Plus and Rashmi Sharma for respecting my talent as an actor and not typecasting me in geriatric roles. Also for casting me in a character who is diametrically opposite to my earlier characters that I have essayed so far. I am surprising myself every day as I discover new facets of this lovely and mercurial Nutan Jaiswal. The audience has never seen me essay such a character. I am sure they will make this character their own.”

Having played more than a dozen roles over the past many years, Jayati Bhatia today is a recognized name and face to the Indian audiences. She is all set to enthrall the audience with this new character in the coming days.

To know more about Jayati Bhatia’s character as Nutan Jaiswal, tune in to watch ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’ from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm only on Star Plus

There are striking similarities between me and my character Sonam from Lockdown Ki Love Story: Sana Sayyad

Star Plus is gearing up to launch a new show titled ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’. Produced by well-known TV producer Rashmi Sharma, the show features popular actors Mohit Malik (Dhruv) and Sana Sayyad (Sonam) in lead roles. Based in Prayagraj, viewers will witness the enduring chemistry of two lovebirds who are completely different from each other. 

Gorgeous actress Sana Sayyad is known to have made her mark in the industry with a reality TV show and since then, there’s been no stopping for her. Sana is happy to be back on-screen and shares how she relates with her new character ‘Sonam’ the most. 

Commenting on her new role, Sana says, When I was offered the role, I was excited to essay the character of Sonam as it shares a lot of similarities with my real-life personality. Be it the fashion sense applied or my style of talking, Sonam is almost a carbon-copy of myself. I am also excited to work again with Star Plus and grateful for this opportunity. The concept of the show has never been seen before and I am positive the audience will thoroughly enjoy it as much as we enjoy shooting for it.”

As the story would unfold, the audience will get to see how the life of Dhruv (Mohit Malik) & Sonam (Sana Sayyad) meet with each other along with their clashing families. Popular actors like Vijay Tyagi, Jayati Bhatia, Deepika Upadhyay, Asutosh Tiwari, Rakesh Kukreti, Kashish Duggal, Ananya Khare, Nazea Hasan, and many others will also be seen part of this show. 

Lockdown Ki Love Story to hit your TV screens from 31st August at 7pm only on Star Plus

Mohit Malik learns Allahabadi dialect for his upcoming show ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’

Star Plus brings to viewers a story of love stirred with flavors of romance and a tinge of drama. The channel ventures into a new space of fun light-hearted and endearing romance with its latest show – Lockdown Ki Love Story premiering on Monday, 31st August at 7pm. Based in Prayagraj, the show will bring forth the enduring chemistry of two lovebirds Dhruv (played by Mohit Malik) and Sonam (played by Sana Sayyad) who are completely different from each other.

Having won many hearts by playing versatile roles in his past projects, talented actor Mohit Malik now is working towards shaping the character of Dhruv by working on his dialect and putting on a reasonable amount of effort for this role in the show. 

Talking about his experience while working for his new show, Mohit Malik says “Allahabadi was not a new dialect for me. I was aware of it but I decided to learn the nuances and the diction to get a perfect grasp over the same. My character in the show speaks Allahaabdi dialect since he is based out of Prayaraj. When this role was offered to me, we were in the lockdown phase and I utilized that time to sharpen my hold over this particular dialect. Even when we use to do workshops with our scriptwriters, I spent extra time with them to understand the tone and tonality of the dialect/language. A lot of the times during rehearsals, I was able to figure it out together with the writers. Whenever we feel there is a need for it, we try and tone down the dialogues so that the essence is conveyed without going overboard.”

The show has popular actors like Vijay Tyagi, Jayati Bhatia, Deepika Upadhyay, Asutosh Tiwari, Rakesh Kukreti, Kashish Duggal, Ananya Khare and Nazea Hasan in pivotal roles. As all these actors are all set to return back on the small screen, it will also be interesting to see how the story will unfold and pay way into the viewer’s hearts. 

Gear up to watch ‘Lockdown Ki Love Story’ from 31st August at 7:00pm only on Star Plus

Sony SAB launches Beechwale – Bapu Dekh Raha Hai

Sony SAB has always created shows that deliver happiness to their viewers. Be it with the storyline, sets or the cast, the channel provides viewers their daily dose of entertainment. Adding another feather to its cap, Sony SAB launches its brand-new fiction offering – ‘Beechwale – Bapu Dekh Raha Hai’, a story based on the daily struggles, hopes, celebrations and societal pressures of the middleclass in India.

The show premieres on October 2, Monday to Friday at 10 PM only on Sony SAB.

Produced and Directed by Ashwini Dhir, Garima Vision, Beechwale – Bapu Dekh Raha Hai is the story of a person from middle-class India, stuck between his values and aspirations. He dreams of having a big house, fancy car and enjoying foreign trips, but is held back by his limited income and the need to do the right thing.  The show revolves around Bobby Beechwale played by Zakir Hussain, the key protagonist, who is part of a joint family, Bobby’s 70-year old father (Mithilesh Chaturvedi) and 92-year old Dadaji (Jagdish Kawal), addressed as ‘Bapuji’. Dadaji used to be a freedom fighter, working along with, Mahatma Gandhi, always finding himself in the middle of all problematic situations. Hence, he received the upadhi of ‘Beechwale’ from him that he happily started using as his last name.

Bobby runs a spare parts shop and a garage.  Being a responsible elder son in the family, he cares for his family’s well-being. He allows for some jugaad in his life to make things happen faster to benefit all without putting anyone in harm’s way. Bobby’s wife, Chanchal Beechwale, played by Ananya Khare, is a fickle minded person, always desiring for things beyond her limit and buying them on EMI or nagging her husband to buy those for her.

Bobby’s younger brother, Puppy Beechwale, played by Manoj Goyal is a sales executive and a proud Gandhian by principle. Puppy’s wife, Sheetal Beechwale, played by Ankita Sharma is a dominating, modern new-age woman and a tad lazy about household chores. The cast also includes pivotal characters such as Rita (Shubhangi Gokhale), Chanchal’s mother, and Raju (Rajeev Pandey) Chanchal’s jugaadu brother. Just like in the past, the Beechwale family still seeks answers of all their problems from ‘Bapuji’.


Neeraj Vyas, Business Head, Sony SAB, PAL, Hindi Movies and Music:

“Our brand-new offering, Beechwale – Bapu Dekh Raha Hai, is all about the trials and tribulations of the middle class person who is stuck between his aspirations and values. The show has a stellar cast and an interesting storyline. With Beechwale, we continue to fulfill our promise of Haste Raho India to our viewers, offering relatable content that the entire family can watch and bond over.”

Ashwini Dhir, Writer, Producer & Director, Garima Vision:

“The struggles of a middle-class man are no secret. Not only will every viewer connect with Beechwale but will also beautifully reveal how every member of the Beechwale family is different and has different set of issues, ranging from moral to financial. It is a show that is very close to our hearts. We have a talented cast on board along with a robust storyline and we can’t wait for the show to go on air.”

Watch Aam Aadmi Ki Anokhi Kahani in Beechwale – Bapu Dekh Raha Hai from October 2,

Monday to Friday at 10 PM only on Sony SAB