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Akshay Bardapurkar and Piiyush Singh’s Chandramukhi will go on the floors in November 2020

After massive success on OTT of Amitabh Bachchan starer AB Aani CD; filmmaker Akshay Bardapurkar teams up with Piiyush Singh for the third time in a row. Writer Vishwas Patil’s novel Chandramukhi is being adapted for the silver screen and this mammoth of a film project will go on the floors in November 2020. This will be one of the first big banner Marathi films to go on floors since the pandemic. The bestseller novel Chandramukhi by Vishwas Patil unravels the story of a beautiful Lavani dancer who is set out on an unconventional journey. The worlds of Tamasha and Politics unite with Chandramukhi.

Prasad Oak, the director of the National Award-winning film Kaccha Limbu will be directing this film. Perfectionist screenplay writer Chinmay Mandlekar and cinematographer Sanjay Memane will join Prasad once again after the massive success of Hirkani. While we are sure that the audience is in for a treat to the eyes, the film also promises to be a musical treat. The talented singers of the Marathi industry who have given their legendary voice and music to the best of Marathi and Hindi films, prodigy singer duo Ajay- Atul, have composed a promising blend of hard-hitting music with lively lavani scores. This film has been produced under the banner of Planet Marathi and Golden Ratio Films by Akshay Bardapurkar and Piiyush Singh.

Talking about his new film director Prasad Oak said, “‘Chandramukhi’ will be my next film as a director which will go on floor in November. The film shoot will be starting in the next few days by following all the safety norms and regulations. Starting a new project after a very long time is really going to be exciting. Chandramukhi’s first poster was launched in January which got a huge response & now people are also very eager to know which actress is going to play the lead role. But to know more about the cast & crew people will have to wait for a few days as the film’s shooting is going to begin very soon.”

After making its mark in several Hindi, Tamil, and International film projects, Golden Ratio Films stepped foot in the Marathi film industry with a great hit like the Amitabh Bachchan starrer AB Aani CD. Now, after producing Goshta Eka Paithanichi, the COO of Golden Ratio films, Piiyush Singh is drawn towards creating more Marathi films. He recognizes the immense potential the regional filmmakers have demonstrated. Chandramukhi is one of his passion projects. While talking about the film, Piiyush says, “The audience is sensitive, now more than ever, to meaningful content. We have all hands on deck and a great team on board to take this film to greater heights. We thrive to entertain our audience with content that brings meaning along with entertainment. Although we cannot talk much about the cast and the storyline at this point, we are certain that the audience will love this film.”

Talking about this larger than life project, ecstatic Akshay commented, “Chandramukhi is a perfect example of a content-driven piece that will move the audience. The film explores the realities of a spellbinding woman who finds herself on an unconventional path in a society that is driven by patriarchy and corruption. We are excited to tell this story, at the same time, this is a huge responsibility to retain the authenticity of the bestseller by Vishwas Patil. We have a blend of talented filmmakers, musicians, and artists who are known for their craft. This film has a promise to take Marathi cinema to newer heights. Being the only big banner Marathi film to go on floors after the pandemic started, Chandramukhi has stirred a lot of excitement in the Marathi movie fans. The shoot begins in November 2020.”

Right before the start of the unfortunate pandemic, in January 2020, the makers released the official poster of the film. The face of the lead protagonist is not yet unveiled. Even the filmmakers are tight-lipped about their cast. This nerve-racking excitement, to know who will be the face of Chandramukhi, has pushed the audience on the edge of their seat. The film certainly promises drama, politics, beauty, music, and dance with all the right blockbuster elements. Planet Marathi and Golden Ratio Films have also roped in the big guns of talent on board. What more does a film need to hook their fans with the excitement of the release?

Planet Marathi OTT to release 10 new web series

The world is experiencing a wave of digital transformation and every industry is adapting to it. The emergence of OTT has disrupted the experience of entertainment for the audience making it accessible, affordable, and uncomplicated. While many Indian OTT platforms have tried to be inclusive about regional content, Marathi craft is yet to see it’s high praise! Passionate filmmaker and producer Akshay Bardapurkar of Planet Marathi, actor Pushkar Shrotri, and music composer Aditya Oak are all set to launch Planet Marathi OTT, India’s one and only platform that curates Marathi content, exclusively for Marathi audience. The trio is gearing up to produce 10 new web series and also 850 hours content for children.

All 10 web series will star popular actors directed by renowned directors. Planet Marathi OTT will soon announce web films and short films. Planet Marathi OTT will be launched in December 2020.

Planet Marathi OTT’s tagline, ‘Ma Mancha, M Marathicha’ evokes a sense of pride as we will finally see the launch of an OTT specifically for Marathi audience. Planet Marathi OTT hosts a plethora of binge-worthy Marathi content like films, theatre, television shows, infotainment, educational content for kids, fiction, non-fiction, reality shows, and a lot more! It is the future of digital entertainment in the Marathi language.

Recently Pushkar Shrotri and Aditya Oak announced digital theater. Now the road to release of films will be smooth for producers where they can release on this OTT platform. Audience can watch first day first show right sitting in their home. This facility will be available on pay per view basis.

Sayali Sanjeev completes dubbing for GOSHTA EKA PAITHANICHI

After permission of state government to start work, many films and TV serial’s work has started following the norms. GOSHTA EKA PAITHNICHI also took step for post production work and dubbing for film has started. Recently Sayali Sanjeev completed dubbing for the film.

Planet Marathi and Golden Ratio Films creation in association with Lakeside Production, the film is produced by Akshay Bardapurkar, Abhayanand Singh and Chintamani Dagde. The film is written and directed by Shantanu Ganesh Rode. The film stars Sayali Sanjeev, Suvrat Joshi, Shashank Ketkar, Milind Gunaji and others.

The teaser was released few days back on social media which received tremendous response from audience.