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Anushka Sen & Harsh Rajput feature in DOUBLEMINT®️ FreshTake Music Series–’Aaina’

DOUBLEMINT, from the house of Mars Wrigley, in collaboration with music entertainment company Songfest, today announced their third single ‘Aaina‘. The song is from the SPOTT award-nominated music series DOUBLEMINT FreshTake. 

The song has been sung by renowned Bollywood singer Monali Thakur and Ranajoy Bhattacharjee, the award-winning composer who has also crafted the tune. Based on step-siblings, the music video features telly-town queen, Anushka Sen, who has been winning millions of hearts through her performances in television series, music videos and movies, alongside Harsh Rajput of ‘Nazar’ fame. Lyricist Geet Sagar has penned the lyrics.

The official Hindi music video shall be followed by the Bengali FreshTake version Surer Bagan that has been written and sung by Ranajoy along with famous singer Chandrika Bhattacharya. A mashup of the two versions shall release soon after.

Song link : 

Yogesh Tewari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley said, “After the successful launch of ‘Aadatein’, a romantic love story, and ‘Tera Kya Hota’, a song about friendship, we are excited to bring to our consumers another anthem and its Bengali FreshTake – ‘Surer Bagan’. Each song in the FreshTake series reflects upon DOUBLEMINT ®’s brand proposition of starting something fresh and building meaningful connections. The new song brings forth the sweet and special relationship between siblings. This unique collaboration offers an opportunity for us to connect with our consumers in new and engaging ways and we are confident that our consumers will love it”

Adding on further, Monali Thakur, the voice of chartbusters such as ‘Moh Moh Ke Dhaage’ and ‘Sawar Loon’, said, “While celebrating different kinds of relationships through music and music videos, Aaina comes as a breath of fresh air, presenting the bond of siblings. With a beautiful melody and a unique story, it’s dedicated to all the siblings out there, and my fans are definitely in for a treat with this one!”

Expressing their excitement on their first-ever music video together, Anushka & Harsh stated, “As actors, it is always fascinating to play different characters. But this music videos is special for us as we both love to sing and play music in real life, just like the characters. In the video, we are shown fighting with each other, but on sets, the chemistry was just amazing, thanks to our director Tathagata Singha, who is a treat to work with.”

Gaurav Dagaonkar, Co-Founder, Songfest and the brainchild behind Doublemint FreshTake elaborates, “Each song and video of Doublemint FreshTake tells a memorable story of people starting something fresh and creating meaningful connections. After the success of Aadatein and Tera Kya Hota, we’re sure Aaina will strike a chord in the hearts of the viewers.” 

The music videos will be available on social media handles of Songfest India from 26th August 2020. You can view the video here.

Karan Aanand: Media and Celebrities can grow together, not apart.

Bollywood is all about glitz, glamour, and setting trends. In India, B-town stars have the country’s largest follower. There will be many people who would be very interested in what their favourite artists do or say, what is talked about. As they see their stars on the screen, again and again, people’s interest in the star’s life increases. They form an attachment to the artist who remains after watching the film. Anything a star says has a huge impact on public opinion and alters it to some extent. We love seeing our dearest Bollywood celebrities so active on different social media platforms. And the media delivers all these things to a common man. Media has a big hand in making an artist a star overnight, that artist becomes someone’s ideal, people follow him. In this way, media is the medium through which an ordinary artist becomes special. In the same way, a media person or agency is also doing its job to reach people to their favourites. The relationship between media and celebrity is like two lines of a track, which go on far and wide. They complement each other.

Bollywood actors have told how media and celebrities are related to each other. Talking about this topic, Bollywood actor Karan Aanand said, “The relationship between the actor and the media is like a husband and wife, everything is good when a new marriage takes place. Slowly things start changing. Similarly, when the actor comes in the beginning, they need media to make him a big star. This is a vise -versa process. And when the actor gradually becomes a big star, then he starts setting his boundaries in which the media is objectified. This is a bit wrong, which should not happen.”

He added, “The sweet squabbles of media and celebrity will continue, as both need each other to move forward. Media acts as a link between an actor and a common man. Both can grow together. Just keep in mind that both of them should live together and do their work diligently within the limits of dignity.”

Karan Aanand: Corona is visible but depression is still suffering

When the epidemic named Corona entered the world, the whole world was shocked. Due to which lockdown was announced in many countries. But as time passed, this fear started to settle in our minds. We started getting worried about the time to come. The worry of the time that came along with the fear of sickness that started haunting us. Later everyone including the common man has started becoming a victim of depression. This is a kind of mental state that can have harsh consequences. If told, there is such a brainstorm that even the person suffering from it does not know. And this disease is treated with love care and affection. 

Bollywood actor Karan Aanand also shared his thoughts about this mental state and said, “Right now there are two types of problems going on in the whole world including our India, which is Corona, and that is visible. But the mental problems going on inside us is not visible and know as depression. The amazing thing is that one who is going through depression; he does not even know that he is mentally ill. But yes, if only his close, relatives and friends take notice of this, then they can understand that something is wrong. Because the changes that occur in depression start to appear, it seems to run the farthest. In present times, it is physically in isolation. But Mentally also goes into isolation.” 

He said, “We have to understand this. Some people delay saying that it is not right to speak in someone’s personal case. But friends, this is not the right time to think about it. You can talk to them without any reason,  just take a call once a day and talk. Do not leave them alone. Follow the duty of your friendship. I will do the same from here onwards and will call my friends unnecessarily and ask them, ‘Are you alright or not, how are you?’ Talk to each other because talking is very important.” 

On the work front, His first Bollywood the movie was ‘Gunday’, followed by ‘Kick’, where his action scenes were much appreciated, but he truly received recognition for his spy-act in ‘Baby’. Recently, he had a cameo in Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Calendar Girls’.

Karan Aanand: It is an immense pleasure to launch my first Digital film

The world has come to a screeching halt as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. As the country enters lockdown 5.0 of the nation-wide lockdown, a slew of Bollywood celebrities – Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Rajinikanth, Ranbir Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh, and Alia Bhatt among others, teamed up for a short film called ‘Family’, And now Bollywood actor Karan Aanand has also made a short film during the lockdown named ‘Aaina’.

The film is meant to stress the importance of staying at home, staying safe, working from home, and most importantly paying to the daily wage workers and house cleaners. Aaina is premiered across the globe through the Pink Panther Youtube channel and has received a good amount of response there, Check out the link below. 

”It was really challenging to shoot this film, but now as it is getting great response from the audience I’m really happy about this. and it is an immense pleasure to launch my first digital film via youtube and I’m looking forward to doing more like these, and raise awareness about social problems. I request everyone to stay at home and stay safe”, says Karan Aanand.

The film is made under the banner of Pink Panther Production, Karan Aanand and Preeti Verma are starred in this film. Film ‘Aaina’ is directed by Bobby Khan and produced by Shantanu Srivastava.

Karan Aanand shoots a film amid lockdown on corona

The world has come to a screeching halt as a result of the corona virus outbreak. As the country enters lockdown 5.0 of the nation-wide lockdown which is actually ‘Unlock-1’, Bollywood actor Karan Aanand has made a short film during the lockdown named AAINA. The film is meant to stress on the importance of staying at home, staying safe, working from home, and most importantly paying to the daily wage workers and house cleaners. AAINA premiered across the globe through Youtube on Monday at 9 p.m. on 8June 2020.

Talking about the film Karan said, ”This is my first short film and I’m very excited. We have shot this film in the pandemic and lockdown situation without breaking the rules and regulations of the government. The film is shot by ourselves and even I and the actress did not meet each other. The film is based on the fight of a couple during the lockdown and the work-related problems that our daily wage workers face. So I would request everyone to watch the film and learn the importance of our daily wage workers.”  

The entertainment industry has rallied behind daily wage workers, its worst-hit section during the lockdown, with financial support and essentials. Film ‘Aaina’ aims to capture the importance of paying the daily wage workers and house cleaning staff.