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Varsha Usgaonkar and Kishori Shahane at Indian Fashion TV launch

Vision Corporation Ltd had launched the Asia’s First Fashion Television Channel, Indian Fashion TV which will showcase the culture Of Indian Fashion globally. The event was attended by actress Varsha Usgaonkar, Kishori Shahane, A. K. Mishra (Chairman), S. Ramakrishnan (CFO),   Vishal Desai (director) and many other film and fashion personalities.

Indian culture is globally popular and is in high demand. Through this channel Indian culture and fashion weeks will be aligned to viewers across the world. The channel will be the global platform for designers, fashion industry, culture and lifestyle. The target audience will be categorised in three groups that will drive the channel – state, city, designing, a platform an opportunity for the designer to expand their artistic qualities at global level. All the culture will be covered showing the fashion design and the key market will be India and global. The primary influencers on a National level will be the Bollywood celebrities. All the events and movies covering fashions and designs will be showcased on this unique channel.

On the occasion of the channel launch the Chairman of Vision Corporation Ltd A K Mishra quoted, “I am proud and honored to launch  the country’s first and the only fashion channel of Asia, Indian fashion TV, from various metro cities to rural areas, attracting different aspects of Indian fashion and culture. Hope the viewers will love Indian fashion TV. India has a diversified culture .From north to south or east to west one can easily differentiate with the fashion style, culture, designs and trends. As India is a land of monuments and designers often get inspired by their designs also. I really appreciate the idea of bringing a television channel which will showcase India’s fashion. Many international designers get inspired by India’s background. This channel will surely prove to be a great platform for the budding designers as well”.

‘Fair in love’ is based on the social issues : A K Mishra

Under the banner of Vision Corporation Ltd, the director A K Mishra’s Hindi movie Fair in Love grand Muhurat held in Mumbai . Fair in Love is starring Feroz Khan, Kanupriya Sharma, Ashwini Dhar and Dolly Arya in various roles. The cinematographer Triloki Choudhary has added beauty to the film with the music of Nehal Kumar and Umesh Mishra.
The director A K Mishra, along with the leads Feroz Khan, Kanupriya Sharma, Ashwini Dhar and Dolly Arya are present at the Muhurat launch of the film.

The film is social drama of a couple who belongs to different political communities but got fallen in love with each other. The leads Dev and Alpana belong to Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh respectively. After all the odds the two got married against the wish of their families but this didn’t go well .although the couple was in great love with each other but the society always cursed her for being infertile but the truth was something else. It was Dev who has low sperm count, and due to whom she was not able to conceive. But she didn’t want to demean her husband and took off the blame on her.

But one night in the absence of her husband she gets raped and got pregnant. It was the mixed emotion for her, happiness of being pregnant but at the same time agitations of being raped. The circumstances were such, that she unwillingly had to accept the child or else her marriage could have been in danger since her in laws were against it, but she was still bent upon to find out the culprit.

Will she be able to know the culprit? Will she succeed in getting justice? What will happen to the child?
The director A K Mishra quoted “the film is based on the social issues, instead of not being infertile, Alpana has to take all the blame of not having a baby as her husband has some issues with ejaculations. This is our society who unknowingly blames the woman for such matter. He further said this type of issue should be put forward and we should take supportive decision. By this movie he wants to highlighten the darker side of the society and hope people will start thinking in a logical way. He is quite excited with the movie.”

The film will shot at various locations of Mumbai and Lucknow.