Suspense thriller 1234 directed by Milind Kavade to release on 5th August

Marathi films are increasingly in the news not just because of their out of the box content and subjects but also  because of their unique titles. The title of a film has to bring to light the gist of the subject of the film to the fore. One such film which has only numbers in its title is 1234, directed by Milind Kavade, which is slated for release all over Maharashtra on 5th August 2016.

A still from filmProduced by Kalpesh Patel under the banner of his K. P. Cinevision and Shailesh Pawar under his banner Sheetal Films productions, the subject of the film 1234 is also as different and unique as its title. The producers have made an attempt on their part to drive home a simple message through the medium of entertainment with their film, with the help of director Milind Kavade. While making 1234, utmost care had been taken not only just on the subject but also in ensuring that there was sound technical crew. To make each and every frame of the film attractive, the director has taken extra efforts. Besides production which is of high quality, the film also boasts of brilliant and awesome performances by all the actors and the producers naturally are confident that the film will be liked by all sections of the audiences.

Brilliant and awesome performancesMilind Kavade has always directed films which are different from the league and hence it would not be farfetched to claim that the film 1234 will be a step forward for him. The title does not let anyone get a whiff of what exactly is in store for the viewer. “There is no doubt that 1234 will set out to tell a gripping story which is daringly different. I’d say that all the actors have contributed in great measure to enhance the audience interest in the film which has a unique title and out of the box content. I have til date given a lot of importance to experimenting with different subjects. When I set out to make 1234, though I was plagued by what I should do to make it daringly different, I can say now after completing the film that I am more than happy with the end product which is like a treasured trove. Our team has set out to make a complete film in every respect and there is no doubt at all that the viewer will like it tremendously. The USP of the film is that besides entertaining the audiences, the film also sets out to drive home a profound message.

1234 directed by Milind KavadeMilind Kavade has not only written the subject and the screenplay but also directed the film besides writing the dialogues in tandem with Sagar Wankhede. The film stars Bhushan Pradhan, Priya Marathe, Sanjay Narvekar, Vijay Patkar, Vijay Kadam, Ganesh Yadav, Yatin Karyekar, Jaywant Wadkar, Pradeep Patwardhan, Teja Deokar, Arun Kadam, Mrinalini Jamble, Vishakha Subedhar, Aniket Kelkar, Anshuman Vichare, Jagannath Nivangune, Kamlesh Sawant, Guru Anand and Pranav Raorane in the key roles.

“Sunya Sunya Otanche Bol Saare…” is the only duet in the film and it has been sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Anandi Joshi. Lyrisc has been written by Sachin Andhare and the song has been composed by Amitraj. The duet was picturised at the Ramoji Rao Studios in Hyderabad on Bhushan Pradhan and Priya Marathe. Choreography for the film has been done by Bhanu of South. Sentanio Terezio has cranked the camera. Sandeep Kunchikore is the art director, Vaibhav Wagh the Casting Director and Vaishali Deshmukh the costume designer.