Surendra Singh is doing a parallel lead in Hollywood flick THE AMERICAN GANDHI

While the talks are on about Anil Kapoor doing a cameo in ‘Mission Impossible -4’, we have actor Surendra Singh who is doing a parallel lead with grey shades in another Hollywood flick THE AMERICAN GANDHI.

At 6 feet 3 inches Surendra has given many of our Bollywood actors a complex. He is playing the ruthless character of a Royal Business Tycoon Rana in his first Hollywood film THE AMERICAN GANDHI. Currently under production and directed by Joseph Mungra, its main leads are Surendra Singh and Hollywood actor James Patrick Stuart. “I am really enjoying the film. I am a billionaire in the film and have my own mining fields. It’s a grey character and to get under the skin of it, I have played with my looks. But most interesting part is where I showcase the life style of Indian Royalties to the western audience,” says the Singh.

Surendra has earlier done pivotal characters in the films like ASANBHAV, LINE OF CONTROL and VEER. He has been seen on the covers of magazines like Health & Man’s World.