Sudip Pandey plays ten roles in patriotic Bhojpuri film KASAM TIRANGA KE

Sudip Pandey’s latest film KASAM TIRANGA KE is mega budget film to be shot in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Ranju Sinha produced and Rajesh Soni directed this film has a budget of over 5 crore of this Bhojpuri film. It has patriotic theme with the central character of policeman who will everything for his country.

Sudip Padey is the hero of film who has done 24 Bhojpuri films and this is his silver jubilee film. The person who is known as the angry young man of Bhojpuri film industry has played double role in BHOJPURIYA DAROGA, MASIHA BABU and MR. TANGAWALA, but it is the first time that he is going to play 10 roles in patriotic theme film KASAM TIRANGA KE. Only Kamla Hasan and Sanjeev Kumar have done so many multiple roles in a film. And it is the very first for Bhojpuri film industry.

“It was the demand of story so I agreed to play so many roles. It is challenging but interesting and very satisfying.  It is big film and I am sure audience will like it”, Sudip Pandey opines succinctly about his roles.