Spice World Mall, Noida hosts the press conference of JO DOOBA SO PAAR ITS LOVE IN BIHAR

Spice World Mall, Noida organized a press conference of the film JO DOOBA SO PAAR ITS LOVE IN BIHAR. A SPE Films India release, Anand Entertainment presents JO DOOBA SO PAAR ITS LOVE IN BIHAR is Produced by Andaaz Productions and Directed by Praveen Kumar which is releasing all over India on 14th Oct 2011. The film casts Vinay Pathak, Anand Tiwari, Rajat Kapoor, Sadia Siddiqui, Pitobash Tripathy, Dadhi Raj, Sita Spada and Uttam Halder. Actors Vinay Pathak, Anand Tiwari and Sita Spada along with director Praveen attended the press conference and shared their experiences about the movie at the gold class lounge at Spice World Mall in Noida.

JO DOOBA SO PAAR ITS LOVE IN BIHAR revolves around one village man Kesu (Anand Tiwari), who has the past of getting flunked in the examinations and playing the practical jokes all over. He is ultimately thrown out of the school and starts to help his father in the unsafe work of driving a lorry in the state of Bihar where violent behaviour and corruption be in their power. There is not much optimism for a brilliant and flourishing prospect for Kesu, but he agrees to do his work in his own unusual, face-to-face street stylish way.

And next he falls in love. Now there is nothing more unsafe than a Bihari young man falling in love and that moreover, in the company of a gorgeous American young woman called Sapna. The chances are profoundly not in favour of Kesu, because of Sapna’s wealthy and caring upper caste uncle, Kesu’s personal highly strung father, and lastly the communal space. Nevertheless, supported by his buddies, he goes bursting fog to the fore in the company of his romantic ideas. Just as soon as it looks like that the situations may just fall into place, Sapna’s American boyfriend comes to visit her, and after that Sapna is kidnapped. What follows next, forms the crux of this thriller cum comedy movie.

Mr. Subhojit Lahiri, CEO of Spice World, said at this occasion, “We all crave for a good entertaining laugh when we go to a movie hall. That’s our way of de-stressing and having a good time and JO DOOBA SO PAAR ITS LOVE IN BIHAR will do that for the audiences.”