South actress rumoured to be dating Cricketer Bhuvaneshwar Kumar!

Haven’t you heard about history repeating itself?
Cricketers’ ending up with actresses has been a long standing tradition, and we seemingly have a new jodi.

Recently, the newest heartthrob of cricket, Bhuvneshwar Kumar had posted a mysterious picture on his Instagram, captioned ‘dinner date’ with the girl missing in the picture. This broke the heart of many of his fans, who then set out to find out who the girl was.

We’ve found that out for you!
A little birdie has revealed to us that Bhuvi was recently spotted exploring Mumbai with none other than South actress Anusmriti Sarkar, who, we heard, is in the city for her Bollywood debut. Our birdie was a persistent one, he tried to follow them around trying to get a picture, but alas, they quickly sped off.
Well, at least that clears it up!

Looks like we have another entrant in the actress-cricketer jodi list!