Sonu Kakkar kept Mata Ki Chowky for her sister Neha

Sonu Kakkar kept  Mata Ki Chowky at her mom’s house  in Mumbai. Sonu invited  all her friends and relatives for Mata Ki Chowky. She has kept the chowky for her sister Neha’s entry to Bollywood as an actress from film ISI LIFE MEIN. Neha is also a good singer like her sister. Sonu believes that she got everything from Maa  Durga. Sukhwinder Singh came first and sang one bhajan. Every singer who came for the chowky sang one bhajan. Other who came were Vineet, Prajakta Shukre, Rahul Vaidya, Himani, Rajeev Thakur, Kapil Sharma, Saajan Aggarwal, Swarup Anand and entire cast of film ISI LIFE MEIN. Sonu’s parents  Jai and Kim Kakkar did aarti. Everyone had prasad after Mata Ki Chowky.