Shreyas Talpade plays real-life hero to Madhhurima!

He may be playing a hero who gets slapped by the entire village in his latest comic caper up for release, Percept Pictures’ KAMAAL DHAMAAL MALAMAAL, but in reality Shreyas proved to be anything but that. In Punjab, while he was happily promoting the film with co-actor Madhhurima in one of the malls, where over three thousand people had gathered, the frenzy was robust, and everyone worth their moments of fancy, wanted their moment of comity with the two young stars. Even though over ten bouncers attempted to keep the crowds in check, it took all of Talpade’s chivalrous might to keep Madhhurima safe from the crowds, as post the event he escorted her safely back from the venue, from the overzealous crowds that wanted to grab a share of its star. A successful event, it was already going the Kamaal Dhamaal way with the stars interacting with the crowds, a few lucky winners also chanced upon gold coins, cornering the touchstone of Malamaal too in the same vein. But the luckiest was when Shreyas’ quick thinking helped the couple make a timely exit from the mall. Priyadarshan’s KAMAAL DHAMAAL MALAMAAL is sure creating the right buzz before its September 28 release!