Shonaa Gonsalves sets Indian music stage on fire

Her sensual voice compliments her stunning beauty even as she sets the stage on fire. Performer par excellence Shonaa Gonsalves shot into fame by singing with the inimitable and prolific Ishq Bector. The seductively voiced siren’s fan following increased phenomeally as she continued belting out numbers for the Sonik Gurus! The ‘Tere mere pyar ke chance’ remix helped her establish a mindspace in the hearts of audiences. And singing BUDHHA MIL GAYA for Rakhi Sawant took her to new heights of popularity.

The brilliant rendition of the lilting lyrics of Shonaa’s much appreciated songs typically exemplifies the life and times of this naturally blessed playback singer-cum-performer. Shonaa is a ‘soul culture icon’ and a very special ‘live singer performer’, who has been rocking the popular charts since quite some time now. A sublime blend of childhood innocence and mature sensuality, ‘soul siren’ Shonaa is the most sought after live performer and most unique live female act. This ‘pop soul’ artiste is a champion of the proposition that ‘Singers have a face’ and “Music lovers look for complete performers’!

Shonaa Gonsalves says, “Performing live on a big canvas in stage shows gives me the blues because every few singers dare to do this in today’s world. However, I believe that I have an internationally relevant potential that hasn’t been fully explored or tapped as yet. I am clear about not doing item numbers but would want to do something like Kylie Minogue, which will rock and rule the world. I dream of doing a Broadway musical because that is the ultimate testimony for a singer-performer.”

Talking about her immense talent, Shonaa says, “I’m a feel good artiste. I believe in the music I create and the power of the song I sing. I infuse the words with a lot of love and power to help the song transcend into the hearts of people. I believe that I have a natural instinct to recognize a good song and give it a soul-stirring and heart-rendering impetus. Only a song sung from the heart can stir emotions.”

Doing things differently is in her genes and that’s why Shonaa Gonsalves has plunged totally into the art and science of music and songs. She is one of the rare singers to take part in music and dance therapy initiatives. “I ardently believe that music and dance heals the world even as it gives joy to numerous people. Music and dance therapy initiatives help to do this in a systematic and organised manner. There are scientifically proved methods that can help use such therapy for the betterment of people at large. I am keen to make a significant contribution to society through such initiatives.”

No wonder, Shonaa’s work has gathered so much of adulation and accolades. “I am a belief artiste. I believe that success needs a lot of courage, strategy and effort. My fans love my voice due to its sheer range and depth, which appeal to Indian and western audiences. And the presentation and packaging is as important as the content,” avers Shonaa.