Shah Rukh Khan to launch Ganesh Hegde’s album LET’S PARTY

It is going to be a star studded evening as Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will make his presence felt on the 29th August, 2011 to launch singer-choreographer and close friend Ganesh Hegde’s forthcoming album LET’S PARTY.

The star who has been long associated with Ganesh has taken time out from his busy schedule, in spite of being tied up with his professional commitments, to lend his support at the launch of the album,  which with Ganesh Hegde hopes to revive the dying Indian pop industry.

Shah Rukh Khan and Ganesh Hegde go back a long way, apart from choreographing plenty of the star’s songs and touring with him for shows,  Ganesh has also sung the rap song ‘ Ek Sawaal Ka Sawaal Hai ‘, for the third season of the KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI show hosted by King Khan.

Says Ganesh, “I Have been working with SRK for the past 15 years and he has been like and elder brother and mentor for me, whenever I wanted SRK, he has helped me and also adjusted his dates for the launch of my coming Album. SRk was very enthusiastic with this music album and he also wants this album to be super hit.”

After being titled the only Indian pop act to produce, write, direct and choreograph his own music with his debut album “G” in 2005 – Ganesh Hegde is back this time around ,bigger better than ever with LET’S PARTY starring some of the biggest faces in Bollywood.

Says a source, “Shah Rukh Khan and Ganesh are very close. The star also went out of his way to promote Ganesh’s album “G” launched in 2005 and is doing the same for his next album LET’S PARTY.