Second song Da Ra Ding Ding Na… from Vicky Velingkar released

‘Vicky Velingkar’ features Sonalee Kulkarni, Spruha Joshi along with  Sangram Samel, Vinita Kharat, Ketan Singh, Jui Pawar, Gaurav More and Rama Joshi in significant roles

The teaser of Marathi film ‘Vicky Velingkar’ released by producers Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar of GSEAMS in association with presenters Pranay Chokshi and Dancing Shiva Production recently, has received overwhelming response on the social media. After the teaser created flutters among the film viewers, the producers, two weeks back, released film’s first song ‘Tikity Tok…’ which too received overwhelming response. The producers have now released second song ‘Da Ra Ding Ding Na….’ on social media.

‘Vicky Velingkar’ features Sonalee Kulkarni, Spruha Joshi,Vinita Kharat, Ketan Singh, Jui Pawar, Gaurav More, Sangram Samel and Rama Joshi in significant roles. The film will release across the state on December 6.

The song with the wordings ‘Saaj Ashi Ki Man Julata Thambe Na, Varyavari, Paay Khali Pan Pade Na, Don’t Stop You Tyap Your Feet On The Floor, Man Bole Nachu More More More, Udyavari Ahe Tuza Majha Kasala Jor, Da Ra Ding Ding Na…..’ is written and sung by Piyush Ambhore. Manan Munjal has composed the music for the song.

Sonalee Kulkarni is seen hunting for somebody while the song goes playing in the backdrop. The Mask Man too appears on the screen during the song. The song is a club type of song which will be liked by the youngsters and will compel them to tap their feet.  The curiosity about the film Vicky Velingkar will go northward after hearing the song “Da Ra Ding Ding Na…”, say the producers.

Manan Munjal and Piysh Ambhoare said, “We enjoyed composing the song. The song is very close to our heart as we have very memorable moments while composing it. We are sure that it will be popular among the youngsters and music lover collegians. We are very happy that director Saurabh Verma and GSEAMS gave us the opportunity to work for the film.”

Directed by Saurabh Verma and produced by Arjun Sing Baran and Kartik D Nishandar of GSEAMS, Anuya Chauhan Kudecha, Ritesh Kudecha,  Sachin Lokhande & Atul Tarkar.

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