Katrina Kaif appears first time as an animated fairy in Saregama’s Rhymeskool

They say only the beauty of music, may compete with the beauty of a woman, whilst the beauty that comes with the innocence of children, remains unrivalled. Last year, Katrina Kaif and music-making genius A.R.Rahman got together with Saregama, to spread rhyme, reason and melody in the lives of many beautiful little children, with the launch of the album Rhyme Skool Vol.1.

This year, the famed actress and musician get together yet again with Saregama India ltd, to deliver another fun, exciting and musical, learning experience for the kids by launching Rhyme Skool Vol.2. It will be a compilation of some of the best-known rhymes for kids like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and a few new ones too, that will be sung in a whole new original way, by none other than the students of A.R.Rahman himself, from his prestigious ‘K.M. Music Conservatory’ in Chennai, that have also provided the music on the album. Exciting, even more so, is the fact that the album will also have a specially animated video of the highest quality that Accel Animation (one of the leading 3D animation studios of India) has to offer, as the album attempts to not just give the kids the perfect audio experience, but also at giving visual shape and direction to their imaginations as they listen to the songs. For the first time ever Katrina Kaif will appear as an animated character of a fairy in this album.

Despite her immense success and fame, the much in-demand actress – Katrina Kaif contributes to the album extensively, just as she did on volume one, only for the sake of her love for kids. Returning as Katrina the lovely fairy and her magic carpet, this time around she frequents on the album giving a one-line voice-over on the songs, before every rhyme, while entertaining and teaching the kids about the different shapes, colors, weather and much more, as she take kids to meet a dog called Bingo, the famous Yankee Doodle and many more places famous in kiddish-lore. It is heartening indeed; to see such a well-known actress like Katrina Kaif, devote so much time to help spread the knowledge into the lives of so many possible future stars.

The album is available at all leading stores nationally, and can also be procured from saregama website. www.saregama.com