Rishi Khurana aka Ved Prakash Chaturvedi mobbed at Inorbit Mall, Mumbai

Bollywood and Tellywood will always remain the hottest and fatal attraction for Indians. Especially, when it comes to identifying any celebrity in a public place and if it is one of the most talked about, he/ she is sure to sure to get mobbed. That’s what happened with Rishi Khurana aka Ved Prakash Chaturvedi of SAAS BINA SASURAL which is airing on Sony TV. Recently Rishi, who essays the role of Ved who is a Brahmachari in the TV serial, after his shoot went out to pack few things for himself at Inorbit Mall, Malad, Mumbai.

Not very surprisingly for him, one or two women came across and started talking about how they enjoy watching him in the TV serial. Even before he could realise, the number of ladies increased and he found himself answering questions and receiving comments from a big group of his female fans. The bunch of ladies refused to leave him alone and kept following him wherever he went from one shop to another. They kept asking for his autographs and requesting for photographs….Rishi was mobbed!!!

“It turned a little for me difficult to manage the bunch of women. Initially there were just two women and gradually they multiplied. They wanted to know what will happen next in the TV show and will I remain single and stick to my bachelorhood in the show. I didn’t know my character was so popular among the masses. Well, being recognised to this level always feels good at the end,” smiles the surprised actor.

The charmer has very easily managed to capture the attention of the audience, with his simple yet effective portrayal of the character. And why not, after all Rishi is a seasoned and experienced actor.