Reliance Home Video Releases KHAP on Home Video

Reliance Home Video has released KHAP, Ajai Sinha’s film based on the tradition of honor killings on Home Video. KHAP is now available on DVD (Rs.299) and VCD (Rs.115).

KHAP is produced by Sangita Sinha and Siddhant Sinha and is written and directed by Ajai Sinha. It stars Mohnish Bahl, Om Puri, Uvika Chaudhry and Sarrtaj.

KHAP is a contemporary tale of traditional massacre erupting in the heartland of central India where certain villages still follow this age-old custom.

A story of passion, dishonour and deceit unfolds, where the sweet innocence of youth is throttled by uncompromising beliefs. The film opens in the capital where two youths Ria and Kush fall in love. Meanwhile, news channels highlight the death of Veer and Sureeli who are found dead in Omkar Chaudhary’s village. Ria has no idea that Omkar is her grandfather. Madhur, Ria’s father, had left his native village due to differences with Omkar over the ruthless pratha (Tradition) of honour killings. Madhur is chosen to lead a commission to investigate the suspicious deaths of young Veer & Sureeli. Veer’s father Daulat Singh is a staunch supporter of this pratha and is unmoved with his son’s death. However, Sukhiram, Sureeli’s father, is broken by his daughter’s demise.

Will Sukhiram be weakened and reveal all to the Human Rights Commission? Torn between his love for his son and his strong belief in the pratha, Omkar promises Madhur that he would put an end to the ruthless killings in the village.  Ria and Kush are also pulled into the vortex of these inhuman custom. How do the patriarchs of the pratha respond to these happenings? Does Omkar Chaudhary change for the sake of his granddaughter? These are the questions that the film attempts to raise.

KHAP has been well acclaimed by the critics and has been honored by the “Best Director” award at the “Bollywood Festival Norway 2011” and has been nominated for the “Audience Award” and “Directors Vision Award” at the “Indian Film Festival – Stuttgart, Germany 2011”.

KHAP DVDs and VCDs are now available at all leading stores across the country.