Raveena Tandon joined hands with Sanofi Pasteur to launch ‘Mothers Against Flu’, a facebook community of mothers

Actress and mother Raveena Tandon joined hands with Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, to launch ‘Mothers Against Flu’, a facebook community of mothers. This platform unites mothers from different parts of India with a single objective – to protect their children from the flu virus by creating awareness about the steps they can take to protect against and prevent flu and child care in general.

Influenza (often referred to as ‘flu’) though prevalent all year round, peaks during the monsoon (July – September) and then again in winter (November – February). Flu should not be confused with the common cold as flu can lead to serious and severe complications. Everyone is at risk of being infected with the influenza virus and can spread the disease to others. Children of course are particularly susceptible. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone who is 6 months and older should get vaccinated against ‘flu’ every year, in order to be protected against the disease.

Social media is rapidly growing in India and many young women, many of whom are mothers, are increasingly sharing the latest in their lives with their friends and family via updates on social media sites and blogs. Recognizing the popularity of this medium, Sanofi Pasteur India has launched this engaging and exciting flu awareness campaign for mothers. Raveena Tandon today joined this initiative by officially becoming a member of the ‘Mothers Against Flu’ online community when she logged on and expressed her ‘like’ for the initiative. Speaking on the occasion, actress Raveena Tandon said, “After becoming a mother, your whole life starts to revolve around your child. Not only are you responsible for all your child’s physical needs, but also for the intellectual, social and moral upbringing. I especially feel very responsible for taking care of my children’s health. ‘Mothers Against Flu’ is an innovative campaign and I am truly happy to help create awareness about how flu can be prevented.”

She added, “I always panic when my kids cough or sneeze, because I know that it is the onset of fever, flu, congestion, etc. Like most other kids, mine too become cranky when ill. So, I stay at home to monitor their temperature, entertain them and of course, soothe them during the long sleepless nights.”

The ‘Mothers Against Flu’ page is a platform for mothers, where they can also exchange views and information on different aspects of child care. They can participate in quizzes to get selected as ‘Super Moms’ who will then get a chance to meet with Raveena over coffee to chat and swap “Mummy stories”.

MD & MPH, Executive Director, Sanofi Pasteur India said, “Sanofi Pasteur is committed to protecting and improving human health worldwide. We believe there is a need for more awareness about influenza in India. For the first time, we are initiating a public awareness campaign in India through a social media platform, which would not only give information about flu but is also a platform for mothers to exchange views on childcare in general.”

‘It gives me great pleasure to launch the ‘Mothers Against Flu’ national public awareness campaign with celebrity mother – Raveena Tandon. We invite mothers, in fact, all parents who are concerned about protecting their child against ‘flu’ to join the group and benefit from the discussions, expert advice and participate in the online activities.”

Said  Dr.Vijay Yewale, Consulting Pediatrician, Editor in Chief for the Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Convener of the Committee on Immunization of IAP(Indian Academy of Pediatrics) for the year 2009- 11, “The Indian public may not feel a sense of urgency about flu but it can lead to serious and severe complications. It is always wise to protect your family because we never know how serious or widespread influenza will be, in any given year. We can’t stress enough how important it is for children to get their flu vaccination during the monsoons. It is one of the easiest things mothers can do to keep their children healthy.”